S&W vs. Glock: I Chose an M&P

Daddy got a new toy for Father’s Day! I know the headline for this post has already got the blood of Glock fans out there starting to boil over. So first let me point out that I am not writing this to say in any way that Smith & Wesson M&P9s are better than the venerable Glock line.

I wrestled with the choice for months. I have been shooting a Browning Hi-Power MK III since 1989 and it wasn’t until I attended a tactical pistol course taught by Larry Vickers last summer that I realized it was time for an upgrade. The Browning is a great gun, but it lacks modern features. I won’t go into all the reasons I decided to switch, but magazine changing alone is downright painful with the Hi Power compared to pistols like Glock. My Browning’s mags stick so bad that you have to pull them out manually. Inserting fresh mags is no easier since the Hi-Power doesn’t have a flared magazine well.

Anyway, I was drawn to the Glock initially. It has a solid reputation for reliability and quite possibly one of the best factory trigger resets on the market. Then I had the chance to check out Smith & Wesson’s M&P9 Full-Size with/thumb safety. I was just blown away at how much the M&P’s ergonomics appealed to me. The gun just felt like it was custom-made for me.

I embarked on an exhaustive period of research. I read all the blog discussions I could on both the M&P9 and the Glock 17 and 19. I talked to several shooters from both camps.  There was some discussion I found online that suggested that the M&P’s accuracy was inconsistent from gun to gun and could not stand up to the Glock, but I couldn’t find any hard proof. I did get the chance to shoot  both the M&P and the Glock but not enough to find a decisive winner.

In the end, the M&P’s ergonomics just felt more natural to me, in both grip comfort and in the speed I can acquire good sight alignment. The manual thumb safety also sold me. I know some Glock owners who feel that a thumb safety slows them down, but I like the extra safety precaution. And the M&P’s thumb safety is smooth as silk, much like the safety on my Browning. My thumb naturally rests on it and it is now engrained into my draw.

I am rather surprised at how many improvements the M&P has over my Hi-Power. Magazine changes are now effortless. The sights are sharper. I like the M&P’s rail system for mounting a light. My M&P has no magazine safety, a feature on the my Browning that I grew to hate. Now, I have to admit that the trigger isn’t fantastic. It does feel sort of squishy and felt reset is very slight, much like the reset on my Browning.

Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to go the range yet. I will report back after a few months when I have been able to put a few hundred rounds through it.




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Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox is a reporter at Military.com. He can be reached at matthew.cox@military.com.
  • MASH68W

    The M&P9 is my new favorite range/SD gun. I decided I wanted to experiment with a striker fired gun instead on the DA/SA is usually fancy. The M&P just fit in my hand so well and I shoot it better than anything i’ve ever tried. I never thought id find a gun I preferred over my P226 esp. for half the price.

  • 1stIDGUY

    put in an apex trigger system mine works great now!!!!!

    • A. Crawford

      apex system is great, but go with the fss, not the duty carry as i did, still too much uptake in the duty carry.

  • Johnny Quest

    “So first let me point out that I am not writing this to say in any way that Smith & Wesson M&P9s are better than the venerable Glock line.”

    I’ll say it for you then, the M&P is a vast improvement over the Glock in many facets.

    “I am rather surprised at how many improvements the M&P has over my Hi-Power.”

    How about the improvements over the Glock?

    First and foremost, the M&P was designed around the .40 and has no problems in the transition to other calibers. The Glock on the other hand was designed around the 9mm round, and has had a storied history of problems with .40 and .45.

    Second, the M&P has a stainless steel chassis imbedded in the polymer frame to impart rigidity and have hard mount points for pins.

    Third, the M&P has a lower bore axis ratio.

    Fourth, the M&P has a loaded chamber view port. Not a big deal but there nonetheless.

    Fifth, the m&P is available with a 1911 style thumb safety.

    Sixth, the M&P is far superior ergonomically, not even close.

    Seventh, the M&P comes with far better sights out of the box.

    Eighth, it is made in America by Americans for Americans.

    There might be a couple of more but those are off the top of my head.


      Eighth, it is made in America by Americans for Americans.

      Merica F YEAH!!

    • guest

      My new Glock 17 is mad in America by Americans for Americans. You are so right that the M&P was designed around the 40. And because of that, like many other gun makers it has had issue with other calibers. Lots and lots of accuracy problems with 9mm. Barrel replacement is what customer services is doing for the older 9mm.

      In any case in 9mm, I will take the G17 8 days a week. .40….dont know, dont care.

  • Z

    my m&p 40 pro is one of the few I’ve ever seen in limited division where I compete in Southern CA. I love it! Apex, Speed Shooter Specialties, DAA, and Taylor Freelance make everything you need to run it fast and reliably for USPSA. My slide lock busted but all the older ones did that. Beats the **** out of my M9 all day every day. Check out the Dave Sevigny sights from warren tactical.

  • Snakebymistake

    My best friend has one and I cann’t seem to get him to trade it to me. In my big hands I like the feel and the angle of the grip, like a 1911. The safety also is second nature for me too. Saving my nickles and dimes and left over New Hampshire toll tokens for one right now.

  • I shot a cops S&W M&P in 40 here. The trigger was a little squishy. Rumor is they have a better one on the Shield, which might come transition to the M&P line. If you don’t like the trigger on your pistol you could send it to the S&W Performance Center. The officers weapon I shot said several guys did this with their own guns. For us it’s in town. Also a couple of the guys that were more handy, put in the Apex trigger systems. He decide not to change his hoping his practice with either of his pistols would be more consistent.

  • Pete Sheppard

    I recently got to shoot a G17 and a 9mm M&P side-by-side; I much prefer the M&P. What I really liked was the feel of the M&P’s smooth, deeply curved trigger.
    A few years back, I was able to do a similar comparison with a .45 XD and .45 M&P. The M&P got my nod there also

  • RMCFrank

    As someone who will have to use ye ole browning hp as my service weapon (in these times of military budget slashing) in a few short months, I applaud you. The hp is a gun of its time and times change.

