173RD ABN Memorial Patch from Combat-Swag

Combat Swag has a new memorial morale patch out to support the 173RD Abn, which they “adopted” a few months ago. The proceeds from this patch will be used to help personnel from the 173RD establish a memorial for the troopers they’ve lost. They are asking for a $12 donation though you can of course give more.

Donate here and receive yours.



Soldiers from the 173RD, TIC, Afghanistan last October (AP photo)

US Army soldier attached to 2nd platoon, C troop, 1st Squadron (Airborne) ,91st U.S Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team operating under the NATO sponsored International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) looks through his rifle scope during a patrol near Baraki Barak base in Logar Province, on October 13, 2012. AFP Photo

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  1. Please give the transation, my Latin is pretty rusty

  2. Dolor Adventum means "An Adventure in Pain."

    I also like "Nex Superne," which means Death from Above or Violent Death from Above. I had that motto engraved on my Zippo along with the 173d combat patch when I was with them in Vietnam.


  3. Paratroops of the 173d are a tough bunch. In Vietnam, 13 of their men received the MoH, not bad for a Brigade sized unit. I think only SF had more per capita.

  4. Mark Cunningham | February 2, 2013 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    Former SGT E-5, MACV RECONDO, and ATL/TL Echo 3rd Bat, LZ UPLIFT. " Good, Better, Best, never letum rest, till the good get better and the better get BEST" Airborne All The Way" The Combat SWAG is a first class move. I'll support it to the Max…

    Mark Cunningham

  5. House Stark

    Winter is Coming

  6. I wanted to say thanks for posting a pic of my soldiers here. That pic was taken the day our platoon hit an IED while dismounted. No soldiers died but we did have to send 2 soldiers back to Germany from it. I have showen the patch to my 1SG and some of the guys, and people are planning on ordering it. Again thanks for the pic.

  7. Filiaga (Phil) Te&#0 | April 8, 2013 at 2:52 pm | Reply


    I was w/ A Co 4/503rd & E TROOP 17TH CAV 173 ABN BDE…..We had field bandanas with the inscription…

    …"REPENT LEG FOR GOD IS AIRBORNE"….anyone remember this?…


  8. This is the patch made by and of 4th PLT DOG CO 1-503D 173D ABCT "Counter-IED" PLT serving in both Logar and Ghazni Provinces during OEF XII-XIII. Airborne!

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