SHOT Follow-Up: the REV Rail

Fortis REV Rail at the BattleComp Booth

Brad Walker

As the crew at BattleComp was giving me the rundown on their compensators and mounts that they had on display, I noticed an unfamiliar rail system on one of their rifles…the new Fortis REV Rail (by the same company that makes the rail mounted QD RAP).

Fortis 1

The REV Rail is an ultra-skeletonized, free-floating, one piece aluminum handguard 12 inches in length, and weighs in at just over 9 ounces. It sports standard 1913 Picatinny rails at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions, but saves a ton of weight while not sacrificing modularity by utilizing the Noveske KeyMod slots at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. The rail is outfitted with two inter-molded picatinny rail sections at the forward ends with integrated QD (Quick Detach) mounting points. The aft end of the rail is equipped with two more QD mounts and is designed to capture a standard AR-15 barrel nut, so installation is very simple.

Fortis 2

Fortis 3

The Fortis REV Rail is set to be priced around $200 and will be available soon at

  • Steve D.

    I don’t like the Rev rail. There’s too much cut away and it looks very uncomfortable – not to mention having the potential for some nasty burns if ungloved hands touch the barrel/gas-block.

    • JLee

      Agreed…not to mention possibility of gas tube getting caught and bent on something. Who knows what but Mr. Murphy’s always out there.

  • Nolan

    What’s that mount holding up that surefire x300?

  • Ralph Damato

    I was hoping we were talking about a real rail gun. Is this all leading up to one? Ammo costs dramatically cut. Efficiency with auto fly. I ‘m going to put my thinking cap on I think I’ll come up with something. It’s the electronics and getting it to where you need it. Boy have I got an idea.