Modular Sniper Gong Targets from Red Stitch


Red Stitch Tactical has a new modular sniper “gong” target they are testing.  Available in either 3/8″ AR500 or 1/2″ AR500 plates, the base of this thing is made of a 3/4″ solid steel bar (it’s a bit of a beast).  All legs slot in telescopically to a mounting sleeve that holds all legs and arms. The rear leg is fixed in place via a cotter pin which hold the base stable and the two front legs are adjustable in that they can swing left and right to adjust for uneven ground and balance (a nice touch). The two mounting arms are fixed in place via cotter pins as well.


Each arm has a target mounting sleeve that has two fixed points to mount the ¼” zinc plated steel chains which are used to mount the two target plates and allow for the adjustment of target height. The 12” round plate represents the head area and the 16” square plate represents the torso.  The whole target breaks down for transport and requires no tools at all for set up.

Note that the whole setup can also be set up to use any different size single gong target as well.

I’ve never shot a Red Stitch target, but a friend who can reliably counted on to break things worked one over a while back and put thousands of rounds of various kinds downrange. Nothing seemed to faze it. Red Stitch makes quality targets, and I doubt this is any exception.




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  • majrod

    Very cool. Unfortunately the range I go to doesn’t allow steel (on post at Ft. Benning).

  • Jack

    I went to their website. It looks like all of the targets are quality made with heavier-gauge metal, especially in the legs where some companies skimp and go light.

    There is a great selection and the Precision Sniper Targets are an awesome concept.

  • Colby Hodnett

    Handlebar Doc Targets has been making these exact targets for a long time now. Check them out.