Combat K9 Dog Collar in MultiCam

Rocco shows off his collar from Combat K9.Rocco shows off his collar from Combat K9.

This is Rocco. Rocco likes his dog collar from Combat K9 in Multi-Cam. Rocco is a bad ass who gets all the bitches (literally). He wears only the tacticoolest kit. Yes, even MWDs, police canines and other working dogs know tacticool when they see it. Described as “the strongest, toughest, and longest lasting dog collar on the market,” it is rated to hold up to 900lbs, will adjust from 19″ to 31″, has a stainless steel metal buckle. They have a lifetime guarantee and are made in the USA.

The MC version isn’t on the website yet…not sure why that is. Ask about it at info(at)

You might also look around at Warrior Expo East, if you’re lucky enough to be there. Combat K9 might be wandering around there.

Cave Canem.

Rocco has no time for your foolishness. Rocco knows how damn good he looks.Rocco shows off his collar from Combat K9.

Rocco shows off his collar from Combat K9.

Combat K9 On Line.

We’re the Mad Duo and we approve this message. Plus we like dogs better than most people.

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Richard Kilgore and Jake Call enjoy something of a celebrity status among action figures and 1/1 scale trigger-pullers alike. They are world renowned for their wit, objectivity, keen tactical insight and utter lack of exaggeration or hyperbole. They leverage tens of thousands of hours of training and operational experience to the betterment of all mankind (and shooters). When not saving helpless school children from terrorists, rescuing damsels in distress and removing insurgents from the gene pool, they write, blog and support single dancing moms one dollar bill at a time. This provides much needed wisdom and perspective to the vast community of trigger-pullers that so desperately hungers for it. You can reach them at or if you're not a SISSY.
  • Sgt Maj

    Rocco has no time for your foolishness. Rocco knows how damn good he looks.
    He is The Most Infantry Dog in the World.

  • Mike

    Rocco has no time for your foolishness. Rocco rides…Rocco only walks when necessary. He is The Most Cavalry Dog in the World

  • The Cav is full of the gays.

  • Jim

    The Blackhorse has no time for your foolishness teamleader.

  • Chuck Belitz

    My South African Mastiff makes Rocco look like a little puppy. But, she does think he’s cute.

  • And MY Boerboel pup “Gunny” is only 8 mo. old and is bigger than Rocco and has the same elan. Like the Dynamic Duo I like the average dog I meed a LOT better than the average people. Can’t wait for Gunny to hit his grown dimensions, but I think he will be in one of these kewl collars.

    Oh, and he thinks Rocco is a cute little guy. In a very platonic way.

  • Stefan S.

    What is next to have cammo slapped on it? GMAFB!

  • Boerboel, Chuck? I have one too! He’s a monster…and a sissy. Sounds like he could hunt dinosaurs, in reality he’s scared of the dark. It’s really sort of pathetic. Remember “Willy”, Patton’s dog, who started out as William the Conqueror?

    • Chuck Belitz

      Gallowglass and David,
      I used the SA Mastiff designation because most people have never heard of a Boerboel. My first one, Mollie, died of old age about four years ago. She was the most aggressive dog I’ve ever seen. bordering on vicious, but well trained. She love me, my wife, and son, but, to her. everyone else and everything else was lunch. Her replacement, Maisy, was carefully socialized with adults and kids, so she is very pleasant … most of the time. On signal or when she perceives a threat, she has the same fire in her belly that Mollie had. This is not a breed for the faint of heart. It is certainly the breed for those who want a loyal, strong, intelligent, and protective dog. I love ’em.

      • Bullseye on the “not for the faint-hearted” and “strong”. These dogs are almost unknown in the States at present but they are a breed that is as tough as the vets who would buy them. Recognized officially by the AKC in 2011 I am told they are the fastest growing in popularity of any large breed. Need a firm hand for sure. The one who chased me back into my host’s car was my best buddy two minutes later when I was “cleared” onto the property and we played all day. ‘Nuff braggin’ about our dogs, I reckon. Ordering a collar this week, though.


    • I had never heard of the breed until I taught in South Africa. First one I ever met put me back into my host’s car…rapidly. Mine is only 8 mo. old at the moment but seems to be developing the protective instincts that they are bred and famed for. In training at the moment to insure that it does not become a negative thing.


  • Hans Panzer 0311

    Combat K9 was the WORST company I have ever dealt with! Bad communications with emails and phone calls. Never received an email or call from them after repeated attempts of me contacting them. Customer service was terrible and my order was incomplete and wrong. Never got the correct items that I bought. Shipping and waiting for incorrect order was MONTHS!! Still waiting on my T-shirt 2 years later!! Dog lead was mediocre, but the collar was built nice. That’s the only nice thing I can say about my Combat K9 experience!