  • Lance

    I like the old Browning still in use all over the world mean something. Both M&P and Glock are just fine its comparing a pair tomato to a cherry tomato both do the job fine.

  • xcalbr

    I think the M&Ps are nice guns, i just never developed a love for them.

    I dont care for the external safety and the trigger, though it is a matter of preference. I have large hands so the Glock’s grip has never given me any problems. I know that with my Gen 4 Glock 17, the extractor shows whether it is loaded or not…good enough for me. If somebody wanted to buy a M&P i would encourage them to do so.

  • Dalton Furry

    did you buy the gun because you wanted one, or because Vickers dogged the hi power, and told you that you needed one because the one you currently use is incompatable with any of the accessories he hawks?

    • jpr

      Don’t be an idiot.

      • Bucky

        It’s a fair question. A lot of people want to sell you on the newest, greatest thing when what you have works fine. In the case of the Hi-Power, it’s an absolute classic. Browning’s designs were ahead of their time and most could still be used successfully in combat today.

  • Rock Thrower

    Take that S&W back now. It has a serious manual of arms issue. The safety can be on when the pistol is not cocked. That is a ridiculous feature. You could fail to remember that you have no RIC, left the safety on or pushed it on inadvertantly and Bingo right when you need to send a bulletgram all you will hear is ….nothing! So itts a great gun for Iraqi policemen.

    And S&W mags magazines are of inferior quality compared to Glock or a BHP. Just look at the weak feed lips. Its a harware store grade gun that outght to come in a blaster package and be sold on Aisle 9 at Walmart.

    Your BHP mags would fall free if you bothered to have a pistolsmith remove the magazine safety. You can also bevel its mag well. BHPs operators with a well set up gun are lightening fast. However if you gotta hang lights or IR off a pistol its not the first choice. For concealed carry it is a great choice though and as a impact weapon only a Colt 1911 is better.

    • 1stIDGUY

      RIC means ?

      • 1stIDGUY

        he can also remove the level safety

      • Tom

        Round in Chamber

  • It makes me happy to read that you are such a Browning fan. I love mine. Very customized and one of the few pistols which fit my hand well – shhh the mag disconnect is missing which not only gets rid of the scrunchy trigger (I have a pretty extensive trigger job on mine) but you don’t have to get into the habit of looping your pinkie on the mag to help force it out. I have sliced the ends of my fingers many times doing speed reloads though. I looked very hard at the M&P compact 9 and found it to be well fitting to me and fit well. I may still get one. I have a Glock 27 .40SW (which I usually have a Storm Lake .357Sig dual ported barrel on). I’m fine with the trigger, but that Glock is too wide to be concealed well on me. It prints under clothing more than my P229 which is my current most-used-pistol. For fit, lightness, capacity and width, the FiveseveN is wonderful. The trigger is a bit twangy, but not that much harder than getting used to a Glock. The Smith and Wesson 9 is still calling me!

  • TM

    Great review, right up until your last sentence…

  • Mike12061981

    Sorry but the eight argument is idiotic. There is plenty of american gear that is simply crap. Whould you buy that crap just because it is american made? If not you are not a patriot.

    • Johnny Quest

      No, your comment is idiotic. The 8 comments outlined above are FACTS, something you are void of.

      • xcalbr

        The Glock was highly desirable in the 80s and 90s, when there were few handguns, if any at all, that had its features: inexpensive, reliable, rugged, larger magazine, and simple not to mention a comparatively consistent trigger pull.

        Before having its *** handed by Glock due to its reluctance to adapt to change, S&W made the wise choice of introducing its own equivalent. Not surprisingly, other companies jumped on the polymer, striker fired bandwagon. The XD and M&P (a descendent of the Sigma) are derived from the Glock.

        In defense of the Glock, it has a ambidextrous magazine release and no safety, so other than the slide release (which modern shooting schools dont teach to use anyways), it has similar ambidextrous features as the M&P. its extractor also has a “loaded” indicator. Ill admit that its grip leaves much to be desired, though i think it is bias to say the M&P is groundbreakingly improved. Glock does have a model with a safety, though I don’t agree with having one. Also, you cannot deny Glock’s availability of parts and magazines (the magazines are superior to the M&P in my opinion). Defending Glock is a catch 22: you incite the sentiment of Glock fanboys that perceive you siding with them (im not) and that of those that go out of their way to push their “solution” to the Glock “problem”. One strong case for Glock is that they’re proven, the M&P, XD, FNS and other competitors arent.

        Im have heard of the supposed issues of the 40 and 45 variations of the Glock, though that seems to not deter law enforcement and the military’s trust in those models. Myself and five other shooters i know have had zero issues with my 22 and 21 glocks, even the gen 4 models.

      • Johnny Quest

        I don’t know that I would argue that the M&P is a descendent of the Sigma, as it was designed from the ground up and has little if anything in common with the Sigma, and I don’t think the XD (who cares) nor the M&P are “derived” from the Glock. That is tantamount to saying the Glock is derived from the HK VP70 pistol. Having a polymer frame does not make one pistol a derivative of another no more that a 1911 is a derivative of a Luger because they both have steel frames.

        Which Glocks have ambi mag releases? I know the 22SF did, but what else? I have not followed the line only recently to hear of problems with the Gen 4. To be intellectually honest, you have to acknowledge that Glock has been forced to try and modify it’s line in an attempt to bring the Glock up to speed with current offerings from other manufacturers.

        The M&P grip is so far superior to the Glock, that Glock isn’t even in the ballpark. That includes the Gen4 in which they have tried to copy interchangeable backstraps in an effort to reduce the comparisons to a 2×4.

        If you are a .45 shooter, the safety is awesome.

        Glock has been around for 25 or so years, there should be parts and magazines available. The market has been saturated. They have also changed the magazine design a few times. I see nothing really “superior” about the Glock mag over the M&P mag. If you have specifics, fire away.

        The M&P is not proven? What do you base that statement on? The only thing Glock has on its side is time, nothing can change that. That factor doesn’t necessarily give it a pass as being a superior pistol. M&P is the fastest growing line in LE and my prediction is it will eventually dethrone Glock in that department given time. Only a cheaper price will save the Glocks reign as king.

