RE Factor Survival Band

We told you about the Operator Band RE Factor built before: Hopefully you already have one because, you know, operators gonna operate operationally and they need good kit to do it. Now you can get their ‘Tactical Survival Band’, in case you’re in a tactical survival situation where you have to survive tactically (perhaps after having operated operationally).

In all seriousness, the Tactical Survival Band has all the features of the Operator Band but with a whistle molded into the buckle in place of (that is to say replacing) the handcuff key.

RE Factor Tactical's "Survival Band", a paracord bracelet not even MacGyver, four troops of Boy Scouts and a SERE Level DD stripper could find fault with.

The original Tactical Operator Band was developed by a Green Beret SERE Level C graduate and is made in the USA by a US Army combat veteran: the Tactical Operator Band has pretty much the same pedigree, featuring a removable P51 can opener and flint rod (which can be used without damaging the remainder of the band and can be useds as a sink weight for the hook and line.) The bracelet itself built of 550 (Para-) cord and features 30′ of 80lb fishing line, a #8 fishing hook and of course a whistle.

You don’t even have to blow it very hard.

Mad Duo Clear!

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  • Bear

    I hate to say that this thing is a “tinhorn” gadget, but in all reality, it’s a tinhorn gadget. Bear – Honorary CSM, 9th Inf. Regiment

  • Jake peacock

    The link for the old survival bracelet not long works as well

  • defensor fortissimo

    don’t ask me why but this came to mind for some reason