• chuckytee

    Nothing escapes the HUMUNGUS,,,, NOTHING!!!!

  • This was great, then I got to the photo of ‘Humongous’ and almost fell out of my chair!

  • Chris

    Well thats the mask…what about the rest of the “IRON MAN” outfit?

    • straps

      They’re looking for the top off a neighbor’s gas grill for the chest plate. In that video they’ll learn about spalling…

      • Ernie’s Pile

        One day I cudn’t spel truk drivr, the next day I r one.

  • straps

    …and that’s why I looove me some .45 ACP at handgun distance. Might not penetrate but the delamination, backface deformation and general havoc speaks for itself.

    I didn’t see or hear any indication that all this time and effort brought these kids to the conclusion that cladding your head in something that doesn’t dissipate impact is gonna ensure the short-term viability or long-term health of your brain housing group.

    I wish I had the cabbage for one of those ballistic face masks from the auction site. One of those, a few watermelons and a plastic lawn chair and I’d be doing some ballistic testing of my own lol…

  • Rusty Shovel

    “There has been too much violence, too much pain.
    None here are without sin.
    I am gravely disappointed.
    Again you have made me unleash my dogs of war.
    Look at what remains of your gallant scouts.
    Why? Because you’re selfish!
    You hoard your gasoline.

    Now, my prisoners say
    you plan to take your gasoline out of the Wasteland.
    You sent them out this morning to find a vehicle.
    A rig big enough to haul that fat tank of gas.
    What a puny plan!
    Look around you.
    This is the Valley of Death.
    Nothing can escape! The Humungus rules the Wasteland!

    But I have an honorable compromise.
    Just walk away.
    Give me the pump ,the oil ,the gasoline ,and the whole compound, and I’ll spare your lives.

    Just walk away. I will give you safe passage in the Wasteland.
    Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.
    I await your answer.
    You have one full day to decide”
    –Lord Humungus
    aka: the wasteland warrior, the ayatollha of rock and rolla