Changing the world: 5.56mm at a time


Those of you who are wise enough and gungy enough to follow us on Facebook know that after our recent sojourn to the wilds of Florida with the TACLET boys we shipped out for Texas. We’ve been in Austin for a little while now, effectively TDY with the Legion Firearms guys, Rogue American Apparel and the Austin Sure Shots. Today we caught a ride with some guys packing cowboy hats and 1911s to Houston, where there is a big SWAT Conference going on. There’s a lot of tactical guys here, a number of military personnel and special operations guys from Central and South American countries including some Brazilians (not the kind of Brazilian we’d normally prefer, though they’re nice enough).

Anyway, we spotted this morale patch on a hat and thought…damn, we must have that. It’s from Warrior Grips and will be for sale within the next couple of weeks. It’s PVC, Velcro-backed and speaks volumes.

A proof of the new Warrior Grips morale patch.

Never fear, there will be a 7.62 version shortly after. Maybe we can convince them to do some for .223 and .308 as well.

Tomorrow we’re going to a local single dancing mom establishment with Luetschwager (that’s an Arkansas cop, not a tyrant from history or an exotic cheese) and Walker…and what are the chances of running into an Apache pilot who follows the blog of a couple action figures anyway. Saturday we’re going to the range with some of the Houston PD lads. You’ll be able to tell them in our pictures from the MARPAT pants and the red shirts, and the fact that you apparently have to be 19 hands and 20 stone to make their SWAT team.

Wish us luck.

More on their website, or on Facebook.

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  • Brandon

    Sounds good. Cant wait to check it out. Just saw the holster carried by Texas Rangers SWAT. I have never even given the Rangers much thought about a SWAT team but it would make sense that they have a good one. Normally you only think about LAPD, L.A. County, or Vegas and some other big cities/counties. With such a team in place at a famous agency like the Texas Rangers, they probably set a good example for places like Houston and Dallas which have some pretty awesome teams I have heard.

  • Lance

    No .50 BMG??? too bad. I hope they make the 7.62 version a 7.62x51mm so no one mistakes it for that dinky 7.62×39 when reading it.

    • junglecarbine

      Hey smile when you say that about the 7.62X39…I love my Russian 30 caliber….

      • slag

        give me pre UN 30-06!

      • Larry

        That’s probably because your handle is jungleCARBINE! ;P

  • 50 BMG hmmmmm Maybe so .

  • Tweak

    Hurry up and get to JBLM, you’re going to miss summer.

    If ya’ll need a guide while you’re up here I’m officially unemployed now.

  • Mr. X

    Am I the only one who thinks it should read “Changing the world ONE 5.56mm at a time.”

    The abreviated grammar seems a little too Neanderthal.

    • JTMedic83

      its not really abbreviated. ” Changing the world five point five six millimeters at a time.” Makes grammatical sense to my neanderthal brain.

  • Gunner777

    I want one!!!!

  • Jim

    I want one for my trusty 6.8.

    Wish I would have known y’all were in Austin. I would have taken you out for a drink.

  • 276 pedersen

    Looks a lot better than some of the other “morale” patches out there, cool.