        I believe Glock has corrected some of the issues with the .40 and .45 models. The search button is your friend. There is a litany of stories available on the net not only from civi shooters but from PD’s as well to include Glocks taken out of service and prohibited from department use due to a myriad of failures to include catastrophic failures.

        If you use a 21, you must be able to palm a basketball. That has to be the worst of the lot. Pick up an M&P .45 and feel the difference.

        • Johhny Q I can certainly vouch for PD’s leaving Glock. I was responsible for evaluating and choosing our departments new handguns. I only had one non-negotiable directive—- no more Glocks period!
          Over time the plastic sights wore down and broke among other things. I had an early Glock go full auto on me at the range. That was the first recall from Glock I believe. Many of the officers did not like the fact it had no manual safety.

          I had no problem with going another direction. We ended up with H&K USP’s in 40 cal. Variation 1. We could also carry personal weapons from an authorized list with the 1911 being on that approved list. I was still issued an H&K of course but I chose to carry a Springfield 1911 with rail. Now there is nothing wrong with the H&K by any means. I just shot the 1911 better. Again it was a personal preference.

          • What no Massad Ayoob to the rescue.

      • xcalbr

        From what Ive been able to tell between the two disassembled, the M&P is significantly more modified but has many similarities with glock as far as the internal parts go. The same goes with the XD. I think the XD and M&P have as much in common with the Glock as the Browning HP does with the 1911. of course, dont take my word for it, completely disassemble all of them and see for yourself :)

        The Gen 4 is capable of being switched to either side.
        Yes, other manufacturers have finally caught up with Glock and to be honest, i was rather underwhelmed with the gen 4, thinking they would have taken larger steps such as ambi slide release (one thats larger and more easily manipulated with the thumb), a superior grip, better sights, and other features to set it apart. Then there was the issue with the extractor, which baffled me. Im not sure why glock chose to reinvent the wheel there…

        I think that is one of the key, decisive advantages with Glock is their spare parts and mags. Thats why I have used them for a number of years, despite honestly liking others better. As far as mags go, I prefer Glock’s polymer to what S&W has, though that is personal preference. I believe they are less prone to crushing or bending of feed lips, though others may have different experiences. Im not picking on the M&P either; Im baffled as to why H&K’s new line of handguns started using steel magazines instead of the polymer ones of the USP.

        Until I see the M&P being used widespread in the US and around the world by police and military forces, I will concede that the Glock is more proven. Its not the fault of the M&P…I’ll say with a fair degree of confidence that it will prove itself too.

        I believe Glock has corrected some of the issues with the .40 and .45 models. The search button is your friend. There is a litany of stories available on the net not only from civi shooters but from PD’s as well to include Glocks taken out of service and prohibited from department use due to a myriad of failures to include catastrophic failures.

        Ive heard of the stories, though am rather a skeptic to be honest. I was even skeptical of the supposed problems of the first generation of M&Ps, though im not saying people are necessarily wrong either.

        Funny you say that, I can palm a basketball :D Thats why I consistently use the 21 and Mk23 when I shoot 45. I know the gen 4 is considerably smaller and they also have the SF variant. If there is one thing ill relentlessly bash glock on, its the grip.

    • DGR

      Ya but there is a lot of imported gear thats total crap as well. Country of orgin has little to do with quality anymore. If you still think American made stuff is crap you need to go shopping again. That argument was valid 10 years ago, but not so much anymore. Even American made cars are starting to reach quality on par with forgein makes. Ya it took a few years, but were getting a metric ******* better. S&W is on par with any other company marketing products in the same price range.

      • American manufacturing quality rivals any in the world…for any product. When it comes to Ford or Chevy, I like Beretta…we have our favorites. The S&W striker fire pistols are very nice and it is a real plus that they are made in the United States. That matters…

    • Johnny Quest

      Number nine just jumped into my head, imagine that!

      M&P is ambidextrous. Glock, NOT!

      • Number9

        The grip being “superior” is only operator preference. I myself do find it comfortable, but I’m faster at lining up my sight picture with both a Glock and my XDM9.

        My next purchase will most likely be a Glock 19 for two reasons: A) the trigger in my opinion is the most important function of a handgun in terms of consistent and accurate shooting and the Glock’s factory trigger trumps both the M&P and my XDM; and B) my buddy’s M&P had the front sight bounce off one day at the farm and he hasn’t even put over 100 rounds through it.

        But overall, while the M&P is comfy, the Glock works better for me. You can argue that with time and an after market trigger I can shoot better with the M&P maybe down the road, but out of the box, today, right now, I can put lead on steel faster and more accurately with a Glock.

      • So then when you look for a 1911 say a base Springfield, Auto Ordinance, Norinco, Remington or Ruger you go with the one that has the best trigger straight out of the box? You wouldn’t go with the one that had the best overall package, knowing you could get a nice trigger job. That would make it better than any of the others.

        • ERonc as a police officer you have to remain with what you get from the factory as far as anything related to the firing mechanism. We used to be able to make any mods we wanted until a successful lawsuit over an officer having a trigger job done. The complainants attorney painted a picture of the officer as a gunfighter who put a hair trigger on his gun. Bottom line the jerk who filed suit won. Since then changes spread like wildfire with departments forbidding any mods with the exception of grips, sights and magazines.

          • Was thinking if done at the S&W performance center could be listed as factory. The Springfields cops gun I shot mentioned they were dropping in the apex or going to Performance center with personel guns. I don’t think if they would let them change their issued weapon but they would never have the time either.

          • Especially if all the department guns came with Performance Center enhancements. Reason is accuracy and reliability (probably get a good LE/ group deal) . Not to create hair trigger. If your officer intended to shoot jerk, what kind of trigger matters not. If I going to shoot, a 15LB trigger is eventually going to cause that discharge.

