Picture it: Pistol-Knife Combo

This sort of combination has been around since the advent of black powder weapons, though not commonly. There are swords, daggers, battle-axes, even shields preserved in museums and the Tower of London with this theme.

This one is slightly more recent, having been crafted by Michael Morris of Morris Knives just a couple of months ago. It is a beauty, though a blade length like that with a gun attached is sure to cause consternation and controversy in some states, even though it has just one shot…


  • Vincent

    I am against this. It could be concealed as a knife.

  • Patrocles in OD

    Seriously? Please tell me that’s tongue in cheek…since this is a very expensive custom piece with only a few made, single-shot black powder weapon…concealed as a knife? Really?

  • Casey

    Does it come with a pouch to put your fingers in after the recoil slices them off? Maybe attached to the sheath?

  • Tenx

    Y’all got it all wrong! The black power pop gun is there to extract the knife in case it gets stuck. The blade doesn’t have a blood groove after all….

  • KY

    This product should be banned. We cannot have these evil high capacity murder assault AK-15 rapid-fire massacre knives in the hands of humans. This will just lead to the destruction of the world. Save us Bama

  • Moondawg

    Good idea and sure to cause the casual mugger some consternation. The pistol is more than likely a small caliber low recoil chamering.omething like a 32acp or .380. You could certainly ventilate someones gizzard with that blade. I am sure that just the thought of that weapon would give some gentle souls the vapors, and they would want to outlaw it.

  • I have a very similar weapon…although in my case the firearm is the dominant component: M-1 Garand with a bayonet!

  • joe


  • Piper

    This knife is the best thing ever! It can be used for close and far distances! I love it!!!!!!!