A Little More on the MOHAWK

Ceradyne, Inc. is working with Threat4 Inc. to bring the MOHAWK (MOdular HArd Wired Kitted) helmet to market. The new helmet (Ceradyne) is boltless (see below) and comes with an integrated comm/ear-pro suite,comprised of an in-ear headset (Threat4 Inc.). The advantages to an all-in-one helmet/ear pro/communications set up are obvious.

Hopefully we’ll see more of it from AUSA 2012

The Threat4 headset on the MOHAWK is an adaption of their x-62000 series communications rig, which was recently selected by USMC EOD personnel for deployment to Afghanistan (and is apparently participating in the Network Integration Evaluation, NIE 13.1 taking place now at Ft. Bliss).

The headset on the helmet will include brackets to mount it on either side of the MOHAWK and modular, mountable accessories that thus far include NVG with integrated camera, an LED light and an IFF transponder powered from a rear battery pack with connections via a central modular bus bar system with multiple attachment points that have been built directly into the helmet shell. Give the potential of the MOHAWK, it’s a pretty sure bet there will be more mountable features available in the future.
Threat4’s X-62000 in a field expedient “toughness test”:

Ceradyne has a history of armor-related work, including their proprietary “Seamless BallisticTM Helmet (SBH) forming and Thermoplastic Composite Helmet (TCH) molding technologies“. This SBH/TCH technology basically build the helmet in layers, creating a protection lever without folds in the laminate or need for additional metal hardware.

The IFF, NVG and other components appear to be from Wilcox Industries, which seems to be confirmed by this recent post over on Soldier Systems.


  • M Ray

    Are the ballistic capabilities comparable to the current ACH that is in use? If this product, or similar, compare to the ballistic capabilities of the current ACH than it needs to not only be available for special operations but for our entire force. The benifits that this helemt could provide should be utilized by all soldiers and it should not be limited, enough of the mindset that special operations get the option but the majority of the force does not.

  • John D.

    Can you switch the boom to a throat mike? Or any other comm devices?

  • Mase

    Projected MSRP? market availability/release date? Functionality with different Comm systems ( xts5000, prc152, etc)? Battery life?
    I’d buy one.

    • No msrp on helmet yet, helmet commercializing is in process now. Headset works with up to 3 radios and is compatible with all military and police radios including PRC148 (MBITR) PRC152. PRC154 (RIFLEMAN), XTS. IISR, ICS/VIC systems….. The battery system life depends on what you have pulling power (ie NVG). Headset only draws 6mah and can be power by bus or radio.

  • The downlead can accept gas mask interface, throat mic, etc… The PTT which the headset plugs into can accept all kinds of other comms setups.

  • It will be same as ECH and it will be available to the big army as well. http://soldiersystems.net/2012/03/16/ceradyne-awa