2Vets Customized USARA Ranger Rifle

2 Vets Arms Company LLC (website is http://www.2vetsarms.com/) of my own state of Oklahoma is building a

one of a kind custom rifle for Ranger Muster at Ft. Benning, GA. The weapon is an A3 chambered in 5.56 with a 16″ free floating barrel, free floating rail, Magpul furniture and a 2 Vets Arms Company custom inlaid Ranger emblem. The finish will be A-TACS camo, by Southern Draw Studios (website is http://www.southerndrawstudios.com).

The U.S. Army Ranger Association Annual Ranger Muster is a huge USARA event supported by the 75TH Ranger Regiment and the Ranger Training Brigade. It will be held 10-15 JUL 12 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Columbus, Georgia. The Ranger Rifle, along with a substantial amount of other gear, will be raffled off there.

2 Vets Arms Company is veteran owned and operated. They build rifles in several calibers, including .300, 5.56 and 6.8. One thing that will appeal to many of you is how seriously they take the “stolen valor issue”. For instance, if you wish to purchase one of their custom commemorative engraved weapons you have to provide official documentation proving that you earned it. If you haven’t successfully completed Ranger School, don’t bother asking to have a Ranger Tab engraved on your rifle. Custom engraving options can range from the Ranger Tab and Defensor Fortis crest to the CIB and EIB and of course the rifle owner’s name and rank. http://www.2vetsarms.com/

Southern Draw Studios is a water transfer imaging service in Alabama. Their work includes a vast array of patterns on a nearly as wide a range of materials – from MultiCam and A-TACS FG to Mossy Oak and “water drops”, on everything from rifles and handguns to golfcarts, skulls and hardhats. http://www.southerndrawstudios.com/index.html



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  • Bob Seger

    So you’re saying there’s nothing special about this rifle besides the paintjob? Congratulations…

    • Patrocles in OD

      Pull the ******** back on your troll **** much?

  • Lance

    Ex-solder make the better AR… Awesome.

  • Allen Shaw

    2 Vets Arms weapons are much more than a paint job. Their precision rifles have been shooting .75 MOA. I was lucky enough to have my hands on this one before it went back to Oklahoma.


  • john clark

    The rifles made by this company are the real deal extremely accurate and not just off the shelf call them yell them what you want and how you want it and its what you get!!

  • glockman95370

    Build it in .308 cal. an I’d be interested,I don’t want them to get up.Even .50 cal. pistol round would be cool would be neat,a lot of rifles on the market fire pistol rounds.First thing I would get rid of is the rotating bolt and make the rifle more field friendly.A buddy has a new AR thats all tricked out,it jams after a couple of hundred rounds,trigger is too light.He kepts trying to trade it(spent about $4000) for one of my AK’s,no thankyou!

  • Waterboy


  • joe

    @ glockman; you do realize that your AK has a rotating. Olt right? Unless you know an extremely ccompetent gunsmith IDK how you would just get rid of an AR style weapons rotating bolt. Kind of like saying I’d buy that insert popular hangun name except for that recoil spring. :)

  • DGR

    No offense but on a $4,000 AR im willing to bet the problem is with the mods done to the rifle. No quality AR will only run a few hundred rounds between cleaning. Ive seen it before where the guy tried to mod everything under the sun and has componants that arnt working together correctly. The advantage to a factory rifle is that everything is made to work together, start altering to much and you can run into issues. My $650 AR runs just as good as my $1800 rig, properly built a AR with 4k worth of goodies should be unstoppable. If he just wants to sell it then parting out the parts will be the best option in the long run. Heck, if all he wants is an AK, ive got one ill trade him….. LOL

  • Dean

    Just wanted to pass along that the USARA broke a record for raffle tickets sold this year. Thanks to Southern Draw, A-Tacs, and Beez Combat Systems for helping us make this great!