      • Glock MSRP $600. S&W $570. Apex $90. So for a better trigger than the Glock looking at $60 dollars more. A Smith M&P Pistol Action Package done right at their performance center includes:
        Polish Ramp
        Tuned Action
        Install Performance Center Sear
        Test Fire for Function
        All for $120. Express service $150.
        Could probably get a gunsmith to do for same or little less. Yes, I know you can usually find pistol for less than MSRP, but all things being equal or there bouts, the difference should remain relative between the two of around $30. So with normal service Looking at $90 more to have a vastly superior trigger that in your opinion is the most important function of a handgun in terms of consistent and accurate shooting.

      • Johnny Quest

        Don’t forget sights. The trigger on the M&P (which the factory has greatly improved by the way) is a wash with the Glocks for bull dung out of box sights as far as dollars and cents.

        The current factory M&P trigger is serviceable and decent. Is it a match trigger? No, but then again, neither is a Glocks.

  • Rizdif

    RIC = Round In Chamber

    • I believe we have a Glock fan:-)

      • Lawman51

        I assume Rock Thrower you sent your Glock back too after all the problems its had? It’s been well documented. LAPD had to remove them for light strikes.

        The SW and Glock are both machines. Like all machines they aren’t perfect. So you gonna send back every dang machine that has a hiccup without trying to resolve it?

        I’ve carried the SW MP on duty and off for over 2 years. Zero problems thus far. Thousands of rounds through it. Works for me. So your “manual of arms issues” sounds more like a Glock fanboy talking smack and not using actual common sense. I’ve carried both and they are both great guns. Show me a perfect gun and I’ll call you a liar.

      • tom

        XD all the way PERFECT ive put thousands of rounds through my xd.40 and no problems no issues nothing and runs like a machine. FORGET GLOCK!!!! jk glocks are pretty good to just love my xd guys

  • Justin

    This is almost a must for any serious M&P shooter… unless you have the Pro, anyways, the FSS and DCEAK kits help make the trigger feel almost like a 1911 trigger! So they claim at least, I can’t get the FSS here up north ;)

  • I’ve shot both extensively and I must say the M&P is a much better design. The grip feels better than the extreme angle of the Glock backstrap.
    I especially like the manual safety version with the Apex trigger system installed. The Glock just feels chunky in my hand and is harder to conceal.
    Also, I’m not one of these raving idiots who thinks only a particular pistol is best and all others are junk. That is a very foolish attitude to say the least.

  • Regardless no big whoop. No ric would mean you would have to jack either gun to make work. I see little there to discourage me. The Springfield police guns didn’t have the safety on them which actually did surprise me. That said, why would you put/leave the safety on with no round in chamber? Just no purpose. Personally picking up the weapon I would of checked for ric and if I was carrying after verifying round present put the safety on. That would take care of the possibility of any “accidental” putting of the safety on, which with most pistols I find pretty unlikely. I have owned a Taurus 92 since the eighties before they add the decocking feature to the safety. I liked it because you can carry cocked and locked. I can also sweep the safety off just like a 1911. I have never inadvertently put the safety on.

  • Rock Thrower

    Lawman 51, Im not too fond of Glocks either. They have and have had their issues, but to have a safety switch that can be put on when the striker is not cocked is just plain dumb and defies common sense. If the S&W’s striker was visible in day or feelable for night time use that would be different, now wouldnt it?

    There is no perfect pistol. But theres no sense in using that lame argument to defend a bad design idea.

    Like that curvey trigger? Userwise thats another design flaw.

    Overall its a $200 pistol with a $200 Brand Tax.

    • Johnny Quest

      S&W has made some improvement to the M&P line over the past couple of years. As with most items that come to market, and even though they may be well tested, issues do arise that generally require some mods. Just look at the auto industry with recalls. The M&P had some teething pains early on particularly with the trigger.

      Bottom line is the Glock in 9mm is a fine weapon and I would not hesitate to carry one to this day, but with the M&P available in the same price range, it is not contest.

      “Like that curvey trigger? Userwise thats another design flaw.”

      What do you base this statement on? What users are you talking about?

      “Overall its a $200 pistol with a $200 Brand Tax.”

      So that makes a Glock a $100 pistol with a $300 brand tax?

      Truly the only real maker that has a “brand tax” is HK, but that is for another discussion.

  • Shoot the MnP for a couple years and see if you keep it. I tried one for a few years, and it fell out of the rotation and was eventually traded. It’s a fine firearm and choosing one is not a bad choice, and is in fact a superior choice to most of the crap that’s on the market. I wonder, though, how many new fans of the MnP are such because they’re trying to be different. With the market share the MnP is getting, it’s not going to be the alternative choice for long; it’ll be the mainstream. I don’t much care one way or the other as long as whatever one chooses is a duty-quality firearm that can stand up to a heavy firing schedule and support gear is available for. I don’t miss mine at all, but it’s a good gun.

    • Chris

      Haji, another great post from you brother. I’ve always said that you can’t go wrong with Glocks, M&Ps, and HKs. Going into choosing a handgun for duty or carry usage this is what I say but in a less detailed manner. “Decide what your criteria is for the handgun you desire. Research handguns that meet said criteria. Ask online at gun/defensive forums if those guns that met your criteria are reliable, accurate, manageable recoil, good weight characteristics, balance, easy maintenance, fits in your hand, easy to reload, and easy to clear malfunctions. Head to a gun shop and handle the guns to see if it even fits in your hand and if the gun is to heavy and just take note of those characteristics. Go to a class taught by a reputable instructor(Vickers, Viking Tactics, TMACS, CSAT, Spartan, Defoor, Northern Red, Tiger Swan, Trident Concepts, and EAG) ask the class and the instructor for their opinions and ask if you can shoot a few relays with their guns. Take notes of how much recoil it gave you, how easy and fast to obtain the sight picture, how was the trigger, and if the gun was to heavy. Reevaluate your criteria based on the training you just received by getting rid of the criteria you don’t need and adding the criteria you do need. Head back to the internet and check to make sure you can get spare parts/accessories/holsters/spare mags/etc for those guns you shot and if the costs are in your price range. Then after you’ve done all that, take all the guns that fit your reevaluated criteria based on your training, the spare parts and ancillary equipment availability, and your price range. Then you can decide on the gun that will work for you.” Based on my experience with the M&P-22 pistol, I’m really in love with the M&P platform and I plan on picking up a M&P9-VTAC shortly.

