The MONDO Patch Panel: for Ostentatious Morale Displays

It took me a while to think of the title of this article. Ostentatious might be a bit much, but whatever. Anyway, OC Tactical. Good folks, they make a monster patch panel good for all your regular work patches as well as the morale patches that are pretty much now mandatory for every company making anything tactical.


Measuring in at 2′ x 3′, using a single piece of Mil Spec Berry Compliant Velcro Brand Loop on top of a layer of 1000D Cordura.  The edges are finished with matching Multicam or solution dyed Coyote 498 binding.  Three grommets run along both long edges for hanging the panel on hooks, nails or running 550 cord through. Available in Coy or MC.

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  • elgin

    ‘Love seeing that FSRR shoulder patch in good company :)

  • That’s a great idea,now if only we can get one make up for us blue water sailor’s.
    P.S. The wife say’s she love’s the “Gun and Coffee” patch.