Szabo Inc. — Custom Knives with Wicked Style

Here’s a little knife porn for all you blade lovers out there. Former Marine and knife designer Laci Szabo offers some unique cutting tools at Szabo Inc. Szabo’s new Tactical Golok, pictured above, is a blend of ax and machete. He also makes knives that incorporate cleaver and sickle designs.

Here’s one for zombie hunters out there:


The knives at are pricey — and a bit over the top– but if you are a blade freak like me, Szabo’s site is a nice distraction from filling out your TPS reports.

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  • Spaz


  • They are indeed very pricey. The last design pictured would seem to me to be of little practical use. The balance in use would seem to be questionable.

  • You might have a look at the Express model. This is a more conventional design priced at $400 but very useful in design.

  • Neal

    American Kami is another good blademaker worth looking up. Relatively similar styling and price, but a few unexpected things on their site such as tacti-cool warhammers.
    (Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with AK, and am not receiving any products for my endorsement, but I sure would like to.)

  • Mike

    Ordinarily I’m reluctant to weigh in on stuff like this, but I wouldn’t feel underarmed with any of those blades…but,that first one…hmmm…

  • yank

    I don’t really care for their designs, the neck slicer is way off base and is useless.

  • Ron Stillwell


  • wobly

    Time for a “knife-off with Zombie tools?

  • TheDude

    looks stupid

  • Sawyer

    I will admit they look cool! But i dont see how they could be used very efficiently, or how it could be used for anything other than a combat knife though. And I just thought, what kind of a case would you have to get for one of those things? Lol

  • Twidget at large

    Alaska, grizzly’s been shot full of holes but dosn’t know it’s dead yet and no time to reload and not a climbable tree in sight. One of these knives won’t stop it outright, (probably discourage it a “little”) but it should give you a chance to live long enough for it to die.