The Bulletproof Snowboard: Something new for 10TH Mountain and Alpine Troops

Dave Lee is a prodigy. On a snowboard, in a snowboard shop and in his ability to pick out an appropriate stocking cap/watch cap/tuque for any possible occasion. He runs Signal Snowboards, which we’ve written about before. Yesterday Signal released their most awesome Every Third Thursday to date and we figured you would want to watch it.

As always, if we think it, it must be so.

This is a bulletproof board built in conjunction with Point Blank, inspired by the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game and a visit to Treyarch. Check it out.

We coulda used one of these when we were in the Spin Ghar.



Mad Duo Clear

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Swingin' Dick in the Spin Ghar, wishing for a bulletproof snowboard from Signal.

Slim, in the Spin Ghar, waiting for Richard to bust his ass. (If you know the story behind the Duo, you know some of their Handlers actually were in the Spin Ghar.)

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    Cool. Does 10thMtn use snowboards in the first place? If so, that’s the coolest thing I’ll hear all day. And bulletproof just makes it all that much sweeter. I can see it a month from now we’ll be reading a post about “CQC Snowboard: How to properly defeat your enemy using a tactical snowboard.”

    • Matt Woodbury


      contrary to popular belief 10th mountain does very little to almost no…Alpine/ski training.

      we had 50+ year old snow shoes that were never use.
      and the only skis I ever saw were on BN walls as decoration.

      (I was in 1-87 and 2-87)


        So Mountain is just a name, then? I always thought they were specialized for mountain fighting. I’ll read into the 10th a little bit. Always thought we had specific Divisions for specific missions. Thanks for the reply, Matt.

  • Riceball

    If I’m not mistaken, the 10th Mountain was originally an actual mountain fighting division when it was first formed and, I think, actually operated in that capacity back during WW II. However, now a days it’s become more of “light” infantry division and I, I think, also a rapid reaction force. So, yeah, the 10th Mountain these days is pretty much a mountain division in name only.

    • FormerDirtDart

      10th Mountain was reactivated in 1985 as a Light Division. Roughly 40 years after they were deactivated, the last time they were a real Mountain Division.