Czech’s to update their small arms

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“The indiginously designed and manufactured CZ 805 BREN assault rifle which was recently accepted into service with the Czech Republic’s defence forces has justifiably been receiving a fair amount of attention and accolades.  Now the Czech’s have announced plans to upgrade their entire inventory of personal weapons…”

The Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic plans to buy approximately ten thousand CZ 805 BREN assault rifles, seven thousand CZ 75 PHANTOM pistols and 500 CZ SCORPION sub-machine guns during next several years…”

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  1. I wonder how reliable it is. It looks like a Bushmaster ACR. Good to see Czech updated their combat rifle. Looks like they are using ITW Fast Mag Pouches too.

  2. Meh, the few guys who I talked to about it during testing said thy hated it and would rather update the VZ.58

  3. Actually it's pretty much a knockoff.
    Same multi-cal, quick change barrel concept and modular design.

  4. Why can't we do that here?!

  5. Its like a cobo of the G36 and ACR.

  6. Its like a combo of the G36 and ACR.

  7. Are those fast mags any good? I've seen a couple guys with them but have yet to ask what they think of them I even saw a guy with them upside down, which I like it looked like you got a better purchase on the mag for a mag change.

  8. looks more like the robinson arms XCR. though i agree…saw the mags and immediately thought HK.

  9. The Czechs have always made good guns from small arms to artillery.

  10. Roger Swanson | August 3, 2012 at 7:12 am | Reply

    The assult rifre looks more than capable. I am not up on such things. (not having an actual need to keep up), I am more interested in the thing that is covering the right ear of the closest guy. it looks to be a small camara. (video)? Does anyone have any feed back on it.
    If it is, a good way to keep track of whats going on for the commanders to know whats happening. Also it does not look like there is a ton of equipment to carry to make it work. I wonder if the US has any such equipment.

  11. This whole article is fake. This is actually an advertisement for a new Johnny Depp movie.
    (that's a big J/K before anybody gets riled up)

  12. As I recall that German bloke with the moustache invaded Czekoslavakia in those days in part to get access to their small arm industry. They have a long history of making very good weapons. Good on them. Hard to fathom critical comments based on what it looks like.

  13. I'd say it looks more like a cross between a G36 and SCAR.

    The Czech small arms industry seems to have a good reputation, I'm sure this will be a good replacement for the vz. 58. But I'm betting the scopes, lights, and all of those accessories will be the most appreciated part of this modernization.

    Will they be getting a new LMG or automatic rifle to complement the CZ 805?

  14. Not just their small arms industry specifically, more like their arms industry as a whole but arms wasn't the only reason. However, not much of the seized Czech arms really went into major front line service, like virtually all other arms and weapons captured by the Germans during WW II, they went mostly to rear echelon units responsible for the garrisoning and policing of captured territory. Front line units were mostly issued weapons of German design and/or manufacture.

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