Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday: Consider Coye Knives

Small Business Saturday is just a few days away and Cyber Mondayfollows immediately after. I thought it would be apropos to introduce some small businesses the Kit Up

Bill Coye of Coye Knives at Camp Phoenix.

readership might be interested in. I had no hard and fast criteria, other than these loose guidelines: 1) Gear manufactured, training provided or equipment sold should be of interest to the military/LEO/armed citizen/contractor demographic; 2) The business should be owned, operated or recommended by military/LEO/armed citizen/contractors I know or have a good rapport with; 3) The business should be the ‘tactical equivalent of a ma and pa’ type store if possible.

Keeping that in mind, please take a look at Coye Knives of Oklahoma. Bill Coye has a long association with the LE and military community developed after nearly two decades in the field (on the street) as a medic, then a paramedic, then a flight medic and finally flight nurse.  He went to AFG to serve as a civilian medic and frequently holds auctions and contests giving away knives to veterans as well as providing knives to personnel and small teams going downrange. In addition, he runs a Crime Scene Cleanup business called Apex Bioclean (his full time “day job”) and hires only veterans for the business.

The Coye "Ridgeback"

When it comes to the latter Bill says candidly, “Frankly some of these guys are hard to work with, but I don’t mind at all. I’m an RN/Paramedic first and have a working knowledge of TBI/PTSD and I figured I could do more here to support our military than working behind the wire running a civilian clinic in Kabul giving Hep B shots…”

The Coye "Oscar Mike".


Right out of the liquid nitrogen @ -300'F , preparing for the second and third temper cycles

All Coye Knives are made one a a time in the shop on his property (now that he’s moved up from a garage shop!) to exacting standards. He has a deep and abiding fascination with metallurgy, equating it to the biological dynamics and relationships of the body. This manifests in the quality of his work.

Bill Coye has an excellent reputation with the veterans, currently serving personnel and LEOs in his area. Keep Coye Knives in mind for Small Business Saturday.

Coye Knives:

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  • Brian Cornett

    Think its great that you all are sharing and giving exposure to veteran owned and run small business. As a Marine Corps vet and startup knife maker myself, am very appreciative of you all. Keep up the awesome work.

    Semper Fi n Blessings,

    Brian Cornett (D3-Devil Dog Designs)

  • Victory First

    Well now, I may have to give that man a call. Good looking stuff.

  • Mase

    Sure could use a good knife. My team was sent over here without any decent blades. When I questioned it, the response was ‘your gerber has a knife in it’. Gee, thanks

  • bbb

    Crime scene cleanup… now that’s a business I hope no one wants to get in to.

  • T-Rex

    The Coye knives are made with detail in mind and are not massed produced. Each one is made with a high degree precision, strength, and purpose along with they sell out faster than he has time to make them. Don’t take my word for it, go try to buy one and prove me wrong.

  • mka

    nice looking knives. Any made with hand guards?That finger notch will get slippery.

  • mka,
    I am a knife maker as well and Bill Coye field tests his knives extensively.

    You will have no problems with the the index finger cutout and the vast majority of people that have used a properly made knife in this manner prefer them over having a brass guard that is really a carry over from swords long ago.

    The index finger cutout actually improves the amount of surface contact giving you a better grip with less chance of slipping.