Corpsman Week at Grey Ghost


Grey Ghost Gear has run a series of specials on their Facebook page. They started with “TACP Weekend”, then “Ranger Regiment Week” and “0311 Weekend”. Now it’s “FMF Corpsman Week”. “Greenside Docs” past or present can post a training/deployed picture of themselves on the GGG FB wall to be entered for a chance to win kit.














Disclosure: Kit Up Associate Editor David Reeder writes freelance copy for Grey Ghost Gear in a non-paid status.

  • Dokich, Cloid, L.

    With all these different topics and discussions on the many different aspects to life with the military like this ” Corpsman Week at Grey Ghost ?” I was kind of wondering since I’m fairly good at fist aid and band aids how one could possibly continue with a little study up on various fundamentals of the medical and scientific field through as to the fields of surgery and biology, micro=biology, neuro science, CBR, diseases, bacterias, potable water purification, and things like KP, latrines, make shift incinerators and other things to know and be proficiant in – in the field like MASH units to up front fox hole health care like my old TMA 8-230 and U.S. Special Forces Medical handbooks and training manuals one could read while at the bunk house or in transit because you never know when or where the nest ” Battle Circus,” could end up and put you right in the center ring trying to do Triage with one hand stop the bleeding with the other while giving CPR?

    I mean not being ready or at least a little bit prepared for the un-foreseen in like squating down in your fox-hole with your pants around your ankles as the enemy comes over the top with fixed bayonets? What are you going to do ask him to wait a minute and pass the TP ?

    I mean heck I get all kinds of E-mails to go to some university to learn nursing or some other kind of skill for civilian life, but you never ever get requests to attend a training class to or seminar lecture on the fundamentals of how to survive a bilological, chemical, or radio active terrorist attack or natural disaster like they had in Japan to contain a nuclear reator leak following a natural disaster like an Earthquake or Tsunami let alone a day like Pearl Harbor that will live in Enfamy as we are now facing Post 9/11 of 2001?

    What a Dummy like me supposed to do when there is no-one else to volunteer or lend a hand picking up cigarette butts as everyone else is either hung over or working on a hang over and going completely bonkers socializing and relating with each other the 5150 civilian way by calling 911 everytime someone hears a **** let alone thinking of ways to spend their DoD checks for INTEL like the way they did US POST 9/11 with WMD’s supposedly still in Iraq and our troops and support all to just find Sadam hiding in an old latrine hole with a suitcase of US Greenbacks as his separation pay from being the president of his country like the way we did Mr. Bush and his administrtation for expiditing the American uproar to get revenge for 9/11 with so many at first waiving flags with patriotic allegiance to where the only ones who made any money off of it were the ones who sold us those flags in the first place? If that’s not a bill of goods then what is?

    Take the movie ” Catch 22,” where a mess hall corporal becomes the US military in europe in WWII’s biggest black marketeer with his MM corparation while those B-25 pilots drop their payload of bombs on the fishes of the sea only to rush back to their base to get liberty or leave to see their professional ladies of the night girl friends in those quaint little Italian cities who switched from waiving the NAZI flag to the US red, white, and blew at the changing of the guard as they no doubt did some in Korea and Vietnam for a chance to get in a GI’s pants for his ration card and a free shopping trip at the PX back here in the states gives a whole new meaning to ” Immigration & Divorce ? ”

    So I may sound like another NUT and you may be right and it might just be a lunatic your looking for, but don’t turn out the light just yet? As I’m still on a roll ( a jelly roll and roll aids ), as instead of getting out of this chicken outfit how do I get back in the front or back door to civil service or do I do go underground with the rest of the sewar and desert rats we’ve all come to love so well like those Taliban spies and all those Lolitta Matahari Krishna Krishna types we get at the airport burning incense and talking about love and peace while so many of US are going on without even a pain pill or that Medical Marijuana to self medicate ourselves with drugs and alcohol while those that actually do cause the rise in the cost of living for us as they stay back making more babies from guys like Jody and claiming some por smuck Joe the joy of fatherhood in return?

    As for me looking like I do all busted up and kind of deformed now from some injuries still on the mend ? You really can’t blame them for not wanting you really in the first place even if you still had a check comming in with or with out the extra’s you get from active duty service like ” Wounded Warriors,” and disabled hospitalized vets when they call their old girlfriend to find that a date will cost them about a months pay if they want it to last a long time and be number one instead of number two ( Horse Manure ) like me ? As I would rather get a simple Army Diploma from the Academy of Health and Science at Fort Sam Huston than a BS degree some specialized field platic surgery and **** jobs even if it is where the money is? I know how about I just specialize in Communicable Diseases and spend the rest of my time looking at rear ends and elbo’s for a living ?

    No I have not yet begun to fight and my first battle will be with illiteracy as I want to heal not only myself but others like US as well? So put that in your neuroscience TBI pipes and smoke that ? I mean you’ve all smoked just about everything and everyone else on this planet but they just keep on comming back and forth and up and down and back and forth just like ships that go bump on the ocean ? Good Night AFRTS wher ever you are ? This is PBR Street Gang signing off ” All Mighty,” – ” All Mighty ! ” Meet me down by the railroad track Jack ? ALLONS !

    So long and fare well Baby Huey’s your serves US well ?