SHOT Follow-UP: Smith & Wesson’s New M&P 10

Smith & Wesson’s New M&P 10

Brad Walker

I spoke with Matt Rice from Smith & Wesson a couple of days ago at their SHOT Show booth, and he gave me the rundown on the brand new M&P 10. That’s right, folks – she’s chambered in .308. I’ll give you a quick rundown, with a more thorough review after I get home and get in some time on the range.


Smith and Wesson has had tremendous success with their M&P line, and have had a generous amount of interest in a big bore variant. The M&P 10 is the same size as its little brother, the M&P 15, yet features some well-appreciated additions such as a truly ambidextrous selector switch, a flat top upper receiver and gas block for iron sights and optics, as well as Smith & Wesson’s own unique flash hider that allows users to easily clear a room with ease or keep the rifle shooting flat from distance while keeping its flash signature low.


It arrives standard with a collapsible stock and an 18″ barrel with a standard handguard, but can be upgraded to a Magpul version appointed with Magpul furniture, as well as Troy Industries BUIS.


The M&P 10 is also available in a camp version for hunters and outdoorsmen, though the camo version does not have a flash hider (it does come with a Magpul fixed stock).


This addition to M&P’s prestigious and extensive line of pistols and rifles adds another level of versatility and range to shooters who want a larger caliber rifle that feels and hefts like their favorite M&P 15.

More to follow. Spec sheets below.


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  • Pete

    Certainly interested in this rifle. 18″ sounds just right to me. A bit more velocity than 16″ and considerable blast reduction with only two more inches.

    I’ve looked at the SIG 716’s, but I’ve had a lemon SIG and don’t want to repeat that episode. The Colt CM901 is something I’ve never seen in the wild. S&W seems to have the horsepower to deliver a quality rifle in adequate quantities in a reasonable time period.

    • JimM

      I have purchased the m&p 10, added the quad rail, blackhawk bi-pod and leupold mark 4 scope. Great shooter and very accurate, even at long distances.

  • where can I buy one

    • JimM

      Any shoot straight location.

  • MacK

    Hate to say it, but another niche gun, that will be highly publicized and under-produced.


    • eric weaver

      have one, shoots great, no failures, very accurate

  • stefan s.

    No thanks, still holding a grudge on S&W for caving to Slick Willy in 94. Don’t know what I’m talking about google it.

  • S&W has completely changed leadership since those bad old days. The boycott really hurt them. Bad. They never forgot it either. They won’t make the same mistake again. The Eastern Outdoor Show banned “assault rifles” this year. S&W pulled out in protest.

    I understand your thinking, but you need to take it to it’s logical conclusion. S&W made a mistake. We punished her for that mistake. She came back asking for a second chance and promised never to do it again.

    She has shown fidelity in this last round of crisis. And is successfully used as an example of how seriously the gun community takes that relationship.


  • Riceball

    Very nice! Will they offering a CA legal version and what’s the MSRP? I’d love to have one of these to supplement my M1A.

  • Gerry

    Better engineering, and more useful, but not a game-changer. Remember, the original animal in this long line was in .308, was called the AR10. Wasn’t a military weapon, either, but was pitched to SWAT community. In addition, Colt or somebody came out with a nearly identical weapon around 2001 or so. In.308,Three rails, street legal, everything you needed. If more guys would learn to shoot what the hell they’ve got, they’d be a lot better off. We don’t need a lot of this new crap.

    • Bill Cunningham

      Yeah Muskets are all we ever needed !

  • DGR

    Bro, that wasnt even the same company. Try googling the history of S&W, todays S&W is not the same one as 94.

  • Alexander Lloyd

    I purchased one of these: the basic m&p 10 stock police model. Trouble is: magpul hasn’t designed a handguard to fit over smith and wessons unorthodox barrel size (per Dan hunter of magpul tech support). The heat shield cannot get around the neck. With their unique design and limited release number I fear I won’t be able to do much customization.

  • Charles Andrews

    I bought two of these….my wife and I love it….

  • Dan

    The AR10 wasn’t a military weapon? It WAS designed specifically for the military, who then decided to go with a smaller cartridge, which resulted in downsizing the AR10 to the AR15. And the AR10 is currently in use by our military, although it’s known as the SR25 or the M110. Now there are too many civilian companies to count, who are making their version of the AR10. Smith just wants a piece of the pie, but their first attempt does not impress me.

  • Allen Mills

    AR10 not Military? Military forces if the Dutch, Sudanese and Portuguese all used it.

