A Tribute to John Noveske

Noveske_Memorial_FinalOn Friday, 04 JAN 13 John Noveske of Noveske Rifleworks was killed in an automobile accident. Shortly thereafter, Trey Knight of Knights Armament Company and dozens of people at Knights went to work on an incredible tribute piece. They stayed long after hours working to complete it as quickly as possible, using components that included some taken from weapons fielded by elements of the US military.

From concept to completion this took two days. The original intention was for it to be a performance piece to be set ablaze, which, Mr. Knight reminds us,  “John would have appreciated.” They subsequently decided to keep it, and it now resides at Noveske Rifle Works headquarters as a reminder and celebration of the friendships he forged, the impact he had on the industry and a legacy of his work.

Thanks to Trey Knight and the people at Knight Industries for sharing these images and the back story from scratched out concept to final form, and our deepest condolences again to all of John’s comrades and family.





Stock_Fabrication Assembly_3 Assembly_2 Assembly_1




Rest In Peace

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  • Ken

    Well done.

  • Diana Brittingham

    AWESOME TREY and Knights Armament

  • Don

    They need to have Stickman or someone take photos…these ones don’t do it justice. BUT, amazing idea and very well done Knights! Fitting tribute.

  • jabwocky

    That would make a great tombstone…

  • stefan s.

    Awesome tribute!

  • max

    this would be awesome to make a tribute replica keychain out of for those of us to keep with us while out shootin’ …

  • max

    so cool!! this would be awesome to make a tribute replica keychain out of for those of us to keep with us while out shootin’

  • Brian

    Wonderful work. It would indeed make a great keepsake, or even modified into a bullet button tool for those of us in the Perople Republic of California.

    Semper Fi

  • TangoDown

    Well done KAC..AND JOHN. No doubt a one-of-a-kind tribute..