Dishonorable Disclosures

In case you missed it from the main side, former intelligence personnel and US SOF troops have accused President Barack Obama of  overseeing reckless leaks about sensitive operations. The group claims to have no partisan affiliation.

If some of it is a bit melodramatic, well it’s a pretty sensitive subject – especially for guys whose lives might be affected bu it (not to mention future operations).

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  1. this is political diatribe nonsense. Nothing in the President's speeches released threatening information. These are political hacks with agendas trying to make a political motivated point. Some are pundits for FOX news some are failed politicians who coudn't get voted into office. With all the leaks in Washington, now they speak up!!??

  2. What JJDPAC said. Worse, they've edited out the part of the speech where the President gave the troops credit and then claimed he didn't give them credit. That's appalling.

  3. Long Thrust VI | August 17, 2012 at 7:04 am | Reply

    A tremendous amount of "need to know" information leaked out of the White House. Instead of making this a political issue, the President, or whomever is in charge, should identify & discipline the leaker(s). That's not likely to happen because the leaked information tends to favor the current administration.

  4. Maybe its strictly political. Maybe its political because they are fed up with the White House spilling the beans. Maybe its strictly political because they want the Administration to cooperate with the Congressional investigation into the leaks that even Democrats have said it is alarming how the Administration has obviously leaked a lot of classified information and is now stone walling to cover up. Either way, the video makes sense no matter which President's administration leaks information.

  5. Swiftboat Redux. Follow the money. Operators being plied by billionaires is a sad and dishonorable end to service-oriented careers.

  6. I'd like to hear what FormerSFMedic's opinion about all of this. Personally, I do think the Obama administration purposefully leaked classified intel to make Obama look tough. Releasing the news of Bin Ladens death immediately after the raid was extraordinarily STUPID. Any actionable intel we found was turned useless. And of course the liberals are going to say "Millionaires and billionaires are funding this SHAMEFUL attack ad". Get the **** out of here! Obama did put lives at risk and then to have the audacity that these people in the video aren't qualified to make such statements is galling! Any one of these people has more integrity and character in one pinky than the entire Obama Administration does!

  7. I agree with the purpose and message behind the video, although it does seem politically charged. The fact they won't disclose their donor's makes it even more likely to be political. But, I agree with the message. Unfortunately, I think the execution could have been done better. The promotional clip above was laughable; a Hollywood style movie trailer which is exactly one of the things the group criticizes. The actual video itself on the hyperlink was more professional. But, I think the clips of POTUS walking away, or close ups of him in "out-of-context" photos detract from the serious nature of the overall message. It makes the video seem more sensational, like the negative political ads on TV we keep seeing of late. I think it dampens the credibility of the message.

  8. The video did make a good point. Publicly announcing the killing of Osama Bin Laden that day allowed Al Qaeda, now brought to light because of the intelligence provided at Abottabad, to unearth and hide somewhere else.

    It cracks me up to hear the liberals brag about their boy "flipping the switch" on Bin Laden. As if its like in the TV show "24".

    Of course, there is a reason why Obama announced it. The Afghan War needed signs of progress, especially after the large deployment of troops there and increasing casualties.

  9. Releasing the news of Bin Ladens death immediately after the raid was extraordinarily STUPID

    Oh good lord, that's a silly comment. The worst murderer in American history, the man responsible for 9/11, and you don't want the news of his death released? What, exactly, is the intelligence risk there? It's not like Al-Qaeda was not aware that its leader had been killed, and I'm guessing that they knew enough to flee Abottabad without the Americans telling them to.

    Ye Gods, people.

  10. Swift-boat part II. The only thing dishonorable about this video is the people involved in it's production, and money behind it.

    Like him or not the president made the tough call, it paid off, and now his opponents are trying their best the smear that effort in dung.

    Truly shameful.

  11. Also don't delude yourselves… these same idiots would be saying there was something insidious behind any delay in the announcement if it hadn't been done right away. They would be saying he was trying to cover something up.

