Bonus Sunday Funny: Tactical Hipster

“Tactical Hipster abides no foolishness. Tactical Hipster deplores your silly ‘tactical one-upsmanship’, your quixotic rivalries, your ceaseless antipathy over who knew it, had it, “ran it” or “rocked it” first.”

























Tactical Hipster knows the fierce and emulous nature of equipment manufacturers, many of who were warriors in a previous life. Take for instance those who craft kydex holsters: there are many who make very fine holsters indeed. Unrecalled, as they vie for dominance and acclamation as the best and first and most original, are the true origins of the kydex holster. Safariland’s Bill Rogers built them decades ago. Tiger McKee of Shootrite Firearms Academy wrote about building your own custom gear 6 years ago in SWAT Magazine. Blade Tech and Uncle Mike’s and others have a long history of Kydex manufacture. Tactical Hipster believes there are some superb custom Kydex holster manufacturers out there, but one thing should always be remembered: there are only so many ways to pound a round peg through a round hole, even with a croquet mallet.



Tactical Hipster first made his appearance on the Legion Firearms Facebook page. He now has his own.
  • WB

    I know this was posted Sunday, but it made my day to read it Monday morning. Solid

  • OK, it’s bad enough they stole a picture, but they stole one of a Frantch Maquis RE ENACTOR!?

  • Omaha In June

    Well played, Tactical Hipster… Well played.

  • We may laugh but there is a lot of that fight light and go home at the end of the night style of fighting that has been kicking butt for many years.