Israel’s Newest UZI Sub Machine Gun

Israel Weapon Industries recently released new video of its UZI PRO SMG. It’s based on the classic UZI design introduced more than 50 years ago, but it’s equipped with modern features and materials.

The UZI PRO, released last fall, still fires 9mm ammunition from the closed bolt and uses the same blow-back operating system as the original design. The PRO’s lower receiver, however, is polymer to reduce weight and is styled after the TAVOR assault-rifle family. The PRO also features a side-mounted charging handle to allow for a rail assembly on top of the weapon.

The PRO weighs 4.4 pounds unloaded and sports a 6-inch barrel. It’s 21 inches long with stock fully extended and just under 12 inches in its most compact form. The PRO uses a 25-round magazine and can be fired in semi-auto and full-auto mode. Its max rate of fire is 1050 rounds per minute.  I still haven’t been able to find its max rate of fire.

While overshadowed by designs such as the HK MP5 and MP7, the original UZI SMG remains popular with about 10 million copies used in 90 countries.

IWI released its promotional video on the UZI PRO on May 14. It’s a little over-the-top, but still pretty cool. Fast-forward to the 50-second mark for the live-fire water test.  It also includes footage on IWI’s MICRO UZI.

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  • lightfighter

    ” … I still haven’t been able to find its max rate of fire. … ”

    In the video you posted it says 1050 rounds per minute

  • tacdrivrnc

    that’s a bit low…try closer to 1500rpm

  • Lance

    I like the addition of 1913 Picitinney rails to add optics and lights ect. Dislike the crappy Tavor stock cheap plastic prefer the original UZI metal collapsible stock much more durable. While Id always prefer the M-3 Grease Gun and MP-5 series weapons the UZI is a great weapon and has always done well in combat in all types of conditions. Too bad they’re banned from import into the US.

  • “The UZI PRO, released last fall, still fires 9mm ammunition from the closed bolt…”

    All the original Uzis fired from the open bolt. This is one of the reasons they were replaced by the more accurate closed-bolt HK MP5s.

  • Jay

    If anyone is even remotely curious…. The music in that video is from The Bourne Identity.

    • I thought it sounded familiar!

  • defensor fortissimo

    I like the folding vertical grip. I have one made by Mission First Tactical and it solves a lot of the problems associated with vertical grips, ie, storage and going prone supported. I like the slimmer profile on this one.

  • Go Navy!

    Isn’t century arms going to make UZIs Carbines available in USA (Semi, 16″ barrell). I have been looking around my area to see if anyone carries it. I thought I read MRSP is about $750 in G & A magazine awhile back. Israel do make somoe good weapons. I do agree the stock looks cheap….like a Tapco stock.

  • Joshua

    Its interesting to say the least.

    I wouldnt want one though. Alot of Rifles like this and the MP5, etc. are outclassed by rifles like he MK18 now days.

    The issue with these type of rifles is that they only work well in coose quarters, while something like a MK18 works in CQB as well as longer distances as well.

  • Stormcharger

    IWI is now offering the closed bolt and open bolt configurations on the entire line of Uzi’s now apparently. As far as I know this is a fairly recent change, but it would explain the up tic of Uzi’s showing up at shooting competitions and being very competitive. As well, I’ve had an older Uzi for years that was just as accurate and consistent as my MP5 even when accounting for the “horrible accuracy” of it’s closed bolt. Which by the way is an indicator of the shooter not the weapon, train the shooter and the weapon makes little difference.

  • CavGuy02

    I don’t know. How is this better than the MP7 or KRISS in the dignitary protection roll? Besides, most teams don’t need anything heavier than a pistol if you have an assualt back up team on station. And, the MP7 can shoot well through auto glass if you’re in an unarmored vehicle.

    Interesting concept though.

  • David

    Another awesome varient of the original

  • Yep, caught that:-)

  • Century is already selling them and has for some time. Tested one for a review and it was well done. Century is making strides in QC these days.

  • I’ve always been very fond of the original UZI in select fire. It’s very easy to keep on target with the weight of the full size model. The one I shot the most had the wooden stock. It felt good and handles very well indeed. It’s also much more accurate at medium distances in spite of the fairly short sight radius.
    As a retired officer I could never afford my own full auto but i would sure love one!

  • I saw the comment on the KRISS. I had one for evaluation for two months and loved it and yes it is very concealable without a large optic. A small optic would work very well I imagine. These days it would be my first choice for dignitary protection. Supremely reliable!

  • xcalbr

    I am less than enthusiastic. SBR technology has pretty much evolved to effectively reduce the need for submachine guns. Im sure in very limited applications, SMGs can still be used.

    • Having done a bunch of real life room clearing I’ll take a KRISS over an SBR any day of the week. Some of these buildings allow plenty of room for an SBR but not in houses.

      • Joshua

        You must have some TINY houses where you work at then.

        I have never seen a house that you couldn’t easily clear with a M4, much less a 10.3″ CQB-R.

        I will take a CQB-R any day over a KRISS or any other SMG using pistol caliber rounds.

  • Mark

    No amount of platform improvement will overcome the shortcomings inherent to the pistol caliber cartridge used in the firearm. The 5.56 carbine is superior in every way in ballistics to any pistol caliber SMG ever produced.

  • Ender

    Copyright infringement?

  • Jim Hannington

    Banned but I bet they are available via underground gun dealers.