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Concealed carry, if not off duty LEO carry, is not a frequent topic of discussion on Kit Up but it is an important one (if for no other reason than the ongoing 2ND Amendment/gun control/UN issues). Earlier Kit Up! talked holsters from Kolbeson. Leatherworks. Here is carry another option via Firearms Talk.

“So you carry your firearm with you in the world for protection. Everywhere you go people are safer because you are there. Odds are you either have it in a waistband holster, inside or outside, or concealed by a shirt, vest, or other item of clothing. If not then you have it in an ankle holster or pocket.  Having your firearm just sitting in a pants or coat pocket is unreliable and even dangerous; you are setting yourself up for the Monkey Trap. The Monkey Trap where you reach into your pants pocket, then fish for a grip on your pistol, and struggle to pull what is now a fist holding a lump of metal, from this pocket. In addition, a handgun unsecured is a handgun lost, as it floats around, flips, spins, and can even become dangerous. It is more than possible that you can accidentally fire the weapon while playing pocket pool for it…”

Read the article about CCW pants in its entirety.We have contacted the apparel manufacturer, asking to keep us up to speed on future developments.

If you would like to see more content about gear and tactics related to CCW, please advise.


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    Definitely want to see more on CCW. Thanks.

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    Regarding “Concealed carry” and “So you carry your firearm with you in the world for protection” motivates these 1st thoughts about Aurora, CO.

    In addition to thoughts of sadness and anger…

    “12 Dead and 50 injured after gunman opens fire” states a Fox article. The most obvious question to some of us is, of the “12 dead and 50 injured”, how many were prepared to protect themselves? Did any of “12 dead and 50 injured” have the tools to protect themselves? How many dialed 911? How many were killed and injured after the first 911 call? How many were saved from death or injury by responders after the first 911 call? Of all the people at the “Showing”, did anyone there have a concealed carry permit? Of all the people at the “Showing”, did anyone there have a concealed weapon?

    More questions? Of course there are more questions; there are many more questions. Of all these questions, one of the most significant is, what is the total population of people who are suffering as a result of this event? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands? Had one single person at the “Showing” been prepared and taken action, what would be the total population of people who are suffering as a result of this event?

    Does FOX or any of the media have the courage to ask any one of these questions? Apparently not.

    • defensor fortissimo

      To me it’s not a question of courage, but of taste. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, I agree with you completely in regards to the inherent right to self defense and the limitations of relying exclusively on first responders. I also agree that this is no doubt going to be used as yet another platform for the left wing to push their agenda. But the only thing politicizing the event now before the bodies are even cold in the ground is going to do is alienate a public in mourning. The best way of discrediting the image of the pro self-defense movement as reactionary yahoos is to stop reacting to the immediate backlash of these sorts of tragedies and taking the higher ground.

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