Carbine/Pistol Guru Larry Vickers is Live on Internet TV

I meant to get this up sooner, so if you haven’t heard, Tac-TV with Larry Vickers is now available on I have known Larry for a lot of years now, and I am happy to see this latest expansion of the Vickers Tactical brand. Larry is a lot of things — he’s a former member of Delta Force, small-arms consultant, carbine and pistol instructor, entertainer. But anyone who has spent any time around Larry knows he is passionate about weapons and is dedicated to teaching sound shooting techniques.

His foray into internet TV grew out his regular television show on the Sportsman Channel, a program that’s geared more toward a general audience than the small-arms aficionado. That’s where comes in, Larry says.

“There’s always tons of content that doesn’t get into the half-hour TV show; you have to edit it down to 22 min because you have eight minutes of commercials,” he says. This extra content often includes nuances of weapons handling that shooting enthusiasts often pay money to learn. “There is training content for someone who really wants to learn to shoot pistol or carbine better that is going to be on there, and if it was on Sportsman Channel,  let’s face it — it would be boring for a lot of the audience.”

The first episode of season two debuted April 9, but subscribers can watch it anytime, Larry says. “The great thing about online is you can watch it whenever you want. It just gives you a lot more freedom.” 

A premium subscription costs $100. This includes access to season two episodes. All of season one episodes are available now. Episodes will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the design and manufacturing of weapons from around the world as well as the latest tactical gear. Larry will also have guest instructors like Ken Hackathorn and Rob Leatham share their expertise in tactical shooting.

The subscription package includes free access to Vickers Carbine I & II training videos (presented by Daniel Defense). There will also be prize give-aways like a Daniel Defense V7 M4 carbine.

This Tac-TV preview clip is pure Larry — lots of attitude and pretty damn entertaining. 



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  • Rapier975

    Definitely entertaining, but $100.00 is WAY too steep.

    • Corey

      Agreed. 10$ a month for however many shows and lengths he feels like is kinda ridiculous. I pay 8$ for Netflix that has 60,000 videos on it. I don’t see where this show will be worth the 10$ for how different it’ll be from what is already on the sportsman’s channel

  • Lance

    While most Tac shows are interesting to watch there not the be all and end all of gear and weapons reviews so I dont buy into the Gun Guru bit at all. all together its what you like and can handle that matters.

  • I agree with Corey about the pricing issue of tac-tv.
    I did subscribe to this channel, but the price is way too high for the content provided.
    Larry is only having a good time testing guns, and blowing-up stuff , not enough tips and tactics.

    Gun related magazines and technical instructors are scarce here, in Quenbec, that’s why i did subscribe to this cahnnel, but it needs a serious boost to become a game changer.

    It’s for entertainment purposes only.

    Serious operators, beware.

  • Sgt A

    It’s great entertainment, and this alone justifies having the DTV/DVR Package we have (well, that and being able to record every F1 Race), but I really with a more affordable, more ad supported version could work out.
    Honestly, TacTV is one of those shows where I’d rather watch the ads than the show on any other channel.

  • Lew

    I like things that go boom, I like mr Vickers style and appreciate his knowledge. But 100 dollars is a lot of ammo/beer/food/gas. Sorry LAV, gonna sit this one out.

  • FormerSFMedic

    I agree and disagree.

    On one hand you have to consider the fact that LAV is one of the most popular guys in the world of tactical firearms training and weapons RDT&E. Considering this, he’s more than likely one of the most well paid guys in the industry. He’s got companies backing him and his own company does very well in this post 9-11 world. Charging $10 a month for a single subject matter content (firearms related) does seem a little steep when you consider that Netflix is only $8 a month for 1’000’s of different areas of subject matter content. Not only that, but LAV is not the only one in the industry doing this kind of stuff on the internet. Others are doing it for less and giving you more instruction from a broader point of view from multiple personalities (Panteao Productions).

    On the other hand, LAV is one of the most popular guys in the world of firearms training and weapons RDT&E. Not to mention, TAC TV is one of the most well produced firearms shows on television. Being able to watch hours of BTS content and training segments that didn’t make the 30 min. show will likely end benefiting someone that is interested in learning more on the subject. The other BIG kicker is that the $100 allows you to watch LAV’s carbine I&II which sell for nearly 90$ by themselves and contain an entire training course on the fundamentals of the carbine weapon system.

    It’s a tough decision, but I’m leaning more towards the idea that the website is too expensive for those that are already at a high skill level. However, for those still trying to understand firearms design, history, and fundamental skills, the $100 could literally take you to the next level in your development as a shooter.


    **** yeah grandpa!

  • Tom

    Donuts ain’t cheap. And he’s got a habit to feed.

  • M.L.

