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Richard Kilgore and Jake Call have been writing on and off for Military.com for many years now. You can reach them at BreachBangClear.com or follow them on Instagram at @breachbangclear or Tumblr at http://the-mad-duo.tumblr.com/.
  • JCitizen

    GOOOooood Doggie!! ]:)

  • Brandon

    And yesterday, my dog carried the trash can all the way across the living room floor and tore into the bag for some chicken bones causing trash to be randomly placed all over the house. When I yelled at him, he got scared and streamed dark yellow all over himself and the white carpet. So these guys did this training drill faster than it took me to clean up after my dog.

  • i have a k-9 corps dog. ive always wanted to do that repel w/rio my working dog.I have him as a guide dog for balance & carrys stuff for me.Rio does so many diferant things for me & with me.We shoot alot & Play alot,he is in the room w/me now.i would love to take him repelling w/me but i have already learned how but now any sugestions how to teach RIO ?