Agilite’s New IPC

IPC_AgiliteAgilite’s new IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier) has only been out for a few months but it is proving to be extremely popular. According to the manufacturer, Reconnaissance Marines were the first to acquire the “human backpack” here in the US, followed by numerous other top-tier military and LE units. The IPC has proven to be similarly popular with SOF units of other countries as well. The IPC was designed by the Israeli firm, which specializes in tactical and rescue equipment, for IDF SOF units who needed something that allowed them to extract a casualty while keeping their arms free and rifles in the fight. It weighs less than a pound and is rated to carry 5,000 lbs. Texas based PerSys Medical recently released a video demonstrating the IPC in simulated action.
The IPC is available in black, red and tan (and is currently on sale on their website for 10% off, piece of kit for less than a hundred bucks. For more, watch the original video of the IPC from Agilite:
For similar reasons Agilite makes the FlatEvac Litter, a litter (just 3 lbs) with shoulder straps that allows four carriers to keep both hands on their weapon. Though designed for tactical contingencies in mind it has obvious applications in the rescue community and a place in organization ‘just in case’ kit (hikers, a Boy Scout Troop, etc.) because of its wight and compact design.


The FlatEvac retails for just $104 and is available in several camouflage patterns and of course black:


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  • H Uffalussy

    Learned to do this back in the 60’s in basic using pistol belts. Concept is nothing new, just adapting an old evac utility to not having the old pistol belt. Used the method twice and it is a very good idea.

  • Canadian

    It looks like a great system. However I ordered one when they came out, and MINE IS MISSING THE LEG STRAPS!!!- I emailed agilite twice over two months and they never responded. Anyone from agilite care to comment? Beware of this company’s customer service! My IPC is essentially useless and just collects dust.

  • Really sorry about that-not sure how this is possible-pls email us at and we’ll replace it and compensate you immediately.

  • Morgan 278th

    Did they just walk through an Open Danger area? To shame, to shame

  • stefan s.

    Guess the women in combat won’t be issued this!

  • Women in combat…”Crack Troops.”

  • Canadian

    Email has just been sent.

  • Canadian

    QC issue has been resolved. Cheers to agilite.