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  • That must have been a Marine invention. No money, don’t want to clean the rifle, but need the practice.

  • Carl

    Ben……The Marines have lots of money; they just prefer to spend it on the F-35 fighter jet at $55 million a pop instead of their ground combat component. Apparently they don’t trust Naval Air or the U.S. Air Force to support them. Oh, and let’s not forget that very expensive V-22 Osprey.

    They also save lots of money by not funding a medical unit, instead making the Navy and Army take care of their wounded Marines on the battlefield.

    • Sean

      Educate yourself before you make any more foolish comments. As an elite member of the SOF community you should know better.

  • Snakebymistake

    Made one up last night and I need practice. You can feel if you are pulling off to one side really easy. The trigger has to come streight back and this does help you plus gives you training/exercise. On and there is nothing wrong about Marines I have had enough of them jump out of helo to know they are one **** of a bunch of professionals. I even had one as an inlaw. He was the guy who when asked by Denang Tower to state the nature of his emergency, replied, ” well if I get another light I get a free game”. .

  • mos2111

    Well, actual I learned about this in the Corps in boot. This was used with an old plastic usgi flashlight and was to be done on firewatch to build proper trigger control. You shined the light on the wall, and jerking and the beam would move. Not to sure how to check for proper control with a magazine….

  • R3D R3IGN S1X

    “You shined the light on the wall, and jerking and the beam would move! ”

    Now, that is a damn good idea!

  • straps

    That clothespin have a 4.5 lb break?

  • zero2espect

    awesome. sempi fi.

    • zero2espect

      stupid phone autocorrect!