SBS/Cyber Monday: Dark Angel Medical

Kerry and Lynn Davis with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics

Dark Angel Medical of Colorado has been in business just since January. If you’re a frequent reader of Kit Up then you’ll have read several articles about their kit in the past, as well as some trauma articles on dealing with critical injuries (remember ‘Fight Like You Bleed?’).

Dark Angel Medical is the passion of Kerry and Lynn Davis, both veterans. Kerry was a flight medic and paramedic in the Air Force for approximately ten years before going to work in the civilian sector, where he’s spent approximately the last decade as a critical care RN in an emergency room (six of those in the Reserves). His wife Lynn was a Communications officer in the Air Force before taking a job as a paramedic in the civilian sector. They run Dark Angel Medical out of their basement in a suburb of Denver.

Direct Action Response Kit on the range.

Direct Action Response Kit on the range.

The couple teach trauma medical courses through Dark Angel and Kerry also teaches a number of courses (including ‘Bullets and Bandages’) for Sig Sauer. They have both left their ‘safe full time’ jobs to try to make Dark Angel Medical a full-time gig. Among their products are the Direct Action Response Kit (one of the Top 25 New Products at SHOT from NRA Life of Duty) and the Pocket DARK, as well as refills and additional medical pieces. The Davis’ design the gear; it’s built and assembled by First Spear and Progressive Medical International (also a veteran owned business).

Kerry "Pocket Doc" Davis demonstrating packing wounds on a pig shoulder.

If you are looking for medical kit and/or training, consider Dark Angel Medical, on the web at


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  • Brian Willcut

    I was a navy corpsman with the marines . Your website looks pretty interesting .

  • Jim

    So far great customer service, well Doc put up with my inane questions……

  • CSARmedic John

    It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before. Just different packaging.

  • Always 1

    There is always one guy that has to be an ***. This guy is trying do his thing and ****** bags like you CSAR just have to drop your two cents in. Rather than just being a one line negative ******, why dont you put something constructive in?

  • CSARmedic John

    So calling me a ****** because you don’t like what I said is positive and constructive? Think about it.

  • ReconCmdr

    I have taken many medical courses in the Army in my 19 yrs in the Infantry and have just recently taken Kerrys Dark Angel Medical Course. I can say with all confidence that his course, the professional, knowledgable instruction and the D.A.R.K kit are amazing! This is a smart, small kit that does everything one needs in an emergency situation to be able to get someone to the next level of care alive! Kerry’s instruction is second to none and he deserves a great deal of credit for bringing this information and kit to as many folks as possible. I would advocate anyone interested in combat casualty care to take his course and pick up at least 1 kit if not more!

    Thank you Kerry for a great course of instruction and a great kit that stands out amongst the many med kits out there!

  • Brian, Jim, Always…thank you for the compliments. ReconCmdr, thank you very much for the kind words. Just trying to help folks out and keep lifesaving simple.
    Y’all take care and stay safe.

  • Spoke1

    Always 1, put down the coffee, that’s enough for today. John is being “Mr. Obvious” and drew you into the open. Hes not wrong. Pocket Doc, I like the set-up, very organized and perfect “packaging” for my OCD. I could definitely see it as a plus to someone’s kit.