• Baldwin

    Ooooooooh yeah!

  • I needzz some of these fo my boyz! Would these bitches work wit ak an sks? What about sub machine pistols, i love dem bitches… Peace, pot, microdot……….

  • Davey

    On a more serious note… I know several folks that use a Raven Concealment Vanguard to cover the trigger of their Glock when it is out of the holster. Using one to cover the trigger of a PDW actually makes complete sense to me. Not a bad administrative safety idea actually.

    • Brandon

      I disagree. The military already makes guys keep their weapons on safe so following that rule alone makes this pointless. The rule of keeping your ringer off of the trigger does as well. I think using this as an additional safety measure will make people get sloppy and careless regarding both using the safety and keeping your finger off of the trigger. Behind the wire guys should still have a weapon loaded at the very least and you will find guys who really know what their doing that wont get chewed out, keep their weapons ready to rock at all times. The military doesn’t need anymore administrative safety rules.