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We’ve talked before about the Fight and Flight Tactical K9 rig: Now there’s an update. The MK VII Tactical K9 Harness (that’s seven, as in between six and eight for you grunts) is in production now, and the MK VII Sport K9 Harness with plastic ITW buckles in lieu of Cobra buckles and no rear leg loops is on the way.

The Medium (50-75lb) Mark VII is available now; the pattern for big boys and bitches (up to 125lbs) will accomplished and good to go within a month or so.
















Check out Fight and Flight Tactical’s entire K9 Section:

This rig is at

Further details to follow, and remember:

1. Dogs go to Heaven. Cats don’t.

2. Cats remember they were once worshiped as gods. That’s why you can’t trust them.



















In Canem Speramus.

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