BE Meyers: DCL Weapon Sights and Flash Signature Suppression

BEM flash hider in Afghanistan, from BE Meyers Facebook page.BEM flash hider in Afghanistan, from BE Meyers Facebook page.


BEM flash hider in Afghanistan, from BE Meyers Facebook page.

B.E. Meyers recently posted a video about their DCL Weapon Sights. DCL Weapon sights “improve firing accuracy and minimize collateral damage with a wide field of view and unlimited eye relief.” The red-dot sight DCL has day/night adjustments and are available in 7.62mm (DCL-110), .50 cal (DCL-120) and one that adjusts for both 7.62mm and .50 cal, the DCL-110AD-3X. Check the video out for further explanation.

More about the sights on their website.

BE Meyers has received a lot of attention lately for their signature reduction efforts with regards to weapon muzzle flash signature. They’ve got a whole family of flash hiders for 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, and .50 caliber weapons.

Soldier Systems Daily recently spent some time with BE Meyers’ Bruce Westcoat, VP Business Development. He advised, “BE Meyers flash hiders save lives. It’s simple; if the enemy can’t see you shooting at night they have nothing to shoot back at. That’s especially important if you’re manning a .50 cal or other machine gun that immediately draws return fire from the enemy.”

Much more in depth on that story here, after you’ve watched this video.

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  • Gage

    Isn’t the picture of the man in Multicam with the rifle actually a DEA agent with a LWRC M6 variant?

    • Unsure, Gage. The image came from BE Meyers, I’ll follow up and find out.

      • AttackBlue1

        Gage, the photo of the guy in MultiCam is indeed a DEA agent in Afghanistan. Unsure if he has an LWRC (although we appreciate their work due to the VMI connection of both BEM and LWRC), however the flash hider on the front of the weapon is a BEM 249F model. The photo is cropped a bit but a full version is on The label of “DCL Sights in Afghanistan, from BE Meyers” is incorrectly attibuted in this photo though as the sight is an ACOG.

        • That was my fault. I labeled it incorrectly. Should have said flash hider from BEM, from BE Meyers Facebook page. Correcting same now. My apologies. DR

        • joe08

          Rah Va. Mil.

        • Gage

          Thanks Dave and AttackBlue. Here’s a post from about it:

  • Gunner777

    Looks like a copy of the Smith Vortex—-

  • klp

    All pronged flash suppressors will end up looking similar, but the vortex is definitely different in that it has that spiral shape. This one is longer than the vortex (probably on account of being straight) and has four prongs,unlike the AAC which has three short prongs. All different eays to accomplish the same thing. The question is of course who does it best

    • AttackBlue1

      Yes, different ways to make it happen. As far as who does it best, per published JSOC testing last year, the BEM model is top rated with 96% flash suppression.

      • klip

        ah, good to know!

        On going back over the SEI Vortex and AAC Blackout, the BE Meyers one really looks like neither. If the AAC were lengthened and given a fourth prong, or the SEI lengthened a little and scalloped and grooved then maybe.

        One thing though is the BE Meyers seems like it’ll have the most pronounced ping, probably as a result of the length of the thing (longer, thinner, more susceptible to resonance and harmonics.) You can hear it pretty clearly in their own video.

        • Gunner777

          True they all strive to do the same thing. I’ve used the Smith a year or so now. I actually did a night video for a gun review and I have to say the Vortex does a good job.
          Of course I’m not saying this one doesn’t since I’ve never used it:-)

  • Lance

    Looks nice and the Heads Up display for a M-2 is cool. Bit disturbed that they claim Cops have bought MG scopes implying they have belt fed machine guns. Ive seen cops who are a bad enough shot with a pistol little lone a M-240B!

    • Sadly, I have seen the same things. I’ve been on the range with LEOs who only went to their mandatory quals, no more, in an agency that would supply as much ammo as you wanted if you came out to train, on a range open 18 hours a day with a rangemaster there too help pretty much whenever you’d want. ***?

      • Gunner777

        Being a LEO firearms instructor I’ve seen ranges that only have officers fire 18 rounds to qualify. They do a dis-service to the officers and the public.
        On my range they shoot the whole course and if they screw up they don’t qualify. They also shoot shotguns as well as AR’s if they have them. Same deal not an easy course of fire and they qualify or stay until they rectify the problem or fly a desk until they do.
        I’m not a hard *** but I want them safe, proficient and certainly not a danger to the public!

  • gladders

    We brits have the flash hiders fitted to our SA80’s when deployed on Herrick, but they are taken off when we get back and the old bird cage style is re-fitted.

    • Seriously? What is the logic behind that? Why not just leave them on?

      • gladders

        I have no idea, i asked the storeman when i got my weapon out he just said the armorer had to take them all off.

  • jrexilius

    So any word if the flash hider effects accuracy? POI shift? My understanding is that flash hider design can impact those things?

  • If you really want to reach-out and touch someone, start with the Anzio Ironworks 20-50 Extended Range Sniper Rifle.

  • where can i get one

  • Thank you to B.E. Meyers for the best of the FH.

  • klip, do you mean that video where they tap the flash hider? I did a parody of it with my AAC Blackout flash hider, but it turned out that I liked the ping it produced :)
    this is the real video clip of the AAC on my carbine:

    I was being silly with this one:

  • p.s. the next time I do some solo night practice, I’ll try to remember to video my shots from 100yds downrange – it should be very interesting