Colt Unveils New Precision Rifle at NRA

Colt Firearms displayed its new M2012 Competition Rifle at this year’s National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in St. Louis. Details are scarce right now (mainly because I’m in Virginia), but the new bolt gun is chambered for .308 and features a 22-inch barrel with a 1:10 twist.

The M2012 comes with a SureFire Muzzle Brake, a Cooper Firearms receiver and a Mapul pistol grip, according to gun bloggers. It weighs 13.2 pounds without optic and retails for about $3,800 — Ouch!!!! It’s scheduled to be available by early summer. Haven’t heard anything on performance yet, so if anyone hears anything, please let us know.

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  • jake

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ for colt, Barrett smokes the rest of them by far.

    • Patrocles in OD

      Wow. That’s a well thought out response and you really explained what you think. Thanks for that dude.

  • Vincent

    Here’s another article on it:

    It looks like a 700 with some do-dads attached to me. There are quite a few of those already…

  • Lance

    Not as amused as if it where chambered for .300 Win Mag like the new Army rifle chambered for. Looks like its too BIG for a small .308 Win caliber. Magnum rounds would be better.


  • richard

    Saw them at St. louis-nice try colt but your price projections are out of sync with the competition- walk over to Savage and check out the 10BAS for less than have and a fully adjustable trigger, less weight, and rails. Stock on Colt is sub-par too. Magpul on savage better.

    Although still cheaper that the Remington MSR that nobody can afford with a second mortage.

  • jake

    Patrocles in OD your right all the way but then again i don’t need to give any details as to why this colt product bites.It’s right there as plain as day.

  • I’m putting this on the list of things I’ll buy when I win the lottery or become Dictator For Life.

  • John Edwards

    This will be great competition for the DPMS .308 Rifles. The price is very steep, but I’m hoping that is the price with the optics, and all the other goodies that DPMS doesnt offer. But judging from the pictures, its going to be something serious, but looks can be deceiving. Only one way to find out.

  • Just read some info on the new colt M2012 .It appears to be extremely accurate testing show rifle capable of 2in groups at 300 yards. Rifle suppost to be priced at $3799,00 i bet that price will change.Tell your friends about the 10 million man gun owners march in wash. DC on May 25th.