MDM: Magpul’s Latest PMAG

Magpul Dynamics officials showed off their newest version of the popular PMAG polymer magazine at Modern Day Marine 2012. They say the PMAG 30 Gen M3 is the most durable, reliable PMAG yet.

The M3 features geometry similar to the EMAG but features a refined follower, a stronger magazine well catch and a special over-travel stud on the rear of the magazine to prevent damage from forceful magazine seating, said Duane Liptak Jr., director of Product Management and Marketing at Magpul.

“Even with USGI magazines, you can slam it in there too hard and damage the magazine catch,” Liptak said. “Now you can slam it in as hard as you want.”

The new design also has a slimmer floor plate to make it easier to fit into magazine pouches. The M3 should be available by November but in black only, Liptak said. “Anytime you add color to the polymer, it can decrease the strength.” A window version of the M3 is also scheduled for release this fall.

The new PMAGs should cost the same as current PMAGs and fit M4 style carbines including the Heckler & Koch 416, which the Marine Corps recently adopted as its new Infantry Automatic Rifle.

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  1. Pete Sheppard | September 26, 2012 at 3:50 am |

    Since my 5.56 stick is a Kel-Tec SU16C with underfolding stock, the 'slimmer floorplate' is of great interest, since current PMAGs won't allow folding unless the stock is whittled out.
    Do they plan to make 20-rd mags?

  2. Can't wait for these new PMAGs to come out. I have been using the Gen 1 PMags w/windows ever since they came out. No issues. They are my "go to" mags. Also, have been using Brownell's mags w/anti tilt as well. I say Magpul is still the best for Polymer Mags. Other companies like Tapco (Crapco) have tried to copy Magpul but failed in my opinion.

    • Go navy!- I can't wait for these to come out either. Besides my surefire 60rd mag all I use is the pmags. I have had zero issues with them. I bought a ****** (tapco) Mag for AK and it wouldn't fit and there response at customer service was tidily mag well which is crazy I filed the ****** mag and it ended up fitting, but for company to respond to their product not working to file down the weapon itself is crazy lol

    • Go navy- besides my one surfire mag all I use is pmag. I have had zero issues with them. I bought a ****** mag for my AK and it wouldn't even fit. When I called customer service to get refund there response was to file mag well of AK which is insane response lol. I filed the mag and got it to fit but what a joke. Never an issue like that with pmags they r the best!!

      • gunslinger6: Good to hear from you. Sorry you had a bad experience with ******. You should try to contact: Kevin Stender (Client Relations Supervisor) ***-***-**** Ext 134 / ********@*****.***.
        I had the same issue with their Mini 14 & AK Mags. Goes in but will not come out (literally). After my 30 rds is used up, I can use my rifle as a baseball bat. I was told to either file down the magazine or my mag well. I am not altering my rifle for a $12 magazine. I ended up getting my money back from CTD. Glad your Surefire Mag is doing great. With firearms & accessories, you get what you paid for. I love Surefire lights as well. You can tell the different between Surefire quality and some knockoff from China (AIMSPORT) lights.

        • OopS. Kitup filter got ride of the contact info. The email is his first initial (K) and his last name (Stender) at tapco dot com. The phone number you should be able to look up at his site. You should at least email him and tell him what a waste of time it was for bad quality item. On AK, I am sticking with good old metal Bulgarian mags. I may try US Palm sometime too. I hear their mags are high quality but a bit higher in price $35 each.

        • Go navy!- yea I got rid of that mag after a few range trips. It worked after I filled mag down bit it was suh a terrible product wish it was better since made in USA. I use only aluminum mags for the AK. Yea the surefire was great pick up but very pricey for one mag so will stick with just the one. I will pick up these gen 3 when they come out. From mags to iPhone Case (which I have lol) magpul makes great stuff. I am also looking at the bcm charging handle you recommended. I like how you can charge with one finger.

          • gunslinger6: I haven't had any issues with the BCM charging handle. I had about close to 500rd to 800rd so far through my M&P15. I think it's a must item to replace the current charging handle. I use the Magpul BAD lever with my AR as well. After some practice, it's become second nature. On the iphone case, I wonder when Magpul will come out with Iphone5 case. I will probably just order that through Magpul directly so if there is anything wrong, I know they will replace it. (My Gen 1 case was worn down on the top left corner, contacted Magpul and gave me a replacement Gen2 for free. No questions asked since I ordered it from their website). I have all Magpul furniture except for the rear back up sight and rail which is Midwest Industries.

          • GoNavy!: I got the magpul flip up rear site and it was worth the $60. Yea I will hold off on new iPhone but I get nothing but complements on the iPhone
            Case in OD green. The midwest ind rail is great I have it on my m&p 15 fit easy and no wobbles. Thy bcm charging handle is at around the top of the list for things needed changing on te m&p. Once I get it and run few hundred rounds through it I'll let you know what I think. Dd u get the ISSC scar .22 yet? I have held one weight feels good have never fire it but guy told me it's a pain to field strip. Let me know if you have picked it up and what u think of it. I think it will be nice plinker to add to collection

    • Go navy- besides my one surfire mag all I use is pmag. I have had zero issues with them. I bought a ****** mag for my AK and it wouldn’t even fit. When I called customer service to get refund there response was to file mag well of AK which is insane response lol. I filed the mag and got it to fit but what a joke. Never an issue like that with pmags they r the best!!

  3. Stupid iPhone sorry for multiple posts

  4. gunslinger6 — Apple CS said to file down the enter key on your iPhone.

    • Larry: LOL. I am sure if Tapco made a phone case (i.e. like Magpul) that's what they probably have you do…."you can file down your iphone to fit into our cheap case". The interesting thing about Tapco is that they are suppose to be a USA made company but their quality doesn't seem to be like USA. Never buying anything from them again. When you compare Magpul vs Tapco, Magpul quality wins every time!

    • Larry- ****

  5. glad to see magpul finally come out with a REAL solution to the pmag issues with non AR systems. Glad I never spent any coin on PMAGS. (my emags work great however)

  6. gunslinger6: I used to have an UTG rail but quickly switched to the Midwest Industries. One these accessories, you get what you paid for. I didn't get the ISSC SCAR .22. I read in some of the people's reviews are that it's a pain to field strip. The price is around $500 to $600 at Dunham's. It's there is a Thanksgiving or Xmas special, they may knock it down to $399…..(just maybe). Since I already have the GSG5, I am not going to focus to get another .22. Next on my list is a .308 AR or M1A. (That I was to save alot for since it will be around $1,500). Although the SIG 716 (.308) looks good too (MRSP is $2,100) and it's piston driven system. It's accepts the Magpul 20rd .308 mags. Also on my list is a G21 (.45) but now Gen 4 is here. Have not heard of any issues with Gen 4 G21 yet…

  7. Quit talking about Tapco on a Magpul post… Jesus…

    • Yes it is a magpul article but it is good to discuss products that are out there that are inferior. Thats how people learn from other people's mistakes by getting the info out there

    • Nick: Yes I am aware this is a Magpul post. I am comparing Magpul with its competitor. By offering up my experience with Tapco, I am hoping some of the readers would consider my comments before making a purchase (perhaps save someone money and headache.) I have found Kitup very helpful especially with some of the discussions on gear and firearms.

  8. I wonder if that tab to keep from over inserting a magazine(is that even possible on the M16 platform?) will make it difficult to remove from pouches?

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