Sunday Funnies: WTF is Going on in Russia?

Got this from Russian Tim, who can shoot pretty well and speak something that very closely resembles English.

I can’t decide which squad I like the sound of best. It’s all somewhat disturbing.

Hat tip to Russian Tim. Thanks man!


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  • albi

    That’s just hilarious.

    On a side note – on the Polish interwebs there is a pretty popular saying which you can find in the comments on almost every strange Russian video. It’s “Rosja to nie kraj. Rosja to stan umysÅ‚u.” which translates into “Russia is not a country. Russia is a state of mind”.

    Yeah. No one knows what’s going on in Russia. Even Russians.

  • Hahaha, for some reason I was expecting Harlem Shake or Gangnam Style…pretty funny, thanks for sharing. Also, LOL at the above comment.

  • I love it. I think there are alot of similarities between the Russian people and Americans, the only big diff. would seam to be our freedoms and governments. I hope we can grow closer in the future and not be trying to screw each other all the time…

    • stefan s.

      Sorry as a Polish American my family was brutalized by Russia during WW2 and after. Ivan is no friend.

  • How do the Russian people feel about Obama?

    • Alex

      My friend,you’ll be surprised but mostly we,Russians, don’t think about him at all.We think about Putin who destroys Russia.Yes,Russia is going to fall apart by 2020 and even earlier.

  • moe sizlack

    U.S. Army hasits Bronies, and the Russians have the “Spongies”…….:)

  • Lance

    Watch out in Obama’s Army e will sing the Brady Butch theme song for drill!!!!!!!!

  • Sam

    Russian Tim looks like a badass.

  • mpower6428

    little “W” needed a class on the real “real politic”, alias he was asleep at Yale….