    This is pure anti-speech. Everything he does is bad because he does it.

  12. Please. This is the jerimiah wright disciple who made sure Osama was given full burial rights as a "good" muslim but would not show the U S citizens pictures of him dead. Which is it Obama sycophants? Is Osama a "good" Muslim or a mass murderer. We know what side the man child president is on.

  13. By the way, Valerie Plame is laughing at all of this. Hollowly, but laughing.

  14. Many of you seem to think you know better than these guys. What are your credentials? None of these guys are political pundits for Fox News. The Generals have been guests on some of the Fox (and CNN) shows for their military insight…so get it right please.
    This is not about one speech made by Obama…where did you guys get that? its about his administration leaking classified secrets…for these guys in the video to tell you exactly what that is would make them no better than the group Obama has appointed.
    I see naysayers here saying "Phooey" "Baloney" and "beans", if anyone wants to show how their argument has no merit they will use words like this to cloak their lack of facts.
    It is no wonder a man that has been surrounded his whole life by radical Marxist, a self-described drug addict in college, has no job experience outside of politics, and fills his cabinet with close friends or friends of friends who are socialists/communists, is getting leaks. Think about it and wake up! The idea that these people want to weaken our government falls directly in line with what they are saying about leveling the playing field for other countries to "have what we have"…and it starts with crippling us to make room for a one world government. We are the last bastion of freedom and everybody on the block wants a crack at kicking us in the teeth.

  15. yeah sure. i dont follow political blogs anyways because theyre a portijohn wall for "information" (LOL).

  16. Start with Glenn Greenawald and work your way from there.

  17. Generals being listened to? McCrystal asked for 40k, not 30k. He asked for them in Aug '09 and didn't get them until Jan '10 and he wouldn't have gotten them at all if he had not told the press he wanted troops vs. a withdrawl the President was considering. In Iraq before the pullout the Generals wanted a residual force of 20K. The administration whittled that down to 5k and the Iraqis said no knowing that was too small a commitment.

    One can argue the utility fo Afghanistan of Iraq but one can't argue about the record.

    BTW, operational details of the Bin Laden raid ARE an intel violation along with the release of the stuxnet virus strategy and the details for the selection and apporval of drone strikes.

  18. Ok, but the fact remains details of the Bin Laden raid ARE an intel violation along with the release of the stuxnet virus strategy and the details for the selection and apporval of drone strikes.

  19. Yep, demonize the messenger vs. debatethe message. Talk about "political"!

  20. Yep, demonize the messenger vs. debatethe message. Talk about “political”!

    The truth is hard to get around (and that goes for the swiftboat scene also). Some don't like to be held resposnible for what they did or didn't do.

  21. Well, if the Pakistanis announced that Bin Laden was IN THEIR COUNTRY that would not have made them look good.

    BTW, just holding it 72 hours would have paid dividends and the vide wasn't just about Bin Laden, stuxnet and the drone story did as much or more harm. Even Feinstien said this is impacting our ability to operate with other intel agencies.

    The excuses are incredible. Ye Gods!

  22. Yep, demonize the messenger vs. debate the message. Talk about “shameful”!

    Even Feinstien said this is impacting Nat'l Security. Yep, she's partisan…

  23. Wait, your argument is that McChrystal got slightly fewer troops than he asked for and that they came six months later than he had asked for them? Eric Shinseki is laughing his *** off at you right now.

    In addition, yes, he pulled American troops out of Iraq. That's a *good* thing. It's called ending a war.

    As to the Bin Laden raid, bs. They didn't release any operational details that weren't already in the public domain.

  24. What kind of operator, former or otherwise, asks for credit? It was necessary to tell the public that Osama was dead. He was bad guy #1. As for an "information leak", please! This is just blatant political garbage.

    There's always a tiny percentage of any community that pulls the rest down by affiliation. Whether it be the SF community, the Republican party (Akin), or the entire religion of Islam (various terrorists groups).

