Picture it: the Southpaw Knives “Pegasus”



Southpaw Knives is a truly one-man custom knife shop with a real craftsman (Ira Mark Lipson) at the grinder. He makes knives for both righties and lefties, each one original and hand-made. No two are alike, but they are awesome. Check out Southpaw Knives on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/southpaw.knives and tell him Kit Up sent you. Or, go to their website and order one.


3 Comments on "Picture it: the Southpaw Knives “Pegasus”"

  1. Thats a good piece of kit right there!!!
    I am going to make a trip of to their website and pick me up somethin'.

  2. I love the rugged look of that. Makes me think of something a warrior caveman would make before battling a saber tooth tiger.

  3. Wow, robust. That looks like a knife that could be relied upon.

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