“Claw” Sights for Your Handgun and One-Handed Manipulation

Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training has developed some new rear sights and is working with Ameriglo to get them out to the “shooting public”. They’re designed to help you manipulate the slide one-handed. There are a lot of different ways to chamber a round or put a pistol back into battery – I’ve seen them racked off a duty belt, a rigger’s belt, LBE, the back of a boot, you name it. The ‘Claw Emergency Manipulation Sights’ are designed to make that effort more efficient. The front face is concave, to create an edge that will significantly improve the ‘grab’ of a one handed slide rack over traditional sights and they also feature a wide (.18″) notch for fast front sight acquisition. As you can see from these picture, only a few have been blued yet. It’s a work in progress but things are progressing very quickly. The initial production run will be for Glocks, after which they’ll add S&W M&Ps, then another breed of pistol and so on

Close-up of a Claw Emergency Manipulation rear sight.

Comparison of sights.

A new batch of Claw Emergency Manipulation Sights, unblued.

In the meantime, shop at the new I.C.E. Training on-line store (http://dggtaser.com/I-C-E-Training/) and enter the code ICECREW for a 20% discount through Thursday. They carry training videos, holsters, clothing, optics and numerous other accessories.

That’s all for this morning, more soon. It’s Monday. Go forth and conquer.

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  • J Eagle

    Same concept as the Dawson Precision “Charger” rear sights, which have been out for a couple of years now. DP’s version has that front edge serrated as well. Great sights!

  • Thanks for sharing the news!

    There are several “flat front” sights on the market which are good for racking the slide one handed, but The Claw is actually concave, giving a more significant purchase for 1 handed manipulations.


  • “Chargers” are definitely good to go as well.

    Couple of differences:

    1. The rounded edge of the Claw tends to ramp the gun off the edge of the holster (or whatever) better, for release.

    2. These sights were designed first and foremost as a great defensive pistol sight, so the rear notch is extra wide to give you plenty of space on either side of a standard front.