  25. No buddy YOU WAIT.

    YOU'RE the genius that said, " Under this president, the generals have actually had their input value". What happened to Shinseki has nothing to do with your point unless you want to admit both President’s didn’t listen.

    The Bin Laden details got in the public domain BECAUSE the White House put them there!

    Oh and BTW, pulling out of Iraq was negotiated by the previous president not this one.

  26. No, buddy, YOU WAIT. There's a substantial difference between a general who gets most of what he wants, close to the time he wants it, and a general who gets canned for giving his honest opinion. The first is what happened with Obama, and that's what good civil-military relations look like. The latter happened with Bush and Rumsfeld and is a model for appalling behavior.

    As to the Osama release: the Pakistanis were talking about it to the press, there was a wrecked American helicopter on the ground, and Osama's family was chatting with the press.

    You're the type who would have complained about FDR talking about Pearl Harbor the next day.

  27. Most and close? It was half a year before they STARTED to arrive in country. It was a WHOLE YEAR before the 30,000 troops closed! BTW, you probably don't know but you know at what percentage a unit is considered combat ineffective? 70% genuis. 30k of 40k is 75% or FIVE PERECENT beyond combat ineffective.

    What does McCrystal's relief have to do with releasing secrets? Never mind, You're grasping for straws.

    Finally a destroyed helicopter doesn't tell the Pakistanis we used stealth drones to surveil the target, the raid force consisted of 80 SEALs from ST6, the total number of helicopters, the route skirted or flew under radar we had reconned beforehand, th fact we used a FARP or that we took anything off site. Those are all techniques, tactics and procedures we might want to use again "genuis".

  28. As I said, close and most.

    What does McCrystal’s relief have to do with releasing secrets?

    I was talking about Shinseki's forced resignation for speaking the truth. Sad that you did know that.

    Finally a destroyed helicopter doesn’t tell the Pakistanis we used stealth drones to surveil the target, the raid force consisted of 80 SEALs from ST6, the total number of helicopters, the route skirted or flew under radar we had reconned beforehand, th fact we used a FARP or that we took anything off site. Those are all techniques, tactics and procedures we might want to use again “genuis”.

    Since the President didn't release that information either, I have no idea what your point was, "genius."

  29. There was only one general and he is an idiot and a birther. Multiple sources have identified these guys and one is a failed Republican Congressional candidate, another is a principal in the Republican PR firm which provides their office space. These clowns wait until the rundown to the election to become concerned with OPSEC? Is that their real concern? I don't think so.

  30. @Total

    Total, you are being as obnoxious as your dancing partner here. Major Rod may be wrong on this, but it is telling that you and only you are fighting with him. I, for one, would like for FormerSFMedic to come and settle this once and for all.

  31. i dont look at political blogs. if i wanted to see a bathroom wall, i would venture into a truck stop.

  32. Oh Good Lord, you're claiming that the left doesn't bash Obama, but you don't actually read the bashing?

    You're 2 for 2 on good arguing in the last few minutes.

  33. Those Bin Laden raid details came out of the white house.

    BTW, Shinseki never resigned. He served a full tour as CJCS. His successor was named early.

    You play fast and loose with the facts. I see your backing off as the walls close in. Keep backing up, the cliff is right behind you.

  34. Your just showing how strong your argument is…

  35. Another example of the strength of your argument.

    Son? Uh yeah… Keep goingdown that road…

  36. I could care less who's making the point (though it should be considered).

    Did the release of operational details and TTP of the Bin Laden raid, Stuxnet and drone strikes hurt that nation? Everything else is politics.

    All the media is concerned about is the political affiliation of the messengers vs. the message.

  37. The Pakistanis were outraged that we penetrated their airspace with impunity and carried out a raid. The Parliament was up in arms at the failure of their vaunted and expensive military's failure to intercept the intruders. A key reason for this outrage was that they felt that India could do this to. The military said that they were focused on defending against India.