    Normally I’d say $100 is way too much, but considering it’s Larry Vickers you know it’s going to be good. If there was a lot more guys like him out there that were as ‘established’ as he would need a more competitive price. Movie tickets are $10 on friday nights and I don’t see many of those, so this would be an alternative for me. Long term, it needs to come down some but I think it’s fine right now.

    @ Lew, a $100 wouldn’t buy what I consider ‘a lot/year’s supply of ammo’ unless you’re talkin .22LR or somethin, I don’t drink and $100 would only get me one tank of gas right now, so I personally could and probably will pay the fee.

    • Lew

      I never said it’d be a year of ammo but I get what you’re saying. A 100 dollars isn’t what it used to be. However, I’m on a bit of a budget (student) and for me that’s a whole lot of money.

      • HalP

        True. I just tried to compare it to the amount people already spend on books/magazines/movies that are pure entertainment.

        But then I’ve always been a little more practical…

  • jake

    I am a big fan, but $100 bucks????,please give us a break.I will wait till i can see it for free and we all know it will happen with todays internet. Mr Vickers Sir you do rock and i like your many methods.


    I have met the man several times here in Chatam County NC where he films several of his shows. Very interesting person to say the least knows his stuff. But as with anything it comes down to money.

  • Brian in Seattle

    You’re an idiot. He is one of the founders of the IDPA
    He was one of the principal designers of the HK45
    And the HK416
    And he was Delta.
    What have you done?

    • Lance

      Im not saying if you want follow him but there just as many gun guys out there to follow. And your name calling shows your short minded and too unexperienced yourself.

  • CK

    Damun, I should have never blowed up my TV a few months ago.

  • Awesome, I wish the Bigge Defense website had this type of graphics. I give TAC TV two thumbs up and just wish they were on the Military Channel..!
    Unfortunately, due to deep budget cutbacks, lack from small business funding from DC, and trying to keep a number of my own projects afloat, I won’t be able to budget the cost to get TAC TV, or keep the Military Channel.
    Who knows, maybe next year-

  • tribulationtime

    I do not pay 10 dollars more for my carbine to endure a helo drop. Funny but not usefull tests (And not I was NOT a Delta operator, only trying to hear seasoned ones and think by my self)

  • Ian

    A hundred bucks for the year for the increased access to LAVs information, instruction and the people he will have on there is cheap. He’s uniquely qualified by virtue of his varied experience to deliver information and insights you won’t find other places. He’s also just about the only real Been-There-Done-That type on television who’s got twenty years of tier one operational experience, as well as top level weapons development experience. The firearms he as instrumental in developing are the ones used by tier one units today, and the classes he teaches around the world are always full, and demand exceeds capacity there. Getting the additional access to what he’s got to offer may be a bit much for some fanboys and airsoft warriors, but if you’re serious about learning, either for operational reasons or simply because you’re not going to settle for second best, sign up. Oh, and to the guy with the doughnut crack…that was pretty funny. I’ll pay for your airline ticket to go repeat that to Larry, as long as I get to watch.

  • jake

    Hey Ian, you need to wipe off your nose you have some crap on it from kissing so much ***. I like His methods but man you really are a suck butt. Some of his products that Larry pushes aren’t the best and rust, i wish he had better control over production.Example the slide lock for glocks he has rusts within a week. Larry your a good man but please check out the stuff before you put your name on it.

  • jake

    The *** part marked out was the lower back end of the human body

  • jake

    I can say i sure miss Brandon.

  • Ron

    Dont like vickers and never will. His head is almost as big as his gut. He’s to self centered and a know-it all. Don’t like his tac- tv either

  • Ron

    Dont like vickers and never will. His head is almost as big as his gut. He’s to self centered and a know-it all. Don’t like his tac- tv either.

  • Ron

    Dont like vickers and never will. He’s to self centered and a know-it all. Don’t like his tac- tv either.

  • Jayson

    Where are the daily posts gone?

  • SlyFox123

    Not bad, but there was one gun…..the old Grease Gun——M3a1, my all time “still want”. “would love to have”!

  • jake

    Ron he is ok and is making a buck can’t knock him for that but i think maybe Ian is a little to much.Vicker should check products with his name on it because some fail big time and rust up.Example: slide lock lever for glocks.

  • jake

    Brandon is missed he ran a good show.

    • Patrocles in OD

      He’s got a website you could go read that one instead of this one, and he’s on a book tour too. Maybe you could find out where he’s doing a book signing and give him a little handy to show him how much you miss him.

  • jake

    Patrocles in OD, the little handy part is your department all they way, no doubt at all your part of that style of life. I have a female wife unlike yourself god bless you who has a male partner.My point was that Brandon did run a good quality program.Now it seems somebody is slacking big time. Patrocles in OD we all see you finally came out of the closet good for you guy.

  • Call1911

    Yeah….probably nothin’ you could learn from a guy like him!