“Console Bunker” Rolling Armory


Heracles Research Corporation, whose previous offerings for secure firearms storage included various styles Bed Bunkers, has made the “Console Bunker” available. ConsoleBunker, which fits between the seats of a vehicle, is made of aluminum, works along with the vehicle’s factory door locks and features a timing mechanism “to prevent unauthorized access”. It will hold a variety of long guns (and of course pistols) with additional space available for high value necessaries (they list a ‘large first aide [sic] kit and a fire extinguisher’). The lid is non-slip and can be accessed while the vehicle is moving.

Current orders include “free shipping and no sales tax”, which given the $2,400.00 price tag and presumed weight can’t be a bad thing.

Few other details are available at the moment. We have notified the manufacturer that we’re running this story and hope to either hear back or see them post in response to comments or questions (or both). We’ll advise any additional information we receive on what vehicle models it will fit, fire resistance, weight of the unit, installation procedures, etc. when we receive it.

Another recent feature of Heracles is their “Couch Bunker; no pictures of the actual safe portion of the couch bunker are available on the website, but it’s described as available in “..in three different styles and numerous fabrics and leather using the finest grade of materials available…normal retail on the couch..is in excess of $10,00 without the safe..” The safe portion includes a 2 hour fire wall and weighs 650 pounds.


  • CavGuy02

    What are the legal implications of this if I am pulled over? If I need to keep my weapons locked up in the toolbox in the bed so they are not “easily accessible” as I drive to the range, I can see LEs flipping out if they opened the console and saw what was pictured above.

  • Silverbull8

    Guns not included?

  • Bman

    In Florida, there are no restrictions on your concealed weapons permit on what weapons you can carry as long as it is completely concealed. In a vehicle, a concealed permit is not required so long as the weapon is “completely encased” on all sides preventing rapid access to it (3 steps rule / unloaded and so on are BS rumors). On the weapons side, in Florida it is legal. However you will have to explain that it is an actual safe and not a hidden compartment for smuggling otherwise known as a “trap”. Shouldnt be a problem since it looks like a safe and as long as nothing in it is illegal to begin with, you dont have to worry about it. Check your own states laws to be sure though.

  • Lance

    I AGREE Cav Guy02 BIG liberal Police agencies will nail you for having a loaded AR next to your front seat handgun be better in this situation.

    • straps

      *** is a “liberal” police agency? 99% of gun owners are bound by the laws of their STATES. And then there is Chicago and a handful other logic-impaired fiefdoms. Cops enforce laws. They don’t make them.

      I happen to live in a state where this thing would get me locked up 6 ways from Sunday. But if I lived in a state where it was legal, I would let my needs dictate, not the attitudes of that small group of uninformed law enforcement officers who should trade in their ballistic vests for greeter vests.

      There’s a LOT of talk about the RIGHTS of gun owners and that’s cool. But it’s my opinion that appointing yourself to be that “well-regulated militia” on which the 2A is premised (which the courts have affirmed is what we do when we document transfer of a firearm) entails some RESPONSIBILITY also. Like the responsibility to KNOW the law before you leave your property and the responsibility to ARTICULATE the law, as you’d have to do if hauled into traffic court on a flawed observation.

      OK, off my soapbox. That console bunker is definitely a sheepdog-type deal, and maybe better-suited for people comfortable off the porch.

  • Moondawg

    Thankfully I don’t live in a big liberal state, and I can see this console bunker as a very useful thing to have in either a largish SUV or PU. Our state law requires that pistols carried inside of vehicles must be out of sight. Not out of reach and not unloaded, just out of sight. You can put your pistol on the seat beside you and throw a towel over it. That fullfills the requirements of the law. Nor do you need a CCP to carry in your vehicle.

  • The Console Bunker was constructed from aluminum to save weight. It weighs less than 50 pounds empty. The Console Bunker mount utilizes your factory seat bolts with no drilling. The mount design is the industry standard in law enforcement. We are currently building the Console Bunker for all law enforcement vehicles. Including all 2007 and newer American Full size trucks and Suv’s. Other vehicles are available upon request. Please call for availability in these special cases. Wiring is very simple and can be performed by any competent car audio installer.

    The Couch Bunker encapsulates a twin BedBunker or half a queen BedBunker. Currently they are special order only. Price varies according to fabric and leather options. We can use your fabric upon request. The Couch Bunker is commercial grade not residential grade furniture.

    Thank you,

    John Adrain Heracles Research Corporation ***-***-****

    Thank you,
    John Adrain Heracles Research Corporation

  • I’m looking at this and wondering how it will work with vehicles with floor mounted shifters? Each install I assume is VERY custom.

    As for the access issue for civilians, IMO this case will not pass that test. One could make the argument in some states for CCW’ers and their pistols. This case is so large and attention getting, it seems designed for sub-guns and extra gear. That is going to limit civilians state by state and place by place.

    I also suggest a top that slides back so the shotgun-rider has better access as well.

    Seems more geared toward the lo-profile agency / department vehicle.

  • The bunker reminds me of this joke; A gentleman was pulled over by local police. The prudent officer asked, “Are you carrying any firearms?”. The driver replied, “Yes Sir. I have a Glock in my waistband, a .44 Magnum holstered to the steering column, a Colt .45 in the glove box and a Mossberg Shotgun in the trunk.” “Holy ****!” the officer replied. “What the **** are you afraid of?” The driver answered, “Not a damn thing!”

  • straps

    And for reals (state-dependent), that’s probably one of the better ways to handle a police contact while lawfully armed.

  • Brian in Seattle

    Check your state and local laws. Ask your lawyer if you have one.

  • thebronze

    Here are some issues with this product:

    -It’s aluminum.
    Yea I know it’s to save weight, but that’s at the cost of having easy as butter to break into.
    -The lock mechanism looks weak.
    Seriously, an L-bracket secured by two screws?
    -It opens up only in the direction of the driver, creating a barrier to the passenger.
    I think i’d rather have it open forward, so the passenger could quickly get a gun too.
    -The price.
    For $2400 I wish it at least came with an AR500 steel plate in the lid so that a person could take cover behind it if they got ambushed.
    -It’s tied into your factory door locks.
    So does that men if a thief smashes the window and hits the unlock button he can have all your firearms?

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