      • Check 10-8 Performance they have some very good M&P add ons. Very good sights and additions such as better mag bases etc.

  • Ttyler3

    M&P or Glock? Honestly it is all up the to end user and what they feel comfortable with. If person A can nail dimes at 15 yards with a Glock and person B can replicate the same results with a M&P they are both going to vet their brand of sidearm. Both companies put out quality products for quality end users.

    • It sure is a matter of personal preference. What gets me is those who knock another pistol because they are so locked into what they own. Most people who don’t care for a particular pistol are probably basing their opinion on internet hearsay and have never shot one.
      If you really want to make a fair comparison go to a gun shop that rents guns and fire both.

  • tom

    so why are you knocking this guy down is it because you like glocks…. yes glocks are great pistols but not everyone wants or can carry one sometimes they dont fit in the shooters hand as they would like. I was in the same boat not to long ago…. glock but my other choice was Springfield XD i choose XD bc it fit my hands better i like glocks and but love my xd its all in how the weapon fits the shooter.

    • codyshallperish

      i second that. and i love XD also…Glock who?

  • Marauder

    The Glock vs S&W vs XD vs what ever is starting to get old. Firearms are going to very from shooter to shooter. For me, the decision was a Sig 226 9mm. It is heavier than the other models and has a higher bore axis. However, I have shot a 1911 .45 for years so between the light recoil of the 9mm round and the weight of the weapon the perceived recoil is almost non existent in my opinion which allows very quick and accurate follow up shots which with a 9mm can be important. Furthermore, I tend to have a higher grip than most which I feel sinks the bore axis relative to me. My point in this is that any shooter purchasing a firearm should get what they find works best for them. If that upsets a another shooter because you didn’t buy the (insert firearm brand here) then they need to get over themselves. I am a Sig owner but I have suggested Glocks, Smiths, and Springfields to friends and complete strangers because they are all fine weapons.

    • Maruader I couldn’t agree more with your outlook on various gun types and attitudes. It’s all about what pleases the potential buyer and what they shoot best.
      I use both rounds listed below in a 1911. That’s just what works for me:-)

      In 9MM I use Cor-Bon DPX 115 grn at: Velocity: 1250fps
      Energy: 399ftlbs

      I also use 38 Super Cor Bon 125 grn:Velocity: 1350fps
      Energy: 506ftlbs !

  • xcalbr

    who cares about the safety while decocked feature? if you cannot account whether or not your handgun is loaded on duty or when you need it then you shouldnt carry it. that is common sense. Of course, the M&P has a loaded chamber indicator, so that point is moot.

    I love Glock magazines, they are nearly indestructable.

    There is legitamite criticism for the M&P, just like there is with the Glock. But there is a difference between recognizing flaws and hubris.

  • Ole Sarge

    I owned a M&P 40c for a few years. Nice pistol, good CC, but shot low and to the right. Traded it in for a Glock 36 and never looked back. Glock is a great pistol, good CC and shoots dead on every time.

    I always wonder why people settle for 9MM for defense carry. .45 ACP is such a superior round when your life is on the line.

  • Robert the Bruce

    9mm xd subcompact fits real nice…but you squeeze and the safety is off. That is the only issue. You squeeze the grip and God forbid the thing goes off. Not good to have it lying around. I like Springfield but Hk may be the one you want. Durability. Pricey but im not going to war.

  • Number9

    One, don’t try to fool people into thinking you’re an ex-Delta Operator. You can’t even spell the name right (unless a parody was your intention).

    Second, Vickers served in the most elite CT outfit in the Western World and is more reputable than you unless you can prove otherwise.

  • Rapier975

    I use a CZ75 as my duty weapon, and have for years. I have glocks and 1911s, but the 75 is what works for me. You want to talk about ergonomics and a low bore axis, pick up a CZ. I’ve not yet met the person that did not say it felt great. And $399 LE price is hard to beat!

    • Rapier975, have you shot a CZ 75 SP-01? I like my pistol to have a hammer and a safety that sweeps like an 1911. Their Phantom model is only one that comes to mind that as a hammer, that safety style and polymer frame. Also just for curiosity what did you get to carry it in?

  • Rapier975


    I have an SP01 Tactical that I use on warrant service and team callouts. Nothing can even compare to the accuracy of that gun. Very heavy tho… I like the phantom (polymer version of SP01), but it is dimensionally a tiny bit differenct from the steel guns, making holster selection difficult. I carry my 75 in a Safariland model 6280. They do make CZ specific holsters, you just won’t find them on the shelf at your local store!

  • Johnny Quest

    I got my first Glock in the late 80’s, probably long before you were allowed to own a sidearm, so I am more than familiar with the Glock’s internals. It is stiker fired as is the M&P, but that is where the similarities end. Sure, you might make an argument that this part “resembles” that part or whatever, but you are splitting hairs.

    Don’t be skeptical, like I said, the search button is your friend. There is a plethora of information and reports of the problems with Glocks in higher pressure and larger caliber rounds. The only real issues with the M&P were complaints about the trigger. There is no history of the failures to include catastrophic failures the Glock has had. The fact that the Glock was designed around the 9mm is/was a shortcoming at the onset, but it was designed purely for the European police market, the rest came due to demand of US shooters.

    Don’t be mystified either that HK when back to steel mags. I have little concern about bent feed lips and whatever. You run a mag until it dies. The M&P mag is as good as any from anyone else.

    It seems the climate as far as US weaponry seeing foreign service is somewhat muted. Gaston Glock however has ****** his 9mm pistol out to anyone that would buy it, friend or foe. Wait, doesn’t he live in a “neutral” country? I do not believe there is a foreign market for his pistol in any caliber other than 9mm. It is only the US that shoots .40 and .45. So for the purpose of your discussion, only the 9mm is relevant.

