Grunt Life

Our friends over at Gruntworks started this as a joke. The response has since dictated a reevaluation of that. They may very well wind up making it an actual magazine (ezine, to be precise). Now, we know the vast majority of you reading this are probably more into modern culture magazines and high quality niche publications, but would you read an issue of this? Would it bother you if it was half serious, half tongue-in-cheek if not outright bulls&!t? What sort of articles would you be interested in?

Kit Up! Grunt Life may be the next thing in quality knuckledragging reading material, second only to beer labels and the backs of porn DVDs.


Gruntworks sources report they may outsource the editing and writing and pretty much everything so it doesn’t look like a comic book drawn by elementary school students in the throes of an epileptic fit. They are grunts, after all.

Personally, we’d like to see some serious writing, some funny stuff, a recurring featured column by The Genius Known as Paul (the guy behind Duffel Blog) and maybe guest appearances by Doctrine Man.

That cover should definitely read “Edited by the Mad Duo”, too.  Talk about giving it some gravitas.

Mad Duo clear

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About the Author

The Mad Duo
Richard Kilgore and Jake Call enjoy something of a celebrity status among action figures and 1/1 scale trigger-pullers alike. They are world renowned for their wit, objectivity, keen tactical insight and utter lack of exaggeration or hyperbole. They leverage tens of thousands of hours of training and operational experience to the betterment of all mankind (and shooters). When not saving helpless school children from terrorists, rescuing damsels in distress and removing insurgents from the gene pool, they write, blog and support single dancing moms one dollar bill at a time. This provides much needed wisdom and perspective to the vast community of trigger-pullers that so desperately hungers for it. You can reach them at or if you're not a SISSY.
  • Doc 61

    Finding the ever elusive squelch grease for the PRC 77…..or that box of grid squares…Screwing with the FNGs….Just some article suggestions from the old school.

  • Stefan S.

    Nice I like it. But keep the man dolls out of it!

  • TygeRInfantrY

    Ought to be EPIC! As much of what a grunt does in his lifetime….We eat **** for a living and **** excellence. Who else but US can do such amazing things!

  • TygeRInfantrY

    (Sh*t) edited (P!ss)

  • JM

    Looks like bullet points from my last deployment.

    • JM

      …The LT is still alive, just a bit traumatized.

  • Davetg

    Love me some Gruntworks. It’s nice hearing the perspective from a younger generation of Grunts . . . Some things never change, only the AO . . .

  • Heck yeah! It would be awesome to have an inside look at Grunt Life!! No sugar-coating anything, true, hard-core, with a side of humor!

  • IH

    Outstanding! How to score the cheapest deals in the Hadji Marts during deployments!

  • Jacob

    I would so buy a subscription!

  • Hey Grunt-folk! Thanks for the comments.


    We’re going to collect and review all of them so that GRUNT LIFE (30 Round) Magazine is built from the ground up around the things YOU want to hear and see. Humor (obviously) useful & relevant news, insights and perspectives, gear reviews etc.

    What other topics would you like to see featured? Sound off!

  • leftoftheboom

    You could do articles about how grunts get thier gear together. Not the Official stuff. The quasi mystical reasons that:
    1. my pocket knife goes there.
    2. I lace my boots like this EVERY TIME or I have to start over.
    3. I have pebble from my last deployment cause it looked cool.

    That type of stuff.

  • leftoftheboom

    Ask the hard questions.

    1. Just how much 550 cord is “enough”?
    2. How many knives are really necessary for one mission.
    3. Why you are not allowed to touch my “lucky” bullet.
    4. Why we name our rifles.

    You can get seriously deep into grunt mentality.

    • SleepyDave

      I always figured that you should have enough knives on you that when you drop one, you have another available. Machete, kukri, bayonet, SOCP (SPECIAL FORCES USE IT!), Ka-bar, TDI, Benchmade folder, boot knife, punch knife, neck knife, UZI TACTICAL PEN! and a couple of those silly little buggers 5.11 seems to think aren’t hilariously dull letter openers.

      Because, you know, you never know when you might need a back-up knife.

  • Jon

    I would buy a life time subscription as soon as it became available. Can I give my Credit card number out now? **** just kidding. However, in all seriousness, this magazine needs to happen.

  • Jon

    I would look into stuff like the mentality needed to survive a deployment. The essentials like, having fun to not be stressed, playing fun jokes on one another, and how not to **** off an E-5 and above.

  • ever hear of a paper for dairy owners called the milk weed? about half rediculous nonsence yet read religouslyby many, including bored dairy testers and milk truk drivers, even if just for a laugh lol of course i’d read it (maybe the onion would be a better example haha)

  • Dpast

    How about all the things to do when you are at barracks, videos, music, etc.. Dumb **** that everyone does to keep their minds right. Awesome idea.

  • R3D R3IGN S1X

    How about designing gourmet meals from your MRE’s? Ha! Don’t lose your brown spoon!

  • Lew

    I need it. I need it now.

  • 11BangBang

    *** ya its about time we have a place where we can collaborate on all the little things that make up “Grunt Life” !

  • Bull

    We had one in our Helo squadron called “Ramps Up” (Putting grunts in their place since 1953 was the subtitle). We usually used it to mock ourselves of course but we ragged on the ship and her crew as well as our command element.

  • Dave Johnstone

    As long as there is a “How to understand what your allies actually mean when they say something bizarre” section it should be cool.

  • Jim


  • Chris Maeger

    How about a section titled: Blue Falcon Watch… you can add the latest story where a Buddy ***** last struck….

  • Riceball

    For Marine grunts and sailors they need to have an article on tips for help passing the time while on mail buoy watch. Another good article would be to describe the ever elusive ID-10T form that nobody ever seems to to have; what it looks like and what it’s used for, and which shop is most likely to have some.

  • Dennis

    I’ll subscribe just to keep my young ROTC (junior year) cadet son from getting killed by all of you hardcore mothers. I told him when he graduates to just throw himself on the tender mercy of his Plt. Sgt. of course I may be missing something.

  • This is really good stuff, folks. We really appreciate your feedback. It’s really going to help us zero in on how best to make this a reality.

    Please, keep the feedback coming.

    – Jinx | Gruntworks

  • Tom D (shortround67/

    Who was the dunder head who replaced C rations with MRE’s. You all really are missing it. Real food with the possibility to keep you up and running 20 hours a day. Push for C Rats you will be happy!

  • leftoftheboom

    Leadership Challenges:

    The stories we all have about the privates that could do everything wrong.

  • leftoftheboom

    Mentor Room:

    The stories about those who inspire us and why.

  • leftoftheboom

    There is truly no such thing as too many knives.

  • nfalawyer

    This sounds hilarious. You already have a bunch of great suggestions for articles and topics. I’d subscribe just to get a few laughs (other than reading about what the DoD is doing in real life, which provides its own set of unintentional comedic moments).

  • tracee burris

    10 years army, 8 active infantry, 52 months in combat. Grunt life sounds great to me. I’ve broke in and helped break in about 14 butter bars.