“Rubber Training Bullets” from Meister Bullets


Anyone used these at all? They’re to be used for training indoors with a simple bullet trap of some sort. They’re made by Meister Bullets and aren’t to be mistaken for snap-caps.They’re available in several calibers, but the box includes just the projectile. You’ll need reloading equipment to use them. They are described thusly: “Reusable and low cost, X-Ring Rubber Bullets are a safe and accurate way to practice all your pistol shooting when live ammunition is not practical…”

Though they’re not new at all, I’ve never tried them (and probably won’t – I’m not a reloader) but I’d be interested to see if anyone on here has done so.

Firearms Talk posted a review recently. Here’s an excerpt:

“The ability to manually cycle the firearm with a loaded magazine is severely limited because the bullets sit flush with the mouth of the case. I found that it was possible with my XDm if the mag is only half loaded. My 1911 will not cycle them at all.

The bullet trap that I used is one that I built. It consists of a thick cardboard box that I cut 2 thin slots in the top of and draped pillow cases through the slots. The box has been shot approximately 200 times at the writing of this review and has let only one shot go through that missed the cloth material.

I would recommend these bullets to someone that would like to get some practice time in at home. I personally use them to practice home defense drills at actual home defense distance (literally in my home). They are great for firearm familiarity and pickup drills because you only get one shot and can easily see the shot placement.

With that said, these bullets are not to be considered a toy. If you got shot with one it would probably draw blood but not penetrate the skin. I did not get a chance to chronograph them but I would guess the velocity to be around 400 fps. They are also not a replacement for actual time spent at the range with live ammo…”

This review in its entirety here: http://www.firearmstalk.com/entries/xring-rubber-bullets-review.html

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  1. I use to use the .38 and .44 for practice out in the garage. I had a BB/.22 bullet trap but found that a large cardboard box with crushed newspaper inside worked just fine. The bullet would go through the cardboard and the newspaper would trap it and keep it from bouncing back at you when you use multiple layers of cardboard. It let me shoot all evening for nothing while the show was flying outside. These will at 5-10yards knock the crap out of a mouse or field rat.

  2. I didn't see one individual's comment (the author) that he would not use these because he didn't reload. Fact is that you just pop out the spent primer with a ground off spike or use a punch the put a new primer in and you only have to use a common nail that would fit into the cartridge and a hard base, a gental tap with a hammer for seating the primer then push in the rubber bullet with you thumb. No powder is used but they are a loaded round at that point so all full load ammo precautions apply. I did blast a couple of rats out in the barn with these. No real penetration but it did knock the **** out of them and put them down.

  3. The best indoor training you can do is with airsoft pistols. Many of them are exact replicas of the pistol you own, Glock, HK, Taurus, 1911 all with reciprocating slides and metal bodies. You can also do force on force scenario training in your own home, learning its strong points and tactics for your most likely self defense scenario terrain.

    If you think you"re good enough with a weapon from paper target range time to come out the winner in a fight. Your first cqb force on force will be humbling.

  4. please tell me you're not talking about going and playing with other people besides fellow LEOs and combat mos military….i can see that now Corporal Dave with a cheap pistol vs a horde of spoiled 12 years armed with starkiller 5000s(i have no idea)

  5. Alright brother this airsoft **** is driving me crazy. In no way at all will it prep you for combat. I'm not trying to be rude but your passing bad info. Just because you sling plastic Bob's at your buddies in a house doesn't mean you will have the same reactions to when hot metal objects are flying around your body and if you get hit with one it sucks
    Practicing the draw or trigger control with an airsoft gun is one thing, telling people you're combat ready after a few games is another

  6. Not only that, but the genuine pros use airsoft or simunitions themself and if it's good enough for the SF personnel here in Fort Lewis they're good enough for anyone. Simunition and MILES is not feasible for most people so it's airsoft or paintball or nothing.

  7. pointing my finger and yelling "bang" > airsoft

  8. yeah bro…come at me, I can dual wield

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