Meanwhile on a Russian Grinder

In Russia they don’t always brawl…but when they do brawl, it’s in at least platoon strength.


Kit Up! Russkies like to brawl...

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  1. Phil Gunner777 | November 9, 2012 at 3:24 pm | Reply

    he looks uh a little nuts:-)

  2. Grunt humor is universal… :-p

  3. The picture that's not Grinder. Thats what I want to take home from Russia. LOL

  4. That was a brawl alright, impossible to actually tell who was brawling with whom. Brings to mind this phrase: "Artillery brings dignity to what would otherwise just a brawl!"

    I am NOT suggesting Time On Target here….

  5. This isn't a brawl, its martial arts training for russian military.
    have you seen the way they train cadets? you don't do it right you get punched in the face, you do do it right you get it in the stomach.
    Yeah, russia is a different country with a different view on violence compared to the western world.
    That doesn't mean they are better soldiers though…

  6. Actually this fist fight broke out between "russians" and some minority from the Caucase. If i remember correctly from the original video.

  7. Actually go Russia. Lets c more of this. If you listen carefully you can hear someone say Allah Ackbar. Screw those muslims.

  8. In Soviet Russia, machine gun load YOU!

  9. Nice to see the russian soldiers have the same sense of humor our soldiers have.

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