    Bottom line is the 17 & 19 of Gen 2 or 3 are great, but otherwise you couldn’t give me one.

  • xcalbr

    I can vouch that many law enforcement agencies continue using glocks and have nothing but good things to say about them. they are even in limited service with the US military.

    they don’t have plastic sights. enough said. many law enforcement and other professional firearms instructors favor the glock because it “doesn’t have a safety”, which is untrue since it has one on its trigger and a heavy enough trigger to avoid negligent discharges (though it happens because negligent people cannot keep their fingers off the triggers when they’re not supposed to).

    There are some law enforcement agencies that carry the USP. Easily my favorite handgun for a tactical 45; ill gladly shoot it against any other competitor out there. If you choose to carry a 1911 then that is your business, personally, i have nothing to do with them.

    • Johnny Quest

      Here is a thread about the M&P .45 (primarily) from a well respected fellow on his site started in 2008, four years ago. The M&P has only gotten better since that time. Good information and opinions from experienced people.

    • Aw well each to his or her own. It’s all in what you feel confident with and shoot the best. There are some PD’s that do issue the 1911 for all officers.
      The Glock did have plastic sights until a few years ago. The adjustable sights for instance were notorious for breaking.

      Glocks are standard issue for several units in the Army. I posted this information on my blog. The information was supplied supplied by a friend of mine who has used them since being adopted. http://gunner777.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/interes

  • Thanks, for the info. Please no sir, make me feel older than I already do. I would like something a little newer than the Taurus I got in the eighties. It is coming up on 25 years old and I know I ain’t what I was then. Not worried about weight per se, as I was thinking to add to B.O.B. and throwing on hip when the SHtheF.

  • Rapier975

    There is no doubt the glock dominates U.S. Law Enforcement. There is also no doubt that they have started losing market share over the last few years. Especially since S&W is making huge deals for agencies transitioning to the M&P. Glocks for agencies are cheap. Smiths for agencies are cheaper.

    • And cheaper is the name of the game for many departments. Glock started selling guns at $289 when they first hit the market. That was the deciding factor for many agencies.

  • JB0326

    Glock’s are junk. To me they feel like a child’s toy. I purchased one (G23). It functioned, yes. However I personally couldn’t stand it and got rid of it for half of what I paid for it. Which made me dislike them even more. To this day they have not made a better handgun than the M1911A1. And yes there’s a difference between buying American vs an Import. For one The Chinese can only poorly copy other peoples products and if purchased it will need to be replaced before you change your next light bulb.. Being American made is not however my only factor in my purchases. I want the best made product. And I understand quality. You get what you pay for.

    • xcalbr

      so i assume you take your 1911 through the mountains in the winter? or through the desert? will it go all day without hiccups firing hundreds of rounds?

      The 1911 is a expensive, meddlesome, pain in the ***. You may think glocks are junk, but ill go toe to toe with you on the range. well see who’s still shooting and who isn’t.

      dont take offense. I just get irritated when somebody flaunts their finnicky, obsolete design around thinking its the best thing since sliced bread.

  • JB0326

    H&K make great firearms. The USP is a Good choice.

    • The H&K USP’s turned out to be a hit with the officers!

    • The USP is a nice pistol, which variant you go for? Also a bit heavier and a little deep into the wallet too I imagine.

      • It was the #1 variant so you could carry it in condition 1:-)

    • xcalbr

      i would recommend one for anybody. you can find a USP in the 600-800 buck range. the P30 is in the 800-900 range. for somebody that makes a big deal out of 300 dollars, then the HK is not for them. if you dont mind dropping the extra cash for quality and accuracy, than they’re just for you.

  • Johnny Quest

    Here is a thread about the M&P .45 (primarily) from a well respected fellow on his site started in 2008, four years ago. The M&P has only gotten better since that time. Good information and opinions from experienced people.

    • Very good and of course they have some great sights and other parts for the M&P


    • Johnny Quest


      • Believe that Gunners: “LOL–NOPE NOT THIS TIME!”
        Was in reference to my: “What no Massad Ayoob to the rescue.”
        For the legal troubles.

        • Very true E.Ronc it was directed in reference to your comment.

  • M&P Pistols come with a loaded chamber indicator.

  • xcalbr

    i bought my first handgun 30 years ago when i was old enough, which was a browning HP. I remembered firing the first generation of glocks and hating them, because i had a 1911 and felt that nothing could touch it.

    The parts are obviously different enough to protect existing patents (something S&W didn’t do with the sigma), though the principles are very similar. they have more in common than you think; ill go so far as to bet anything that glock inspired the M&P and XD (HS2000).

    i am aware of the reports, but you should also consider the quantity of glocks sold and placed into service compared to other competitors. I have seen reports of people firing hotter rounds through a worn out glock or hand reloads, which seem to encompass most of the problems. of course, with a quick search you can find kabooms on any model of gun. of course a more prominent gun would have more kaboom results.

    Yeah I still like polymer mags better, though thats a personal call. I think the main disadvantage is that their bulkier.

    Gaston Glock sold his handgun to a lot of folks, but as a american, it is hypocritical to jump on Glock’s case for such sales. the US, the largest arms exporter on the planet, sells far more destructive weaponry to less than friendly regimes.

    And no other country that i know of uses the 40 and 45. its a moot point.

    My point is that ive never had problems with my Gen 3 22 or my gen 4 19 and 17. Theyve had thousands of rounds through them. my testimony is not a rare fluke. Until i find another handgun company’s products that fit me better and i can trust more than Glock and H&K, ill make the transition. perhaps in another five years ill be looking at a M&P…or the FNS9.

  • xcalbr

    I call ********. my best friend is a LAPD narcotics officer and carries a Glock 23. Other officers in the department also carry a mix of glocks, berettas, and S&W’s.

  • xcalbr

    shot placement. a 9mm in the “A”-zone, upper chest and tip of the nose, is going to stop the threat. people “settle” for 9mm because of the size of magazines. 15-17 rounds is better than 7-10 rounds in my opinion. the only place i would carry a 45 is in a state where bill clinton mags are only permitted. 10 45ACP versus 10 9mm is a entirely different matter.

