StatGear’s T3 Tactical Triage Auto Rescue Tool

T3_TacticalTriage2StatGear has a new tool out, billed as something useful for EMTs and other first responders as well as a good EDC consideration. The  T3 Tactical Triage & Auto Rescue Tool has a spring loaded steel tip to punch windows, a 440C stainless hook blade to cut seatbelts, an integrated battery-powered LED light and serrated 440C stainless blade. Blade length is 3 1/4″, 5″ length overall and a weight of 6.4 oz. It can be opened with one hand. Though this does seem like a possible good purchase for those on limited budgets, but the fact that it’s made in China and retails for $40 will no doubt make many wonder about its durability (at least until some good 3RD party reviews are available). We’ll keep an eye out for such reviews (or arrange one ourselves).





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  • Mike

    It reminds me a lot of the Benchmade Triage, but a lot cheaper

  • bloke_from_ohio

    I have personally never been impressed by “strap cutters”. I have a set of EMT shears in the visor of my truck, and manual windows. They will cut seat belts as well as most anything else I want to cut. And they are not pointy, so people never get wigged out.

    However, with a price point that low, the item almost becomes expendable. Use the thing till it breaks then replace it. At that price you could get a couple to fulfill the two is one and one is none mantra. Redundancy is the best way to ensure reliability. And, losing a $40 knife is a lot less of a big deal than a $400 custom superwizbang blade.

    In most situations where “resupply” or replacement is relatively easy a cheaper slightly less durable option may fit your needs better than the more expensive offering. EDC for most people in urban, suburban, and many non BFE rural environments, falls into that category.

    I know there are some situations where you do need every piece of gear to be absolutely bomb proof all the time. When you are miles from home on an adventure or at some tiny little COP in the middle of “injun country” having a critical piece of gear fail can lead to a very bad time. But, is a tool like this likely to be a critical tool most of the time? If it is, then you need to have a backup plan. That is true even if your rescue tool is the more expensive “bomb proof” version. Murphy does not care how much you spent on the tool you just lost right before you need it.

    That said, if the things winds up being a piece of junk that fails to be able to complete the tasks it was designed (or at least marketed) to do then no one should buy it.

  • Avi

    I represent StatGear, the manufacturer of this auto rescue tool. If you take a look on our website as well as all around the internet you’ll find many independent reviews on this product. The two blades are made of 440c stainless steel which is a super strong blade that keeps an edge and not standard on knives made in China. While we would have loved to have it manufactured here in the U.S. as some of our other manufactured products, this product would have had to retail at $100 instead of the $40 it currently sells for. Our mission was to design a sweet and reliable auto rescue tool that wouldn’t break the bank. It’s a really hot seller due to the fat that the ordinary guy or gal would feel comfortable keeping this tool handy in the event of an auto emergency, which is why Men’s health magazine chose it to be in their December Holiday Gift Guide. Feel free to contact us at with any specific inquiries and we’ll surely get back to you as our product quality is only outdone by our customer service!

  • RDFM99

    Does this tool have an integrated belt clip on it? Or is the sheath required for retention in an auto accident when things are flying around? I would rather clip it to my visor where it is more accessible than have to constantly carry it exposed on my belt.

    • Avi

      Yes. It has a stainless steel belt clip and comes with a heavy duty belt sheath as well.

  • Even with a review of a positive nature I can’t help wondering why anyone would recomend a product manufactured in China. If it were a great product and a great buy it means a continued nip at the nations heels. save a buck now means pay later. Every time we say “we can’t get it anywhere else…” we loose more than we save. When you who review get it then maybe the folks who listen to you will to. You should remember to many your opinion counts, …just sayin…