Pack a Beard for Your Deployment

This is great news for everyone who wants to be a steely-eyed snake-eating doorkicker but can’t grow the kevlar face brush. It’s an insulated neoprene ski mask beard. Combine it with some ballistic goggles and a disapproving glare and you’re good to go.

Beardski is made of thermal fleece, with a waterproof lining to keep your poor naked face warm and dry.

There are several colors available.

Product Features:

  • Insulated ski mask with comfortable lined neoprene, woven thermal fleece and stylish 12″ synthetic beard
  • Ideal on the slopes, riding your Harley or exploring polar ice caps
  • One-size-fits-all design
  • Easy to wear/remove
  • Covers the ears, face and neck from the harshest of cold-weather conditions
  • Washable and non-flammable


Buy one here.

3 Comments on "Pack a Beard for Your Deployment"

  1. Did ZZ Top approve having their beards copied? JK

  2. If these things had the proper FR rating, linemen would find 'em pretty handy during the winter storms…

  3. Will the bad guys get scared off when they are facing off against a regiment of Wookies?

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