War Sport’s New LVOA SBR – Watch For It

War Sport Industries LLC will have a new rifle out in the next couple of months and to say it has great potential is to damn it with faint praise. As you may have read in the past, War Sport has carved a niche out for itself in the ‘low visibility’ world, specifically lowering such things as an operator’s thermal signature and mitigating the operator’s overall footprint (such as with the Suppressor Sock and the War Bungee, among other things). The LVOA (Low Visibility Operations Application) SBR will be the first weapon platform that conforms to War Sport’s vision of LVOA.

They will be releasing two versions of the War Sport LVOA SBR, one with a 12″ barrel, the other a 14.5″ with a BattleComp 1.5 pin-welded comp so owning it does not become an NFA issue. Unfortunately, due to ongoing patent and trademark efforts I can’t tell you a whole lot about it – yet. I can whet your appetite, however, with some basics. It will be chambered in 5.56mm, will feature a CMC single stage flat trigger with unique barrel contours and a new rail design with features unlike anything else out there in the industry. The body will be full billet and the rifle will be manufactured to War Sport Industry’s design specs by GPI Custom Gunworks.

A prototype of the War Sport LVOA SBR used to test some of the principles they engineered. This is a modified monolithic upper from Mega Arms with an Insight M6X and CMC Flat Single Stage #91503 trigger and I believe an MIAD grip.

I really think this is going to create waves in an industry that’s hard to stir up. The first production runs will be done in  late September for a final round of thorough testing before they pull the trigger on a full production run. It should be available for purchase by early November.

Keep an eye on War Sport over the next couple of months, this is going to be big.


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  • Blake Soileau

    Looks great. Deffinitely want to know when they drop.

  • Paul

    another AR-15 destined to shake up the industry?

  • Axel

    Hope there’s going to be kits for it.

  • TCBA_Joe

    I’ll keep an eye on it. However, I hope it’s more than just a rebranded parts gun.

  • Omaha In June

    Id be happy w/ just the upper.

  • Pete Sheppard


  • Stormcharger

    Admittedly I’m not an AR15 guy, however this type of article would seem to indicate that the AR15 industry is fairly weak and uncertain. Given the plethora of parts, barrels, uppers, lowers, and attachments that allow any owner to make his rifle unique and personalized to his own preferences, what exactly is so ground breaking about this new kit that anyone cannot slap together on their own? I feel I’m missing something important here.

  • Niner

    Another bucket of hype. Low signature? BattleComp is not exactly low signature anything. What else is there that makes this so special other than the secret squirrel branding?

    • FormerSFMedic

      ****! You’re way off base.

  • nbg2d

    Can we please have something new and great that is in a caliber other than a glorified .22 with extra powder behind it?


    This sounds great and would be an asset. I with My Executive Protection and Firearms Instructor background would love to be able to test this new platform.

  • yankeefifth

    I am not sure this is simply another ar model. if you google around you will find some reviews discussing recoil minimization and discussion indicating it is mitigating recoil using internal components. it also appears to be a piston system.

    • War Sport

      The LVOA SBR is not a Piston Gas System.

  • charlie taylor

    I really hope they don’t end up using a rail system like the prototype pictured that covers the muzzle. For one it makes mounting a suppressor completely impossible, two I can’t imagine holding it that close to the muzzle would be very comfortable!

    • FormerSFMedic

      ^What the eff?

    • War Sport

      If you get the oppertunity to test fire one, you should. You would be very surprised at how comfortable the LVOA shoots. If you need refernces let me know.

  • Wilson Brame

    Super cartridge 5.56 can’t get better then that. Great job.

  • Jay

    Wow…. another ar15….Who would have thought.

    The firearms industry went full retard. 90% of the companies do nothing but ar15.
    Nobody likes to spend part of the profit on developing new things anymore. Just slap ar15’s together and give them fancy new names..

  • I’m pretty confident this will be more than “just another AR15”, but your points are all well taken. We’ll see what happens one way or the other.

  • yankefifth

    you should simply see this

  • War Sport

    Here is a video link to the War Sport LVOA SBR being test fired.

  • ChuckyTee

    For real. Looks like every other AR I have ever seen.

  • Riceball

    It’s because AR’s obviously sell and firearm companies are in the business of making money. If you think of it, this sort of me too from the firearms industry means that consumers/AR fans have more to choose from and the prices will be more competitive sine there are so many different AR variants being made these days.

    Another thing to consider it worth it for these firearm manufacturers to come up with a brand new, original design for the civilian market? It’s not exactly cheap and easy to come up with a brand new gun design and without a potential military and/or LE contract I’m not sure that the civilian market alone is profitable to warrant the cost and efforts.

    The other drawback to a completely original design is also the reputation/history of the gun. With a brand new design that no military or LE organization you’re going to really work hard on convincing people that your new gun is worth spending their hard earned money on. Northrop actually experienced something similar when they developed their F-20 back in the 80’s. Conceived as an updated and upgraded version of the F-5 for nations that couldn’t afford anything more advanced they never managed to sell any because most, if not all, of the potential clients weren’t interested in an untested plane that wasn’t used by the USAF. Same thing could happen with a new gun design, buyers might not be interested in it because it’s not in use or being considered by the US military or any other military or LE agency.

  • shabba

    loki was going to be real big too….until they snuck out of town in the night. with everyones money and guns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!