  • Mike DeAmicis

    The AR10 was passed up because the military waslooking for a lighter weapon system because the newer generation of soldiers were crying about the weight of the M14. They were adopting the newpolicy of lighter wepons systems allowed for more ammo. P:robably the single bigest mistake the military has ever made was going 556 over 762. The AR10 waas from it’s inception a military rifle. It was considered before the M16 was. It would have been a better choice to go with the much more leathal round with the longer effective range as well as knock down power and onshot kill potential. Google the history of the militart priamry rifle trals in the 1960’s to get a better perspective on the tiemline and history of the wepons involved in that process. To use the selection prccess usedby the highly political military panels to assign merit to a rifel is just assinine.

  • Mike DeAmicis

    It is a prety much brand new system. And with the M&P label behind it I am quite sure it will gain momentum. I love shooting the .308 G3 I have and I wouldike a few in the AR configuration for the family. Anyonewho likes the 308 and the AR will undoubtable love the blend of one of the best cartridges with one of the best rifle designs. The aftermarket will adowbt it and start turning out forarms for it soon enough. Magpull will get on it, they already have M&P10 mags. Leapers UTG will get on it as well. there is money to be made and they will jump in the mix to get some of it. Have some patienceand you will get what you want. That is the price ofearly adoption, you have to wait for the bells and wistles.

  • Chris

    Did not know that about the Magpul handgaurd. I have one coming and will see if it can fit it shortly. However, I think that its important to note that the stock handguards do not have a heat shield.

    If you buy a Troy Industry forend (9 inch), It should fit. As far as the grip and the butstock, both Magpul products will work easily replace them.

  • Ron

    Glad I happened on this thread. I was looking for a forearm for mine as well. The rifle shoots really, really well. The Magpul magazines work perfectly, so I hope they make a forearm.

    Question. Anyone happen to know if the flash suppressor is also a recoil compensator? I haven’t had any complaints from the shooters to the side of me and this is the first .308 I have owned. However the recoil is so mild I am wondering if recoil reduction is build into the flash suppressor. I don’t see any cuts so its probably a dumb question but its a true creampuff to shoot.

  • John

    Incorrect on your handguard info. Magpul MOE *mid-length* handguard fits my M&P 10, with standard difficulty. Any midlength should fit.

  • Greg

    I have an M&P 10, the gas block screws are lose……..anyone know the proper torque on these?

  • wyochhipster

    The S&W MP10 I just received will not let me move the safe lever to Safe position until I jack the loader and let the bolt slam forward.
    Is this normal?

    • ShallNot B. Infringed

      As far as I know this is SOP for all AR platform rifles. Both my AR15’s (Bushmaster C15 & a Mil-Spec lower build from PSA) function this way.

    • eric

      the safety will only engage if the hammer is cocked, it is normal

    • jrt

      It’s that way by design. Why, not to sure but I guess its the way they make the hammer.
      My Issue weapon did that and I just checked my Colt HBAR, BCM and S&W15; they all do the same.

  • Allen Mills

    Yes. Unless the weapon is cocked, the selector switch cannot be moved to the SAFE position.

  • guest

    Is this a “true” 308 or only a 7.62?

    • Ira Radnick

      It is a true .308, which can accept and fire a 7.62 x 51 round. I just got mine… Woo Hoo! Excellent complementary rifle for my AdCor 5.56 BEAR Elite, which my wife LOVES! So do I. I told her she would love the M&P AR-10 also, and when we came across one by chance we jumped without hesitation. Great platform. Now it is time to load up on quality .308 ammo (also).

  • bubba gump

    You can run 762×51 and mil surplus it states in the manual. However I have been told on the hand guard issue s&w chose to put a round forward handgaurd attachment when most of the industry standard is triangular and that is why I can’t get an after market quad rail. That info was told. To me by the tech at Midwest industries. It really sucks because I can’t make it a full length flat top. I wish magpull would change up there handgaurds to a take a top rail. Or at least offer one. I ddont get it why. There is money to be made there. Lots of uus can’t spend 2-3 bills on free float and don’t want the thick cumbersome useless quad rails. Sorry can’t type on this phone

  • bubba gump

    Meant to say u can run 308 OR 762×51

  • Guest

    I have had an M&P-10 for a few months now. Yes, you can put a Mid-Length Magpul MOE handguard on it to fit fine. Just slightly bend or cut the heat shields to fit around the larger taper of the barrel. It may be a pain to compress the wafer spring enough, but you can do it and you’ll have a handguard that will not wiggle or come loose. Also, you definitely can get free-float quadrails to fit it too! Just be sure to get them made to fit a DPMS “Low-Pro” receiver. That rail height is what the S&W has.

  • Don

    Brand new out of the box my M&P-10 safety lever will not move from Safe to Fire. I also can’t lock the bolt carrier group back. Any ideas??? I field stripped it and the trigger does not move eigther. ???