    • With the improvements in ammunition over the last few years the gap between a 45acp and a 9MM is very narrow.

      • Wouldn’t the gap be about the same? Just as the 9mm round felt the “improvements in ammunition over the last few years”. So would the 45cal. Even the lowly 32cal and makarov which ruled as police rounds in Europe, should be much better. So that with good placement, you are stopping bad guys. Don’t get me wrong but sometimes what you wear can limit what you can carry. Plus I know an older lady shooter that finds a Walther PP very pleasant to shoot.

        • BD Cooper

          I’ll freely admit I have not been as involved in shooting as I could have been the last 10 years because I lived in New Jersey and having a pistol was just to much trouble. However saying that no amount of improvement of a standard 9mm round is going to take it to the level of a .45. The Black Talons did make the 9mm a manstopper but they were taken off the general market. I hear lots of people say “good shot placement”, “double/triple tap” etc but the oppertunity and where withall to calmly aim and shoot at a perp thats trying to kill you seldom exists. Look at all the cops that empty those 16-18 rounds from their pistols at a perp thats only a few yards away and miss every time. Or the guy cops shot in Baltimore in 1992. They shot this drug deal 17 times with 9mm Hydroshocks at a range of about 10′ and the guy lived. The perp had shot a cop in the center back of the head with a 9mm from a range of <18 inches and the cop lived too. Give me a .45 every time as people shot with a .45 usually dont get up again.

          This pistol has me interested again in the hammerless designs because of the thumb safety. There is now way you can safely carry a Glock or similar pistol with a round in the chamber because of the trigger safety.

        • xcalbr

          “I hear lots of people say “good shot placement”, “double/triple tap” etc but the oppertunity and where withall to calmly aim and shoot at a perp thats trying to kill you seldom exists.”

          ********. good shot placement comes down to training and discipline, which in my opinion largely are lacking in the population that carries concealed. If you are a police officer that only qualifies once or twice a year, your proficiency is going to be pretty low. Marksmanship should only by 5% of training…the remaining 95% should be combat applications.

          “Look at all the cops that empty those 16-18 rounds from their pistols at a perp thats only a few yards away and miss every time.”

          Again, lack of training and discipline. This is the result you get with only qualifying with your service weapon once or twice a year.

          “Or the guy cops shot in Baltimore in 1992. They shot this drug deal 17 times with 9mm Hydroshocks at a range of about 10′ and the guy lived. The perp had shot a cop in the center back of the head with a 9mm from a range of <18 inches and the cop lived too. Give me a .45 every time as people shot with a .45 usually dont get up again."

          When a suspect is hyped up on meth or PCP/angel dust, they are capable of extraordinary things. There are many cases of humans suffering horrendous injuries beyond the realm of a gunshot and surviving; the demerit is not on the bullet but the merits of the adaptability of the human body. There are many cases of larger cartridges like 357 and 45 ACP failing to stop a suspect just like a 9mm. With shots in the upper chest and tip of the nose, the target's chance of survival is very slim even with the supposed "anemic" 9mm and 5.56.

  • I don’t think you would have a problem if the work was done by the factory.

  • Dabu

    Funny comments, folks get stirred up. The M&P has 2 major things going for it in my view:
    1. Made in the USA;
    2. Better ergonomics for some people.

    My daughter prefers the M&P and I’ll admit it feels better than any other polymer auto I’ve held except the HK P30. However, I shoot the **** out of my Glocks and strongly feel that training overcomes the grip issue.
    Regarding the Gen 4 issues, I’ve had none. The Gen 4 model 21 is a fantastic shooter and I’ve put about 10,000 rounds through my Gen model 34 without a hiccup. I’m a blue collar guy so the Glock has been the perfect tool for me. Unless I win the lottery I’ll probably never own a 1911, or a ’69 Corvette for that matter.
    It may not be “better”, but I’m proud that an American company finally came up with a pistol that could give Glock a run for it’s money. Buy American and support Americans.

  • Go Navy!

    My Glock nightmare started Feb this year when I got a G19 Gen3 (9mm). It had erratic ejection issues (brass right at your face). In short, my G19 was at Glock for 2 months and shipped there 2 times. I had to attach a picture of myself in uniform to prove that I have shooting experience (at first they said I was limp wristing, using wrong ammo, didn’t rack the slide firmly). I used the G2 G17 back in early 90s. After all that, they finally replace the Ejector. (See my postings with FormerSFmedic in the article here on S&W Shield). I ended up replacing the extractor and depressor spring assy out of my own pocket. The extractor changed to a MiM (Metal Injection molding) process to try to save costs. Definitely looking at M&P the next time.

  • While I agree that GENERALLY a 45 is better than a 9. A 9 is better than my older lady shooter’s reliable old Walther PP in 32, everything is a trade off. To the 45 guys, yes they are at the tops for YOU. But if I was in combat, I just might choose the 9 for the more rounds. Back on the streets, in this stupid 10 round state, 45 would win for me as I am a big man. As a large guy the size of the pistol doesn’t matter as much to me. But to some women shooters it would, and they might go 9 for size reasons and also for the recoil. The lady with the Walther likes the size and easy recoil. Also something I never considered. She finished the NRA Basic Pistol Course. After, I was letting them try a few different pistols. She could not physically work the action. I was recommending a revolver, but she didn’t care for the bulk. Her husband wanted something more. He bought a M&P and was just going to leave it with a round already in chamber so she wouldn’t have to rack it. She didn’t like that Idea and I wasn’t too thrilled either, also because if there ever is a misfire or not ready she couldn’t use the pistol. My cousin came by to try his new little Seecamp. She could work the action and the recoil was not to bad considering it’s size. She was not fond of grip and lack of rounds. So I let her fire another pistol in 380. Not a fan of the recoil there plus she had hard time with action again. So we were pretty sure 32 blowback was way to go. Something with a few more rounds and good grip which would help recoil. The most iconic 32acp is the Walther family. Next gun show looking for PPK or PPK/s. Didn’t care for either PPK felt too small. PPK/S liked grip but was a little hard to jack. About ready to give up and go look at Makarov when we stumbled on an old PP and she just fell in love. Bottom line. What is intend purpose, to carry, punch paper or home defense. Shooters physical attributes; Are they large or small for carry and recoil. Strength for working action, holding on target. Controls: or lack of controls or how they operate. State regulations. And never forget price in a bottom line. Not everything in these equations comes up 45.