    There was a young man on his computer in his house across the street from UBL and he started Twittering about the raid when he first heard the helicopters. Thus, the world knew that there was a raid. The next day, Pakistan was showing the helicopter to the Chinese and arresting UBL's family. They demanded to know what the Ptresident thought he was doing – that was General Kayani.

    So, Obama told the American people that President Bush's pledge had been fulfilled. Before that, I would bet that ISI had informed key Al Qaeda leaders that UBL's house had been hit. In the military and in the intelligence community, given those circumstances, you automatically assume that the network has been compromised. The President of the USA doesn't have to tell you.

    Everybody knows that this is both what happened and that it is also the logical explanation. The only way you could think or say otherwise is if you are blinded by your dislike of Obama or you are a Republican seizing on anything that might discredit his performance as President.

    Had these fine fellows (Republicans) been truly interested in OPSEC, they would have produced and released this propaganda much earlier instead of waiting for the rundown to the election.

  38. Making yourself look like an idiot is your perogative, as it is mine to read your stuff and issue accusatory statements on your belligerency. Call it circling the wagons, but you have yet to prove Major Rod wrong. I know him on here, I have no idea who you are. I'm with him. And I have to agree that you have run out of arguments (and the fact that you have Xcalbr after you is living proof you're down the wrong alley).

    The fact that the terrorists were able to conveniently shoot down a **** containing members of the team that performed the OBL raid clearly demonstrates that someone failed on OPSEC; I don't like Obama for a variety of reasons, saying stuff he shouldn't may very be a good reason. As for Stuxnet, anyone monitoring Israeli intelligence news would have known exactly what was happening long before Obama would have a reason to talk about it….

  39. oh excuse me for not looking at the same blog as you do. How mistaken I must be! LOL

    obviously i must come up with this stuff by pulling it out of my ***. never mind following publication after publication while listening to liberals stand by their messiah chanting "yes we can", all the while he ******* hoodwinks all of them and continues business as usual.

    if you truly believe that pakistan was planning on unveiling osama bin laden's death based on the appearance of helicopters in the dead of night, then i cannot help but laugh.

  40. "Wait, your defense of majrod is: he’s been entirely wrong, but so have you?"

    where in the **** did i say he was wrong? let me guess, you were the president of your debate class?

    "Well argued, sir, well argued. With friends like that…"

    I dont need to argue anything. Im not the one that claimed that the pakistanis were going to unveil the killing of bin laden anyways. That is a pretty bold statement that you made and youre resorting to personal attacks and political spin to cover your **** on the wall.

    Tell me, did they see the body of bin laden being loaded into one of the helicopters? in the middle of the night?

    How would they know if it was bin laden if they didn't already know he lived there?

  41. which sources? now im curious.

    I could care less what ******* political party they're from. It is the issues that they're bringing up.

    Its okay for the obama administration to leak information, though whistleblowing that reveals them as the ********* they really are is: not okay?

    oh imagine that. no wonder people are waking the **** up.

  42. "Finally a destroyed helicopter doesn’t tell the Pakistanis we used stealth drones to surveil the target, the raid force consisted of 80 SEALs from ST6, the total number of helicopters, the route skirted or flew under radar we had reconned beforehand, th fact we used a FARP or that we took anything off site. Those are all techniques, tactics and procedures we might want to use again “genuis”."

    ding ding ding! you sir solved the puzzle.

    But never mind those pesky little things! as long as your candidate looks like he "flipped the switch" in a "24" fashion, all is good right?

    oh wait. Those are the TTPs of America's most elite. Hopefully majrod isn't the only one that sees that as a problem.

    Like I said before, i understand why obama and his administration did what they did.

  43. by the way,

    "Ironically enough, the left-wing that bashed bush relentlessly are mostly mysteriously quiet about obama, conveniently ignoring the blatant actions against the constitution just like his predecessor. Few have spoken out."

    THATS what I said. not "All are mysteriously quiet…" or "none have spoken out".

    you must be a master of reading comprehension.

  44. That must hurt when facts hit you between the eyes like that!

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