SAR Global Tools vs. Narcos

The SASS/c Signaling Device, from SAR Global Tools. The Duo have reviewed it before and it was included in our list of Tactical Must-Haves for 2011. BOLO Report ran a letter from a counter-drug Federali whose life was saved by one:

“…After a few minutes we started taking fire from a nearby hill, what started out as a single shooter turned in to a fire storm after the 6 other narco guys that were grading the camp joined in. My 5 man team had to split up, with 3 of guys trying to flank the enemy’s position. During the fire fight we hit a fuel drum that caught fire. The whole valley went up in flames and in the confusion I got separated from my team. The fire spread fast. I had to make a run to a nearby canyon to take cover from the fire and the bullets that were still flying. I soon realized that more narco guys were coming in to the fight from the nearby hills—it wasn’t the only narco camp up there—so I went for my radio to warn the other members of my group. It was then that I realized that I had lost it during my dash down the hill side…”

Read the original article on BOLO Report.

Watch the SAR Global Tool video on the Eclipse.

A nice mix of kit...

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  1. and i had just finished doing a review on my SAR SESS/k too …

    i'm really pleased to hear that people are using these things to get out of harms way, especially when it's the good guys doing hard things to bad people.

  2. Hey that's Edwood7's gear! Awesome!

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