  • steve

    S&W builds great weapons, but i’ll never buy one since the clinton episode.

    • In 1964 the company passed from Wesson family control, and subsequently several conglomerates took control of it. Between 1987 and 2001 Smith & Wesson was owned by the British engineering company Tomkins PLC. In March 2000 Smith & Wesson was the only major gun manufacturer to sign an agreement with the Clinton Administration.

      Americans run the show again…

      The acquisition of Smith & Wesson was chiefly brokered by Saf-T-Hammer President Bob Scott, who had left Smith & Wesson in 1999 because of a disagreement with Tomkins’ policies. After the purchase, Scott became the president of Smith & Wesson to guide the 157-year-old company back to its former standing in the market.
      On 15 February 2002, the name of the newly formed entity was changed to Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation.

  • i carry a smith m&p in 357 sig. and it is the best carry gun i’ve ever had. i have never even touched a glock as i think they are ugly so i can’t compare it to any other weapon. everyone has likes and dislikes and oppinions. remember the best gun in a fight is the one you have. i love my m&p and the caliber.

  • kim

    please help—————-i have owned guns all my life –grew up military ..by i recently baught a 9mm s&w (this is my 3) i liked it so much -but this one has only been shot MAYBE 50 times and it jams on the third shot every time, i took it to gun smith he said it was me so i let my brother and son shoot it -it did it to them.So i took it back to shop..He says when he fires it -its fine.so what do i do (besides get rid of it0. The gun is only 9 mo old. Sorry this doesnt have anything to do with your email…PLEASE HELP.I think there just giving me a bad time cause Im a girl.I still need the protection like a guy….I love guns. also what do u think about the kal-tec sub2000 .40 cal?

  • Joe

    Way up above a woman mentioned having a problem with an M&P. She should send it to S&W. I had a problem, they sent me a shipping label and I got it back fixed in 9 days.

  • Chris Costa

    1911 is tried and true for over 100 years. It will out shoot any plastic toy glock out there.


    Most people remove the Browning HP magazine safety which greatly improves the trigger action. Using a brass punch, you can do it yourself. For a long time I had zero problems with magazines dropping. After a through cleaning, the magazines became a problem. I discovered I had over-tightened the grip screws. I backed off a turn and they returned to dropping flawlessly.

  • Joe

    I purchased the M&P 45 back in the fall of 2007 after returning from my 2nd back to back US Army sponsored “BEACH TRIP” and I have put probably 600-700 rounds thru it, it is my everyday carry weapon and I haven’t looked back. I carried an M9 both tours and used it extensively and was not happy with it at all, **** I wasn’t happy with the Iraqi M9’s(the European magazine latch mostly), mainly I believe because of 9mm ball ammo. Here in the US I use Hydrashok’s, Winchester pdx1 and ball ammo to just practice with. I live in Black Bear country and I carry it even in the woods berry picking and when I deer hunt, so I am truly as comfortable with this weapon as with any weapon I have ever carried. Now I just need a smaller M&P 45 for concealed carry and some hi cap mags for my current pistol. I am gonna try some of the triggers mentioned above to smooth things out and possibly even a longer threaded barrel so that I can get a can for it, which are legal where I live.

  • Admiral Vinji

    As I’m thinking about the government issued 9×19 NATO M9 made by an italian company Beretta, I came to realize that the S&W M&P9 should replace it NOW. First, it is an all American pistol, uses polymere for lighther weight, then it has a thumb safety option similar to the M1911A1 that lasted almost 80 years in combat, it is a simple design, yet reliable, and finally it can carry 2 more rouds than the M9. So it’s gotta replace it now.

    • Jonathan

      When the M9s are worn out to the point that they can’t easily be maintained and it’s time to order new pistols, fine. But until then, no. The public’s money doesn’t belong to the Department of Defense to do whatever it wants with without very good reason.

  • Glock man
  • TK
  • Snuffy
  • keith smith

    round in the chamber

    • 1STIDGUY

      its been over 6 months and answer was already provided lol

  • keith smith

    kim it my guess you have already fixed the problem with your smith 9mm if not send that gun back to smith and wesson !! there way to many out there that claim to be a gunsmith but they are not most so called gunsmiths have no clue send the gun back to smith and wesson !!

  • FredCal

    I transitioned from a Browning High Power in 40 S&W. The M&P 40S&W with the thumb safety made it easy. This is now my favorite sidearm.

  • Mike

    SW is headquartered in Massachusetts, that alone is enough to preclude purchasing their products.

    Buy American and Buy from a state where the rights of the citizen are paramount.

    • FredCal

      The problem with Massachusetts is the Boston area. The problem with statewide boycotts is they tend to punish people with little or no structural power and have very limited say in the state’s politics.

    • Eronc

      Will give you Mass does have some dumb laws on guns but guess what, you go get your LTC like in many other states. Once you have that you can go down to the store and buy one and take it home

  • Roy C

    I own an M&P9, Glock 19 and a CZ 75B. All are good guns but the CZ is the best shooter and quality.

  • fred

    If you dont like the safety while decocked feature, then get one without the manual safety. Only a few models of the m&p come with the manual safety anyway, most dont. Its easy to look at the round in chamber indicator in daylight.

  • Jan

    I have a Gen 3 Glock 19, and a smith and m&p shield 9, when I went for a new CCW gun, the choices were slim.. Glock 26 or the Shield, I picked the thinner one and I do not regret it. BTW, glocks have a LCI, its the extractor, it sticks out if there is a round in the chamber.

    From what I have seen from my shield I’d buy a full sized model. I just don’t like the pivot trigger thing, I think Glock’s design is better in that respect, but I do trust the M&P design with my life.