Rear Optic Glock Rails

Strike Industries has announced they’ve got a rear-sight replacement rail on the way for Glocks. The intent is to replace the factory rear sight with a Pic rail that will accept a red dot or similar optic. Obviously mounting an optic on a pistol isn’t a new idea. It’s actually becoming more and more popular, particular with RMR and similar optics. I’ve seen increasing numbers of them set up on handguns, and not just competition or home defense weapons either – though in every case so far, it has required a modification to the slide to co-witness the optic with the sights. Obviously an end-user installed rail that eliminated the need for that sort of ‘send-the-gun-away’ work would be nice, though I’m at least initially put off by the idea of using an optic that is strictly rail-mounted (though in fairness I’m by no means well-informed on this sort of thing).

My original intention, after talking to Trijicon’s Frank Martello and a couple of other people was to have the slide on my Glock milled out so an RMR would sit down in the slide itself and then install suppressor sights so I have a co-witness arrangement. Granted, the RMR does have a rear dovetail mount, but I’m uneasy about that for the same reason I would hesitate to try the Strike Industries Pic rail.

Strike’s Glock Rail is built of two pieces: a top rail and a back plate. The top rail is manufactured with rear aiming pints and a center gap so the shooter can still engage with the front sight post without using the mounted optic.The back plate placement, if I understand them correctly, pins the top rial with the slide.

Let me make it clear – I am not impugning the potential for Strike’s product. I think if it works well it’s a great idea with tremendous potential. I don’t have anywhere near enough time on the range with an optic-mounted weapon to comment intelligently, and none at all with their Glock Rail. If any of you have tried it, or have some intelligent commentary to add, I’d love to hear it.

Meanwhile I’ll see if Matt and I can get our hands on a Strike rail and possible the Trijicon RMR Dovetail mount to see how they work out.

Either way I can’t wait for the mall ninja pictures of Glocks with ACOGs and SOPS 33s mounted up. You know it will happen. Frankly I’ll be disappointed if they don’t have a bayonet underneath, especially if it’s an 18.


That’s it for now. Go forth and conquer.


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  • FormerSFMedic

    I just wrote on of the longest comments ever and it didn’t post. I may write it again, but for now I’ll say this.

    This product is not going to work. There are too many other options out there that are vastly superior to this one.

    I will elaborate later but for now my hands are tired from all that typing that didn’t get posted.

    • Sorry it got deleted. I’d like to try to put on in your hands to T&E for a full write-up, if you have the slightest interest. DR

      • FormerSFMedic

        That’s alright David. I expect these things to happen from time to time. It just always seems to happen when I type up something really long or detailed. What can ya do?

        I would definitely be interested in taking a look at it. I would give a fair shot. The more I look at it the more I think it could have some use. Send me an email when you get a chance.

        • Rumblestrip

          The belt and suspenders approach for an issue like this is to open a text file window, type your post there, then cut and paste, that way all that work won’t to waste. It can also spell/grammer check for you as well as a side benefit.

          Just a thought, since, nothing like that has ever happened to me. :D

        • Go Navy!

          FormerSFMedic: I thought I would see you on there buddy! . That would be great if David can get you one for T&E. I would love to read your personal review. I am not a big fan of mounting optics on handguns. I would rather spend my money on optics for my long guns instead.

  • Jon A.

    I’m surprised someone doesn’t just make a replacement Glock slide with an integrated red dot sight.

    • Several companies do–well, integrated optics mount, that is.

  • BillZ

    At what point does all this weight on the slide start causing feeding problems?

  • Davey

    This is my skeptical face. I’m sure that some folks will mount a T1 or H1 on this for games like IPSC unlimited class. However, for duty / carry, milling the slide and installing an RMR makes more sense because you can also install tall suppressor iron sights. Further, you can buy slides that are milled for the RMR. Having said that, I look forward to an objective and thorough evaluation.

    • The other issue I could see for duty carry would be agency restrictions. I know of large, otherwise progressive agencies who don’t even allow optics on a carbine or “patrol rifle”. Can you imagine some crusty old rangemaster when you show up to qualify with a milled slide and RMR? Still, hoping to make the review happen, I’ll let you know!

  • Dan

    Great idea! But this isn’t the first. The problem is the small area in the dove tale supporting the rail isn’t big enough, it it’s self is the breaking point. Several red dot manufactures have attached there RDS onto the dove tale and experienced nothing but breakage… That is why we machine the slide.

    I hope this isn’t a “crush in” to install? That will increase the difficulty of installation and might scratch the slide. Let me know if you are interested on a distributor level and want to send one out for T&E….

    Dan (Armorer, LoneWolfDistributors)

  • Vincent

    Gloptics / glocktics?

  • take a look at my sons company. he invented this mount about four years ago. we have had great success with this mount.