Tactical Grilling: There’s Still Time for VD

Coyote-1If you show this link to HH6 or your girlfriend (but not both at the same time) she can probably still get this ordered and overnighted for Valentine’s Day! Think of it – you’re moving to contact, humping a load-out of steaks or brätwurst so you can cook outside with fire instead of inside with magic, don’t you want the proper gear?

Try a tactical grilling apron (not extra tactically tactical with modular beer shingles) from Tactical Grilling. MultiCam, UCP, Coyote, Woodland, LE blue and black: you can be kitted out in about any camo pattern you could conceivably need. Plus, they can make you some ID tabs:

They’ll laser cut any word, phrase, or menu item into the Cordura of your choice, then sandwich it with glow-in-the-dark material and Velcro hook to mount on your Tactical Grilling Apron (or other kit of course).



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Richard Kilgore and Jake Call enjoy something of a celebrity status among action figures and 1/1 scale trigger-pullers alike. They are world renowned for their wit, objectivity, keen tactical insight and utter lack of exaggeration or hyperbole. They leverage tens of thousands of hours of training and operational experience to the betterment of all mankind (and shooters). When not saving helpless school children from terrorists, rescuing damsels in distress and removing insurgents from the gene pool, they write, blog and support single dancing moms one dollar bill at a time. This provides much needed wisdom and perspective to the vast community of trigger-pullers that so desperately hungers for it. You can reach them at BreachBangClear.com or FaceBook.com/MadDuo if you're not a SISSY.
  • Bill Bobson

    In that regard, there’s also still time to stock up on Penicillin. Practice safe grilling everyone!

  • stefan s.

    real men do not play with dolls!

  • The Mad Duo

    Apparently you’re wrong, Stefan. There are a lot of years outside the wire spent by the writers over there and many more on the streets. Doors kicked, Muj removed from the gene pool, assholes sent to prison. There’s also the small matter of a hundred thousand unique readers every month that enjoy what they have to say. Perhaps real men DON’T play with dolls – or maybe sensitive sissies get butt hurt about it instead of understanding the reasoning and symbolism? Who knows. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.