SHOT Follow-Up: Fishbones and 550 Cord

Fishbone_550Cord_Doubled One of the guys at SHOT mentioned this project to me and although its not as sexy as an unobtanium plated rifle or bulletproof combat shirt I thought you might be interested anyway. 550 cord is (rightfully) ubiquitous and this appears to be a simple, effective way to secure it. It’s the brainchild of LVPD LEO Brent Garcia and uses friction to hold the paracord in place. I could see this being an excellent piece of kit for field expediency. The only thing I wonder is if there will be any in darker colors – obviously there won’t be a huge demand for shiny stainless steel out in the field, but that wouldn’t prevent its use around tents or mixed in with personal gear.




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  • Eleos

    Really cool idea! I do agree that darker colors are needed.

  • fc2grimm

    Not to take away from the kickstarter project, but a similar product is out there:

    • mos2111

      I came to post the same thing. I have been using the figure 9 for some time with everything from 550 – to .25in shock cord. The only drawback is gutted 550 will sometimes slip…

      These fishbones better be below 2.00 US to be competitive.

  • leftoftheboom

    hey the comments are working

  • Marc

    Is this meant to replace the taut-line hitch?

  • Marc…you anticipated my comments. The rolling hitch does a nice job. Back in about 1975, when I did construction, an 87 year-old man gave me his 4-Volume set of ‘Audel’s Carpenters Guides (4 books in all) . A Plethora of info re that trade. The FIRST thing I read was the section on ropes, line and knots! What an education! Still use much of that today. ALSO…any good sailing book on knots will fit the bill too.

  • allen

    were can i get them

  • Eldrick Garcia

    Allen – You can find them at

  • Eldrick Garcia

    David Reeder – I am brother & business partner to Brent Garcia (Creator of Fish Bone)
    Please contact me,, I’d like to send you some of our products as a thank you for writing this article. I am just now seeing this.

    Thank you!