Quickbooks: Anti 2ND Amendment? Intacto Arms – No Joy

A couple of my friends who wear the EGA sent this to me just a few minutes ago asking me to put the word out, so here it is. I have not (yet) confirmed this with Quickbooks nor Intuit (stand by for that) but if it’s true, it’s a Bad Thing. How many banks and credit card processing entities are now working against proponents of the Second Amendment? Make no mistake, I don’t dispute their right to pick and choose their customers. I can but hope those who go this route wind up reaping the financial “rewards” of the decision. I will be trying to contact Intuit and Quickbooks for an official response or at least some clarification. Meanwhile, watch the video. If any of you know any further details (or want to contact them yourselves) please free to sound off.

Again, this is a recent post on YouTube from the Idaho based company Intacto Arms. More to follow.

I have also heard from a couple of places that Paypal is similarly anti-firearms, have any of you had any issues with them?

You can go direct with Intacto Arms on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/IntactoArms) or

Phone (619) 446-7789
Email sales@intactoarms.com


What’s ironic for me personally is Household-6 has been after me to buy Quickbooks for weeks now. If this proves to be true, then I guess I’ll need to find some other kind of software.What a pisser.

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  • I dumped PayPal last year when they froze my accounts because I offered Magazines on my online store. Then it was any gun parts. Once they have your money they wont release it until you remove the items from your website. I refuse to use PayPal for anything!

  • mike

    Paypal is owned by ebay and very anti gun. My account was frozen by paypal due to a a gunbroker transaction. It was fozen until I called them. The payment listed a gunbroker auction number. paypal looked up the auction and told me spefically that they dont allow the sale of guns ammo or snything firearms related. They made me sign a electronic terms of use that i wouldnt sell those evil things with paypal in order to unfreeze my funds. so beware and if you have to use paypal leave no balances in case they object to your personal business.

  • Chris

    Check out PistolPay…They are a great alternative and they are vigorous supporters of the Second Amendment

    • Chris-good point. Brad Walker is actually working on an article about them now. I think he’s waiting to actually talk to someone at that organization before wrapping up his preliminary draft.

  • Brian

    My Paypal account was frozen after selling a handful of AR mags. I had to call them to get them to release the funds.

  • MarkM

    Paypay is a subsidiary of Ebay by most accounts, and anti gun. Therefore, I might use them, but I only go thru them with a CC – they can lump it. In that circumstance, they are greedy enough to take the money and get the fee anyway, you will find out.

    Intuit? Yes, and posted in gun forums by a few dealers lately. The also own TurboTax – and many are already looking for someone else to do the taxes this year. Their bad, they jumped the gun :) early, before we could file. There terms of Intuit will or will not process in the way of payments for goods are extensive and online in forum posts. It’s the usual no – liability no-character corporate stance, and they do have as much right to not process as you do not using them. Fair is fair.

  • Moe Sizlack

    Its only fair if the dept. of justice and the rest of the wonderfully richarded up government keep neutral and stop the BS and media hype over assault weapons…..markm.

  • Wes

    SO how is this not a breach of contract and is grounds for a lawsuit?

  • Glen Harness

    My prediction is that that after all these gun control laws don’t get passed in the House, the next step is to make it illegal for banks to process gun-related transactions. That’s what they did to the online poker industry.

  • PayPal’s anti-firearm policy is published and is well-known among gun retailers. Intuit’s Risk Management group has, for years, disallowed internet-based firearms sales. What seems to be different now is that they are banning anything _related_ to firearms, although I have yet to see anything published by Intuit about this.

    There are lots of good options for sellers out there. None that are as “convenient” as Intuits handy Square-Intuit-Quickbook connection. That being said, I have no tolerance to work with ANY company that is hostile to firearms businesses.

  • tomaso

    im not possitive of this but in todays world isn’t direct electronic check payment just as easy as a credit card?

  • We just switched from Intuit…I’m not sure who the new service is though…

  • Joshua

    This is nothing new. These groups have had anti-gun policies in place for years.

  • Will


    Guys, I am not big on joining large organizations but, the NSSF and the NRA are their to help. You need CC processing it is easy to find Gun Friendly companies. In intelligences work you use ever asset you can.

  • Johnny Quest

    I would rather slam my nuts between two bricks than use those thieves gay-pal for anything. Don’t be lazy, go out and get a bank check or USPS money orders. Cash is King!!

  • David modglin

    Yes, its true. I have attached a copy of the news story that aired on January 24th on WTVF, Nashville’s CBS affiliate. According to the video report, the credit card processor is owned by Quickbooks.

    The attack continues.

    Gun Dealers Have Problems With Credit Card Processors

    Posted: Jan 24, 2013 8:59 PM CST

    Updated: Jan 24, 2013 10:00 PM CST



    by Chris Cannon

    LEIPER’S FORK, Tenn. – A Williamson County gun dealer recently learned a credit card processing company no longer wants to do business with him.

    “We go through all the hoops and all the steps and at the end of the day it’s still a struggle to get the same services anybody else would,” said Nick McMillan.

    He owns Leiper’s Fork Firearms. It is a small gun dealership McMillan runs out of his home.

    “We’re set up like a business, just like every other small business out there,” he said.

    McMillan is a has a federal firearms license and is heavily regulated by both the state and federal governments.

    But McMillan received an email from Intuit Payment solutions informing him the company was no longer interested in processing his credit card sales.

    “They either reviewed several accounts, or it was a company wide policy, because I wasn’t the only federal firearms license dealer that got pushed out the other day,” McMillan said.

    In the email the company wrote “Intuit does not support the services you are providing” and then the reason stated was firearms, ammunition, gun parts and accessories sales not sold in a face-to-face environment with the credit card being swiped.

    McMillan does not know the exact reason behind the policy change, but speculated the nationwide gun debate may be behind the move.

    “I think companies like this are so afraid of any negative publicity they’d rather not participate,” McMillan said.

    The small business owner said the move by Intuit will not stop him from selling guns.

    “Intuit Processing isn’t my only option, I am set up with another company that’s a lot more friendly to the industry,” said McMillan.

    He does feel as if the company is discriminating against federally licensed gun dealers.

    “It’s up to them who they provide the service to, at the end of the day, which is fine. But, it does seem like we get discriminated against a little bit,” McMillan said.

    NewsChannel 5 tried contacted Intuit to get a comment about the company’s email to McMillan. No one from Intuit returned messages.

    email: ccannon@newschannel5.com

  • Cristian

    it is not directly related to Intuit but my mail forwarder in the US doesn’t want to deal with “weapon related” items anymore: they refused to send me some otis patches and some “weapon cleaning swabs”, not to mention Magpul BUIS..

    I think this things is getting a bit crazy.. it almost seems that if not with an AWB they are gonna hit the Weapon Industry with “no business” policy.. and imho this is not against the 2nd Amendment..



  • There is nothing like getting 6 million people REALLY hacked off at outfits like Intuit for their CLEAR prejudice regarding what MAY r MAY NOT be sold in the workplace. That they believe the purchaser should be in physical contact with the seller…is a complete fabrication! Who here purchases from the Internet PRECISELY BECAUSE of the advantage of NOT having to drive to….oh…I don’t know….Missouri to UTAH to get the item? I heartily recommend that the defenseless and hapless phone rep be carpet-bombed with a swarm of phone calls; plan your question ahead of time; It is clear that the woman is a Flak Catcher; you wanna get to the Big Boss!

    Semper Fi, Happy Hunting