Effin-A Compensator for 7.62 and .308

I’ve had several opportunities to run my brother’s original Effin-A (which started as mine, sadly) and I’ve always liked it. The original review is here (principles are the same, different caliber), http://kitup.military.com/2011/11/effin-compensator-evaluation-adjustable.html.Predator Intelligence recently sent me the AK version to T&E, but I haven’t had the chance yet. I don’t own a Kalashnikov yet, and the two guys who usually help me with AK reviews are both out of pocket (one is deployed, the other unfortunately is the primary on a pretty bad drug/child abuse case).

So, since I haven’t had the chance to do a proper review on my own, I thought I’d bring this to your attention in the meantime.

The Effin-A is available here: http://www.predatorarmament.com/effin-a-compensator-by-ares-armor/.


6 Comments on "Effin-A Compensator for 7.62 and .308"

  1. They sure make that AKM louder than anything else hate to share the range with them.

  2. That is a GREAT name for a comp!

  3. Surprisingly the Effin-A didn't considerably raise the volume for bystanders. At least nothing even close to the added volume and shockwave of the 74 style brake or the FSC-47.

  4. I love my ARES COMP in 5.56 for my Adams Arms 7.5. Its like shooting a .22, but with with the concusion and fireball of a .308

    If this works anything like the 5.56mm version, grab this for your 7.62/308!

  5. Can we see a night shoot of this thing? I'm thinking the muzzle flash would totally kill your vision

  6. Have a question will the Efin-A Compensator 7.62 work on a 9 MM -AR

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