Sunday Funny: Review of the Bushmaster AR15

The funny part? This whole video. The sad part? There’s every indication this guy wasn’t trying to be funny.

We’ll file this under both Sunday Funnies and WTF?

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  1. I am not a big anti-gun advocate but….. this type of guy is such a great spokesman for why we are where we are now in anti gun legislation. I mean really!?!

  2. I'd say this is satire (not entertaining in the least, but still satire), but the positioning of his trigger finger and treatment of live ammo shows that he's just THAT stupid. I'm amazed every day that people like this actually exist somewhere.

  3. I wonder if whatever he is on comes in 12 packs? Idiot.

  4. Do I laugh or cry? I am confused now. In-depth review? The depth of his review was as thick a onion paper. And who puts a loaded magazine in and calls it "safe".

    I support his right to have a weapon. I just hope he does not live anywhere near me.

  5. I had some comments back and forth with this dude a few years back…he is a trolling retard. He had other vids that were taken down for various violations as they were just as stupid, if not more, than this one. The swimming pool needs more chlorine.

  6. We need to ban assault idiots like this guy.

  7. Travelling ash | February 3, 2013 at 11:48 am | Reply


    You, know Chris Kyle, US Navy Seal, author of American Sniper, was killed yesterday along with a pal of his while helping out another vet in need of some rehab. How about an RIP and drop the funny stuff.

  8. NotSoSeriousToday | February 3, 2013 at 11:59 am | Reply

    ahh palm to the face bad, the only thing worse then this was this weekend while at the range i encountered a guy about 5,9 250 who was head to toe in surplus mil gear + a baklava and goggles firing off his Glock 19 with the 33rnd stick mags as fast as he could at a target 10 feet away only hitting center mass 15 times saying "that's how we did it in SF!

  9. Sad.

  10. This is a joke. If you click the link he explains he was kidding in the description. If he really wasn't kidding though, there is a major problem.

  11. Feinstein just found her wet dream spokesman. He'll fuck yo'shit up.

  12. wow, just wow

  13. This can't be a pro-gun video, this has to be anti-gun propaganda. He needs to be schooled or he's going to kill himself.

  14. It's definitely satire. I nearly choked after he loaded a full mag and then pulled the trigger as that is DEFINITELY not something I would ever do, even in the name of satire, even knowing full well that there's no round in the chamber that could possibly even be fired by dropping the hammer. That said, the flash hider portion I did enjoy. That was particularly novel and I thought it was clever, the idea of [spoiler alert] hiding a muzzle flash up someone's ass as a means of self defense.

  15. I couldn't watch more than a minute. While kind of funny, this idiot gave me an instant headache.

  16. he has to be safe. the last thing he wants is a ND going thru his roof into his mom's house above him.

  17. CRich the MFCEO | February 4, 2013 at 10:48 am | Reply

    Did he just go into detail about anal lining then offer to give someone a buckwheat?

    Right count: way f'n too much …right?

  18. Is it me, or is this guy totally coked up?

  19. I loved the way he described his flash suppressor as being gay. My question is: Will the typical pull his pants down and bend over so this guy can trist his flash suppressor in the invader's intestinal lining?? Whoever he is, he has a future in hollywierd.

  20. Chris Kyle's Book is on sale on Amazon. I would imagine that any proceeds would help his family. Having been on here awhile now I know you guy's will let us know if and when there is a fund announced. He now has a better view of the battlefield.

  21. I find myself wondering…is this clown related to that wannabe punk who let off a few rounds while waving an AK around?

  22. Even if this is a joke when he pulled out a fully loaded magazine from his weapon my whole body froze. This guy may be trying to be funny but he's not, he's an A hole. In his bedroom in his mother's house he's playing with his toys, Idiot moron.

  23. "Cause you know, the last thing we wanna do in self defense is kill anyone" lol

  24. Cocaine's a helluva drug. This guy needs to lay off it.

  25. [spoiler alert] hiding a muzzle flash up someone’s ass as a means of self defense.

    OMG LOL.

  26. I hope he does get a home invasion, from a guy with a bag of dildos.

  27. that must have been Gordon Gecko, the original mall ninja. Did you get his autograph?

  28. This guy is a couple of fries short of a happy meal… These are the type of people that you read about in the newspaper that have and accidental discharge and kill their family in the next room.

  29. I was hoping he was going to suck-start that thing! What a complete Armo stain!

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